Ask Movie Irv: Have You Ever Walked Out on a Movie?

Taking offense; an unexpected emergency; sheer boredom…all reasons someone might give for walking out on a movie. It’s safe to say we’ve probably all done it at one time or another. When the exodus is not forced upon you—that is to say, when it’s a matter of you making the choice to abandon the film you just plunked down some hard-earned cash to see—that’s when it becomes an interesting story about the relationship between you and the cinema.

Movie Irv has seen many, many, many movies. Has he ever walked out on one? If so, why? Was he overwhelmed by the sugary content of The Sound of Music? Did he feel the shame of a city in the midst of the murky 3-D of The Last Airbender? Perhaps A Serbian Film sent him into the men’s room as he lost his lunch? It’s time to Ask Movie Irv:

UPDATE, 7/11/13: This topic just became highly, well, topical again, thanks to Rex Reed’s controversial review of a new horror movie  and the explosion of disapproval heard ’round the ‘net from rivals pretty much everywhere.

Let’s hear from you now: Ever walked out of a movie? Why? Should critics be held to a different standard than audience members when they feel the urge to flee?