Doctor Who Addicts: Doctor Who Collectables And More (UPDATED)

Even as they mourn the recent passing of Elisabeth Sladen, Doctor Who fans are happily gearing up to enjoy their beloved program in a way never before possible: On April 23, the 32nd season (or the sixth season, depending on your particular approach to the Doctor’s canon) will be broadcast day-and-date for the first time on both the BBC and BBC America! So, now seems like the perfect time to publish this shocking video we obtained of a genuine Doctorwhoaholic in the midst of his talking cure. WARNING: You are about to see a Doctor Who fanatic sharing stories of his addiction to the long-running sci-fi hit (currently starring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor) and offering details about the booty he obtained while attending the 2011 Gallifrey One convention, held in Los Angeles (Earth).

Yes, this can happen to you or someone you love:

“Brian’s” analyst, who supplied us with this disturbing tape, has since been stripped of his license to practice due to this egregious breach of doctor-patient confidentiality.

UPDATE, 8/2014: Yes, Brian is still addicted to Doctor Who. Yes, he will be tuning in to the extra-super-exciting debut of the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. While we await Brian’s verdict on the latest incarnation of the good Doctor, why not tell us what you think of the New Who in the comments?