Who’s Your Favorite Post-1960 Movie Race Car Driver?

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  • Marty

    I loved Grand Prix with James Garner because he handled the Formula One cars with great skill. After seeing Grand Prix, you get a beautiful picture of the glory of grand prix driving. But I still enjoyed Steve McQueem’s skills as a formula driver. He’s known for driving hight speed vehicles.

  • Wayne P.

    Besides the afore-mentioned McQueen and Newman, Marty Robbins the late legendary country/western singer was a pretty good NASCAR type race car driver. Or, at least it was a pretty serious hobby he could afford, and he dabbled in it quite well!

  • Chuck

    While the Great Race is a wonderful tribute to all of the classic old silent films, it is also loosely based (consciously or not) on the great race of 1908 from New York to Paris. I doubt that the original race had a Leslie or a Fate, but there were 6 original entries and only 3 made it all the way to Paris.