Mixed-Up Taglines – Crimes of Passion

Double Indeminty Starring Fred MacMurry & Barbara Stanwyck

Below is the second installment of movie titles and their taglines. Thing is, they’re not matched up correctly. The tags may seem appropriate for the accompanying films but they really belong with another movie from the list.
Like last time, it is up to you to link the correct title (number) with the appropriate tagline (letter).

  1. Against All Odds – Hot-blooded passion. Cold-blooded murder. (A)
  2. Basic Instinct – It’s love and murder at first sight! (B)
  3. The Big Sleep – Sometimes love is a strange and wicked game (C)
  4. Double Indemnity – Their love was a flame that destroyed (D)
  5. Final Analysis – I told you…you know nothing about wickedness (E)
  6. House of Games – …All roads lead to intrigue (F)
  7. Jagged Edge – Flesh seduces. Passion kills. (G)
  8. The Lady from Shanghai – There are two sides of every story. Murder…and passion (H)
  9. Mona Lisa – Opposites attract (I)
  10. North by Northwest – Sometimes love is the most dangerous game of all (J)
  11. Out of Sight – The picture they were born for! (K)
  12. The Postman Always Rings Twice – Fate drove them together…and only murder could part them (L)
  13. Red Rock West – Nothing is as it seems (M)
  14. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers – You’ll be in the grip of love’s strangest trip (N)
  15. Strangers on a Train – From the moment they met it was murder! (O)

Triple-click here for answer key:
1-J ; 2-G ; 3-K ; 4-O ; 5-A
6-M ; 7-H ; 8-E ; 9-C ; 10-B
11-I ; 12-D ; 13-F ; 14-L ; 15-N