Hitchcock and Herrmann: Alliance of Giants

Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann: Alliance of Giants

Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann were established professionals when they began to work together … Hitchcock a great director, and Herrmann a great composer.  They did not need each other to be remembered for their work, but together they created a unique partnership in movie history.  Both were strong-willed men, both clung to their own ideas, and their relationship was stormy.  But what matter to us?  Their eight-film alliance, from The Trouble with Harry in 1955 to 1964’s Marnie, produced some of the best movies ever made, because of Hitchcock’s incredible film visions and Herrmann’s musical genius.

I have always considered Vertigo to be Hitchcock’s masterpiece, and believe it was so in large part because of the perfection of Herrmann’s musical score.  To celebrate both, I decided to listen to the Main Theme from Vertigo as interpreted by the fabulous Los Angeles Philharmonic and conductor Esa-Pekka-Salonen.  To those who have seen Vertigo, no more needs to be said.  For those who have not, no more needs to be explained as the strongest recommendation to do so.

Alfred Hitchcock (8/13/99 – 4/29/80).
Bernard Herrmann (6/29/11 – 12/24/75).
Equals in greatness.

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