The Tree of Life (2011) Starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt Movie Review

There are few things that get me (as Irv’s video producer) jazzed up to see a movie more than a hotly split critical reaction. And, much like the works of Lars von Trier (Oh, I guess it won’t be as fashionable anymore to say he’s a terrific director) and David Lynch (someday maybe we can all have a splendid debate about the merits of Mulholland Dr. versus those of Lost Highway), the films of Terrence Malick can usually be counted on to stir up viewers’ passions. His latest, The Tree of Life, has proven that again.

What’s Irv’s verdict on the winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes? Let’s find out:

(Minor SPOILER ALERTS are tagged! Turn down your volume or skip ahead as instructed if you don’t want any parts of the story spoiled for you ahead of time)