Gimme 5: Famous Celebrity Crushes!

Guest blogger Peter Eramo, Jr. writes:

Here’s a fun & easy one for you and just about everyone can sprout off at least five — so no excuses this week! We all have those actors and actresses who we just love to look at…those men and women who we think are simply hot, hot, hot! From those handsome and gorgeous men and women in those early classic films to the sexy and dazzling stars of today, I am asking this week for you to:


I Will Start:

1.  Ingrid Bergman
(never to be duplicated; never to be matched).

2. Scarlett Johansson
(a stunning blend of 40′s Hollywood and present day all rolled into one).

3. Jessica Biel
(She doesn’t make many good films at all, but The Illusionist is terrific & so is watching her in it!)

4. Christina Hendricks
(it won’t be long before she starts doing big time films…trust me).

5. Diane Keaton
(the tie, the hat, the vest…the epitome of sexiness forever tattooed in my head — and she still looks dynamite!)

My apologies to the beautiful Marisa Tomei!!! You’d be perfect on anyone’s Top 5 List!!!

Now It’s YOUR Turn!

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