Tell Us About Your Film Favorites!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday MovieFanFare presents special guests sharing their views on movies both classic and modern. Have you ever wanted to be given the opportunity to contribute to this site. Here’s your chance! 

We are currently seeking guest contributors to have their views on movies/TV shows/cinema in general featured on our site.

So what exactly are we looking for? Anything from recollections of your cherished cinematic memories to YouTube videos of your own movie collection. Do you have a special connection with Gone with the Wind? Does Casablanca still leave you breathless after all these years? Or are you into more recent films. Regardless of what type of movies tickle your fancy, we want to hear from you. With that in mind, we do have some guidelines that get into the specifics of what exactly we are looking for:

  • Posts with pictures are highly desirable.
  • Informative posts that offer readers some benefit.
  • Posts that discuss favorite movies, old movies, rare movies, favorite actors or actresses, movie memories and or anything movie related are welcome.
  • Movies Unlimited will accept submissions ONLY via email or on our Blog.
  • The subject line MUST be “Blog Story Submission”.
  • The text of your email MUST include either your FIRST NAME or your username, and please tell Movies Unlimited what name you prefer us to use for the “written by” tagline.
  • Posts may be edited for spelling, grammar, content, and length – if something is missing that you feel is important, you can always add it back via a comment.
  • Not every submission will get posted. Please don’t get upset if your submission is not accepted; likewise, we might hold a submission for a short time before posting (especially if it’s a busy day). If something is extremely interesting but we need more details or info, you may receive a reply email.
  • Posts will follow a simple format: 2-5 paragraphs in length, (1000 words max) 1-2 pictures max (but not required), all website/URLs provided in the text (no retail websites)
  • No websites or links that contain any advertising, language, or images that wouldn’t be safe for an 8 year old (video links that can be embedded are okay). We reserve the right to make the final call on this.
  • PLEASE remember – this is a blog – items will be pushed down the list as new items are added. On a busy day, your post may be 5 or 10 or 20 items down the page.
  • One link to the author’s site, which can be a keyword text link within the post or maybe used at the end of the post as a signature.
  • Movies Unlimited reserves the right to add any links we deem relevant to provide information to our readers and to add links pointing to the Movies Unlimited website.

For a list of the types of posts that won’t be accepted, click here.

That’s it! So send your story ideas to and become a part of the MovieFanFare community! We look forward to hearing from you.