Objects Of Horror: A MoveFanFare Quiz

It’s been awhile since my last visual quiz. Since Halloween is almost upon us I thought I’d do something in that vein.

Sixteen inanimate objects of horror are to follow. Can you name them and the film that they’re from? (Answers below.)

First Row:
Good Guy doll/Chucky (Child’s Play); Billy the puppet (Saw); Lament Configuration (Hellraiser); Cursed videotape (The Ring)

Second Row: Glass of milk (Suspicion); Fats (Magic); Reagent/re-animation fluid (Re-Animator); Wicker man statue (The Wicker Man)

Third Row: Silver Sphere (Phantasm); Room 237 (The Shining); Carnival/Saltair Pavillion (Carnival of Souls); Stuff/parasidic organism (The Stuff)

Fourth Row: Necronomicon/Book of the Dead (Evil Dead); Freddie Krueger Glove (A Nightmare on Elm Street); 1958 Plymouth Fury/Belvedere/Savoy (Christine); Joseph’s Wheelchair (The Changeling)