Tough Girls of the Movies

If you’re Collecting Movie Classics (and you already know which are the best Movie Bombs to put in your library), you’re going to want to make space on your shelves not just for John Wayne (take the poll to choose your favorite), Clint (check out Clint’s underrated movies), Bond (especially the sixth 007), Bogie (the stuff that dreams are made of), Bronson (yes, he made these awesome commercials), Rambo, and any number of other “Real Man” outings…but also for those cinema treasures that celebrate the strength, sass, and staying power of the—ahem—“fairer” sex.

We’re talking about Thelma & Louise. We’re talking about Fargo. And, we’re talking about Foxy Brown. Yes, we’re talking about unforgettable movies starring tough women. Underestimate these hardy gals at your peril: