Who’s Your Favorite “Golden Age” (1930-60) Actor?

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  • Judy Robinson

    If you had listed George Sanders, the greatest actor of the Golden Age or any other age, I would have voted.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585923947 Patricia Parker

      Hi Judy, I agree with you George was a great actor. He had some of the best lines in All about Eve.

    • Cotswold

      George Sanders? Come on!

    • Tim

      Oh yes, George Sanders definitely!

    • Jack Fitzpatrick

      How about Richard Dix?? Just kidding of course.

  • Cotswold

    Why isn’t the greatest actor of all times listed?
    CARY GRANT !!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandi Heimbach

      He is……………. 4th from the top.

      • Cotswold

        You need to read ALL the commnets, especially Gary Cahall’s. Grant and Cagney were added several HOURS after the polling started due to popular demand. Pay attention and read!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    I would add Tyrone Power to the list too!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1028721086 Doug Galloway

      How, in heaven’s name, was Tyrone Power left OFF the list to begin with? Who creates these polls? College students?

  • http://www.facebook.com/JohnYogis John Yogis

    I would have picked Cary Grant also. Huge omission.

  • http://www.facebook.com/billyjoebob42 Bob Hockney

    What, no Cary Grant????

  • Jeffrey Tinsley

    No James Cagney??? Who the heck came up with this list??!

  • Watt Hyer

    Who came up with this list??? Most of these guys had careers well into the 60′s and beyond. And most of them are Movie Stars, not actors. Big difference. The best actor and my favorite of the Golden Age is Frederic March, and even he worked well into the 60′s. I believe Hombre with Paul Newman was his last film. March has some equals, but he is unsurpassed.
    I love everybody on this list, by the way, and Brando is certainly an actor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melanie.simone Melanie Simone

    From this list it’s a tie between Jimmy Stewart and Spencer Tracey for me. But I second the Cary Grant notion. I also miss Warren William or William Powell and most definitely Raymond Burr.

    • Woody

      Definately William Powell !

  • DIRK

    yes I agree with Bob and the others, Cary Grant should have been on the list. I didn’t vote this time to show my solidarity for Cary.

  • Nathan Harmon

    Uh, Cary Grant!! Why wouldn’t AFI’s #2 Actor of ALL TIME, including after 1960, not be listed? Ditto what Dirk said. I didn’t vote.

  • Curt

    Ridiculous. This should in no way have been multiple choice. Grant, Cagney, Garfield, William Powell, Muni, E.G. Robinson, Walter Huston, John Barrymore, none of these guys rate? This is a question that should never have been asked in this form. I have no problem with any of the names listed but leaving out Cary Grant and Jimmy Cagney even on this limited list? Someone needs to go back to film school.

  • John Marsh

    Here we go again! The question is “Who is your “favorite”, not the “greatest” or “best” actor. Why can’t folks just answer the question? Perhaps the question should only have a blank so one could vote beyond the list, but this question has a list so please vote and possibly confine comments to why an actor is a “favorite” and not necessarily “best”.

    • Cotswold

      Have you been reading the responses? We’re chosing NOT to vote because whoever the moron is who composed the list left our the most popular “favorites”, not necessarily the “best”.

    • Curt

      The list itself is just the list of the compilers favorites, their opinion, and a very dubious one it is without Grant or Cagney. The question should be open-ended, not multiple choice. And Brando, Lancaster and Douglas had many great, career-defining roles after 1960. That’s where the list falls short. If they couldn’t have the question be open to ALL actors then it shouldn’t have been asked. Not earth-shattering, but mind-boggling.

    • Lorraine M.

      It might help to keep in mind that when commenters argue a particular performer as the “best” or “greatest,” they ARE choosing their favorite–it’s how they understand the meaning of the word. I picked Grant as my favorite because in my mind he is the greatest of them all.

  • Gloria

    My favourite is Charles Laughton, alas, not on the list to be voted.

    And, yes, as far as I’m concerned he’s not only “favourite” but “best” as well.

    The trouble with a pre-selected list is that the results won’t reflect the actual election of the voters, but the election among what’s available:

    Apart from those already mentioned by other posters I’d add Laughton, Ronald Colman, Claude Rains, Vincent Price and Robert Donat to the list

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002980791041 Sam Molloy

      Charles Laughton was undoubedly the most talented actor of the day. Cary Grant,(Ian Fleming’s mental image when he was writing the James Bond series) and my pick, Clark Gable, always played themselves. I chose Gable from the movies he chose to be in.”Idiot’s Delight” is a little known gem.

    • JanTartu

      Thanks for remembering RONALD COLMAN and ROBERT DONAT!
      Sadly, these two greats are often overlooked and off the radar screen, so to speak.

  • R.D.Cochran

    I do agree omiting Grant and Cagney was a major gaffe. Of course it would have made it harder for me to choose, because there still was Bogart,Stewart,Tracy, Flynn & Wayne that I like. Can the same case also be made for Laurence Olivier and Claude Rains?( or are they an aquired taste)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002394799229 Tamara Hance

    I believe a different wording would alleviate the problem; perhaps “who’s Your Favorite of These Golden-Age (1930-1960)Actors?” would have suited better. Upon reflection I’d still probably pick Jimmy Stewart but I admit I started out by looking for Cary Grant!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=529388091 Gayle Feyrer

      It’s a good list, if not inclusive, and I did pick the actor I have the warmest feelings for. I just adore Stewart, but it was a hard choice with so many favorites. As for omissions, Fred Astaire, even if he seldom did drama, was seemingly effortless and charming. I don’t think Brando should be on that list, as he’s much more contemporary than the others. And if he’s there, why not brilliant, doomed Monty Cliff and James Dean?

      • Lorraine M.

        You raise some interesting points, Gayle. Brando is contemporary, but that’s part of his greatness–for a generation of actors he was the game-changer. Given that some of his most admired and remembered performances were in the fifties, I think he belongs here.

        But I agree Clift and Dean do as well–I love ‘em both.

  • http://www.moviesunlimited.com Gary Cahall

    Due to overwhelming reader demand, we have added James Cagney and Cary Grant as choices. Thanks for the input.

    • Cotswold

      Way too late for that, don’t you think? Should have rethought the list hours ago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vincent.paterno1 Vincent Paterno

    Voted for Cagney; would have voted for William Powell had he been on the ballot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1313712772 Joseph Black

    The problem with adding Grant and Cagney now is that it looks like they are unpopular.

    • Cotswold

      I agree 100% Joseph. In addition, everyone has already voted so I wish that hadn’t added Grant and Cagney.

  • John H

    My personal favorite is James Stewart. John Wayne was a close second.

  • Marvin Plevinsky

    I would have listed another option button as “other” for anyone to list their favorite actor
    who was not listed. I voted for Henry Fonda but it is hard to chose just one actor as there were
    many great actors from that era. I would not have voted for James Stewart for although a great actor, I lost a lot of respect for him as a person due to his spying on his fellow actors on behalf of McCarthyism.

    • Lorraine M.

      I didn’t know that about Stewart, though I was aware of his conservatism. That would make an interesting thread–how the off-screen attitudes and behavior of actors does or does not affect our regard for their talent. Interestingly, Stewart and Henry Fonda were life-long friends though their politics were reportedly diametrically opposed. I guess there were certain subjects they simply avoided.

  • Mike Hutchison

    I was sad to see Cagney with such a low vote total. I voted for him. I also would have voted for Edward G Robinson if he was on the list

  • Lenore Salinger

    BELA LUGOSI – Forever underrated

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1565922889 Joseph Glaeser

    Too bad so many of you can’t read. Both Grant & Cagney are on the list. And who cares who thinks what!! I like this guy, you like that guy. Really, Lighten up!!

    • Cotswold

      You’re the one that can’t read! Look at Gary Cahall’s commnet above yours and my response (Cotswold). Grant and Cagney were added as an after thought hours after the this poll was started. Pay attention!!!!!!

  • Tom C

    Randolph Scott could be added to the list as well, glad to see John Wayne running a close second, his voice alone is enough to get him first place, since he’s recognized by that as well as his apperance, he was an icon to the movie picture industry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carole.m.carp Carole Carp

    And Gregory Peck is not on the list because……….?????

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002163102666 Susan Peran

      Gregory Peck

  • Nils Goering

    This is the stupidest poll MovieFanFare has ever devised! It’s as silly as asking a mother to choose which of her children she loves the most.

    All of these actors (or ‘stars’ to those who wish to make a frivolous distinction) delivered fine and unique performances over the course of their careers.

    And, as shown by the comments posted, the poll is incomplete – many other actors have been chosen by the voters. Thank goodness Cary Grant and James Cagney were added to the list (after a boneheaded omission to begin with) – but what about James Dean, Robert Taylor, Alan Ladd (THE Top box office actor/star from 1946-1956), Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre, Charles Laughton, Tyrone Power, William Holden, Glenn Ford, Rod Steiger??? And many more actors I could have mentioned.

    You see what I mean? It’s a stupid poll with an impossible task to satisfy even the lamest movie fan.

  • Elmyra DelVecchio

    Based on the top two ‘favorite’ actors leading this poll, the film ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ should be close to the top favorite film of all time. Logical, yes?

  • N.deBrabant

    All are my favorites except Marlon Brando. You left off Pat O’Brien. A most underrated actor who made several great films. He made several with James Cagney.

  • Ray

    The late, great Donald O’Connor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hteja1 Henry Teja

    It is too bad one must only pick of of these excellent actors. All 13 have made unforgetable memories and acting in their own rights. I beleive the film industry was made great by each of these men & many others both men & women not mentioned. The movie industry has lost much on its inspiration and imagination after the 1970′s. Most movies, not all, are remakes of former movies, TV shows & comic book characters. Very few are made from books or short stories as years past. There are very few actors & actresses that really portray the glory & glitter as the era between 1930-1970. Maybe one day the producers, writers & even the actors/actresses will display the talent of the past film industry!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000876895229 Dolores Tamoria

    All of the above are great actors and many more are missing. I agree 100% with Henry Teja. He hit the nail right on the head.

  • Louis

    I also like Clifton Webb. I enjoyed it when
    he was Mr. Belvedere the Genius.

  • Michelle

    What about Ronald Colman, William Powell, and John Barrymore?!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1845774489 Debbie Coley

      I would add one of my favorites, Lionel Barrymore.

    • JanTartu

      Ronald Colman! Good for you Michelle!

  • Jim

    Paul Muni was an excellent actor!

  • Kai Ferano

    The first name to come to mind is: James Byron Dean. The second: Tyrone Power Complete opposites, but whose presence on screen diverted the audience’s eyes away from others in a scene.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000142472049 Fred Marineau

    Bela Lugosi should have been one of the choices.

  • ANH

    Strange. Marvin exes out Stewart because of the McCarthy inquisitions. To balance the scales, and even though he leads the pack at the moment, I cast my vote for James Stewart, a consistently likable and fine actor as well as a loyal American. I hope others were able to hear him read a heartwarming poem on The Johnny Carson show that he had written about his deceased pet dog.

  • Mike O.

    I too would like to know why Gregory Peck is not on your list. He starred in “The Keys Of The Kingdom”, “Spellbound”, “Duel In The Sun”, “Twelve O’Clock High” and “The Gunfighter”, all made in the 1940′s.

  • Daniel E. Coates

    would have voted for Willam Powell but Humphrey
    Bogart would have been my second choice. I like
    everyone on the list but Marlon Brando. I would have added Charles Laughton and Ronald Coleman.

    • JanTartu

      Glad you mentioned RONALD COLMAN!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1556296218 Lavelle Jones

    I too am amazed at the low ratings for Cagney and Fonda. They made wonderful movies across multiple film genres. I loved Tyrone Power. And once again, Edward G. Robinson isn’t given his due.

  • Mike

    way to tough…I listed Cary, but could have been any of the others..including many who weren’t listed..I’m a movie fan..what can I say

  • Daniel E. Coates

    Good comment Lavelle. Edward G. Robinson is probably the most uderated actor of all time.
    Even bad movies he made it a better movie.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002163102666 Susan Peran

      Mr. Robinson and Mr. Muni are famous for never EVER having turned in bad performances. Also loved Gene Kelly, Karl Malden and Fred Astaire.

  • dave castellarin

    MY FAVOURITE,I REPEAT FAVOURITE actors are a toss up between jimmie stewart and johm wayne and only because of their GREAT westerns. YES FOLKS READ THE QUESTION!!! no disrespect intended.

  • Skycat

    add Lional Barrymore

  • BoomerGer

    Where is Red Skelton in all this? HUH??

  • James Howard

    I guess I should have expected John Wayne. Wow. He only acted in one movie in a fashion worthy of even being on this list. (The quiet man) But it did say your favorite actor and not he best actor. So many better. I suggest you go back and check out Henry Fonda. Even Bogie. He always played a tough guy,. He was not a tough guy. That is called acting folks.

  • Jack Jones

    I agree with Nils. Stupid poll. Pre-1960 gives us an over abundance of riches. How about ALL of the above?

  • Shemp Lugosi

    Your poll is invalid for 2 reasons. First, you list several actors whose careers went past 1960, some WAY past. Second and more importantly, you left out the finest actor of the period, John Garfield.

    Fie upon your poll!

  • Lorraine M.

    Can I just say something? There were (are) some wholly unexpected ommisions in this poll, but its author is human, after all. I’m sure he didn’t do it to personally aggravate anyone.

    These things are meant to be entertaining, lighthearted and fun–so can we bring the drama down a notch and keep the insults to a minimum? Just a suggestion.

  • Baz

    I’d like to see the gender breakdown of the voters in this poll.

  • HassoBenSoba

    Hey–Where’s Frederic March, for cryin’ out loud?
    Even though this kind of poll is fun, it can’t be taken seriously. Muni, Robert Taylor and Edward G. Robinson were screen giants in their day. And how about prominent character actors–Claude Rains and Thomas Mitchell, for instance? Maybe that’s another poll.

    And I agree–GEORGE SANDERS was one of the VERY BEST; he was even a fine singer! Check out his performance in “Call Me Madam” with Ethel Merman and the superb Donald O’ Connor!

  • SLH

    The question is: Who’s Your Favorite “Golden Age” (1930-60) Actor?
    Then we were given a list, now granted (no pun intended) Cary Grant had been added by the time I got here. However this isn’t some scientific data poll, just pick a favorite from the choices given, as in my favorite on this list is ! If you truly can’t pick a favorite there are nice ways to say my favorite isn’t there and then tell us who it is. An open ended question is one thing, but to compose a poll listing every actor who was good if not great during the time frame given would be a huge task. Those truly were the golden years.
    Favorites of mine not on the list: Frederic March, Bob Hope, David Niven, William Powell, Dana Andrews, William Holden, Tyrone Powers, Fred MacMurray, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, the list is endless, actors were xpected to have a presence back then that indefinable something that made them seem larger than life and they didn’t get lost on the big screen they owned it ! If I couldn’t have picked Cary Grant my next choice would have been James Stewart. I simply thought to myself who do I own more movies of out of the actors listed and decided well then he must be my favorite :-)

    • RAN

      Appreciate the civility, SLH. Maybe that’s why my collection includes a lot of Grant, Peck, Powell, and Stewart (voted Grant). All are classy, humorous and personable people we like to invite into our living rooms.

  • Chester

    BOY, what a list. I picked Flynn becasue his films were always the most fun, but all of the guys on this list were tops. Not mch to choose from today. What does Hollywood foist upon us? Johnny Depp, Sean Penn et. al.. Most of todays leading men have got severe personality defects or wakcy politics getting in the way of their work. Although, Daniel Craig seems pretty level headed and has never disappointed. There are a few others, but to tell the truth, I can’t think of any one alive today that will approach the greatness of the people on this list.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1597959969 Vincent Talbot

      Todays actors do have their faults but let’s look at the old timers with a more clear eye. Your choice Flynn for instance: trial for statutory rape (know what “in like Flynn means”?). He also left his native Tasmania one step ahead of the law (stole his girlfriend’s jewelry).He also worked as crew on a slave ship! Now I love his movies as much as the next person, but let’s just consider the acting, not the personality. By Flynn’s standards, Johnny Depp is a baby.

      • jfleming

        Well said I love old movies but I don’t buy into the myth that everything was better back then. I have no use for plaster saints. A lot of the actors back then were drunks drug addicts wife beaters etc. The only difference they had the studios who controlled their publicly.

  • Frank Olsson

    George Nader! George Nader! George Nader! George Nader! George Nader!

  • nooneyboy

    laurence olivier

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002265732572 John Houle

    laurence olivier

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryan.ruffin Bryan Ruffin

    This had to be the single hardest of all the polls I have taken so far! Cary Grant, Bogey, and The Duke; and I am supposed to choose ONE as my favorite ALL time. Good one guys!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002265732572 John Houle

    fuck you

  • SlyFox

    John Wayne? EWWWW!!!!

    Where are Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby? They were also very popular before the 60s.

  • Sara

    Oh, I wish Dick Powell were included! He is so underrated. He not only made many wonderful musicals, but also made his mark in film noirs- most notably as Philip Marlowe in “Murder, My Sweet”.



  • Tammy

    The list would be never-ending to include all the wonderful performers not included. I voted for James Cagney, he was an all around showman and performer, comedy,musicals,farce and drama. My all time personal favorite is William Powell, nobody could deliver sharp witted lines like him. Perhaps future polls could be genre specific, that would narrow down the field. You wouldn’t find John Wayne on a Film Noir poll!

  • CE Carter

    How about great actors who spent the better part of their careers in supporting roles?? Lee J. Cobb, Walter Brennan, Anthony Quinn, Edmond O’Brien.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.voss3 Robert Voss


  • Jim

    The correct answer is “All of the above, and then some”! But if you put a gun to my head, I vote Cary Grant. So many wonderful films, and such a range of styles.

  • Larry

    How about a follow-up poll to this one: Who is your favorite actor since the time of this poll? Mine would be James Garner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whatever41 Cynthia LaRochelle

    Really a tough vote, and so many not listed. It all comes down to your own personal choice. I will go with Cary, but I am torn with a couple of others. As for Kelly, Astaire & O’Connell, they were superb dancers but not necessarily actors.

  • John Marsh

    I love old movies and TCM is my favorite channel. I also like this blog as it offers interesting information and input on classic film, but what’s so fascinating is the way the readers of this site have responded to a simple question. The bias and bigotry demonstrated over such benign information is really quite amazing. This appears to be some sick pattern in a lot of blogs lately as people just can’t seem to deal with others’ views on opinions. This forum should be fun, but bias seems to prevail and making statements like “fuck you” as above only will discourage me from participating in the future. I hope those who harbor these sick thoughts will find other activities to release their anger and bias and leave this forum to others who are more positive.

    • http://www.facebook.com/whatever41 Cynthia LaRochelle

      I agree John. They should have their mouths washed out. Their parents must be really proud. TCM should bar them from posting, or least edit what is said.

    • SLH

      I didn’t realize until I saw that offensive post that there is no way to report an offensive post on here !
      Perhaps Movie FanFare assumed their readers had more class and good sense than to make such a post.

  • SLH

    I thought this was a family friendly place, hmmmm guess not :-(

  • Bruce Eder

    I voted for John Wayne among the choices here, but I’d rather have voted for John Garfield or William Powell.

  • William Smith

    I voted for Cary Grant but only because William Powell was not on the list. LOL


  • Garth

    I voted for The Duke, but would have voted for Bob Mitchum had he been included – which he should have!

  • debbie

    Robert Mitchum….Thunder Road
    James Dean and Sal Mineo…Rebel Without a Cause

    • http://www.facebook.com/whatever41 Cynthia LaRochelle

      James Dean & Sal Mineo,,, gone too soon. Rebel will always be one of my faves,, I think I’ve worn my DVD out.

  • MeDarlin’Boyo

    Hard to choose here–so many favorites! I guess I’d go with James Stewart, though my personal favorite, Orson Welles, didn’t make the cut either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000534988081 Brian Jodrie

    How about Broderick Crawford?(What would Willie Stark say?)

  • Bill K.

    Hey! Where’s Glenn Ford and John Garfield?

  • Baz

    Kirk Douglas is being shortchanged as of 29/3/12. He has 1.5% of the vote but is listed as 0%. Somebody else’s figures are inflated.

  • vee

    who played Baby Swee’Pea in the Popeye movie starring Robin Willims and where is he now?

  • Nils Goering

    CARY GRANT at the number one spot!!!! Way to go voters!

  • Rita

    Tough choice but I voted for James Stewart, with Cary Grant a very close second. I would have to add Joel McRae, Ronald Colman, William Powell, Robert Taylor, Charles Coburn, and James Gleason to this list.

    • JanTartu

      Thanks for thinking of RONALD COLMAN!

  • Johnny Sherman

    No William Holden???

  • HassoBenSoba


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001600960135 Roger Lynn

    The Duke,,MR JOHN WAYNE was my all-time favorite actor,,Gregory Peck,Sidney Poitier,Henry Fonda, were and still are in my top-1o

  • Anonymous


  • frank pienkosky

    Burt Lancaster [the real deal!]…anybody who can “swing” with Gina Lollolotawoman has gotta’ be my hero!

  • frank pienkosky

    actually, any of these guys who took time off from their careers to honorably serve their country are the “real deal” as well… like Jimmy Stewart…was once lucky enough to get an upclose look at his oscar[in the window of his dad's hardware store..alongside a lot of other "cool stuff"]

  • Movie lover

    Cary Grant!!! Also, would have voted for William Powell if he was included!!

  • LoveOldFilm

    Wow. Think the “Golden Years” were only 2decades…the 30′s & 40′s. The 50′s & 60′s saw a whole different style of movies & actors surging ahead. For the period, My opinion is the winner needs to show versatility and an ability to consume a party’s character. Multi faceted performances should be a key to winning. For that reason, I chose Jimmy Cagney… But after voting I thought of a better choice… Edward G. Robinson. A fine actor in a variety of roles. He should definitely be included in the list.

    • Janet

      Yeah, I think you’re right about the golden years covering only the 30s and 40s.

  • Ellie

    Hey… why wasn’t Edward G Robinson on the list? Definitely my favorite in such movies as Scarlet Street and The Woman in the Window. Of course, my other favorites are James Cagney and Jimmy Stewart!

  • ian

    Would have liked to have seen Tyrone Power and Stewart Granger included on this list

  • joylesstreet

    I’m with Jim. I voted for Cary Grant because of that something he had that was so fascinating (to me, anyway) and his range from light comedy to Hitchcock. And then, all the rest, all great. I agree w/greats Fredric March, William Powell, John Garfield, Edward G. Robinson, Tyrone Power, and I’d like to add Herbert Marshall and RONALD COLMAN! Jack Carson, George Raft, Don Ameche. Also the early greats, Warren William, Ricardo Cortez, Warner Baxter, Edmund Lowe, John Boles, JOHN GILBERT and the wonderful character actors: Frank Morgan, Eric Blore, Guy Kibbee. I could go on, but I would run out of space. And I need to get back to my TCM to watch these wonderful actors. Can we do one for favorite early comic genius? Keaton, Chaplin, Lloyd…

    • JanTartu

      Thanks for mentioning the GREAT RONALD COLMAN!

  • Wayne

    All my choices have been listed multiple times so how about claiming a spot on the basis of seniority from time in service during the Silent Era including the Golden Age? Yes, I know he only did one talkie, which came out the year he died in 1930…but, on the other hand, the Man of a Thousand faces, Lon Chaney Sr.,is also often a consensus fave on most all-time great/best lists!

  • Gloria E

    This is too hard..I love Edward G, John Garfield, Bogey, Cary Grant, & love love love Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear & the other one with tatooed hands , seen a million x but can’t think of the name at the moment..I also love Robert Ryan, he played a really good psycho creep almost a little too good..love Burt Lancaster..he is mesmorising..whether he is the good guy or the bad guy..I guess I like those intense types…

    • Wayne

      Gloria:  It is “Night of the Hunter” that you were referring to, with Robert Mitchum…good one!

  • Rosebug

    No Gregory Peck? Ouch!

  • Rosebug

    Always loved Bette and Audrey Hepburn. Never got Kate Hepburn except in Lion in Winter; a perfect performance as any.

    Also love Geraldine Fiztgerald: Never achieved great stardom but Iloved her every performance and she was an exceptional beauty.

    • Ian

      Yeah, love Bette Davis and Audrey Hepburn, but I’m allergic to Kate Hepburn.  Loathe her overwrought performances.  Don’t get that AT ALL!

  • CACS

    I agree that leaving off Cary Grant and Jimmy Cagney was a mistake. As I looked over the responses I saw many excellent actors whose names had not made the list. I don’t really have a single favorite, and find that my mood can effect who or what I want to watch at any given time. I am glad that there is a venue like TCM which shows a wide variety of films.

  • John Small

    Again, my favorites are not included: Groucho Marx and Lou Costello.

  • Doghousereilly1

    I can’t believe Bogie came in 4th.

  • Bjodrie

    How about Bill Elliott?

  • Rick

    I find it much to difficult to say who my favorite actor of the 1930 -  60 would be. The list provided has has guys like Wayne & Cooper who  were personalities, wonderful to watch, then you have guys like Douglas & Tracy who were craftsmen, amazing talent.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PODTFFPVEUXYHXVGNS5G5FWKGI DIRK

    Cary Grant really transcended all genres, from dramas to comedy and back, and did them well !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sally-Stark/100000380617204 Sally Stark

    Gary Cooper

  • CERWIN428


  • hypatiab7

    Where are Gregory Peck and Paul Muni?

  • Jcog1557

    Where are Tyrone Power, and an actor whom I came to like very much George Brent who starred in many movies with female star power.  Also, John Payne and most dashing and handsome Robert Tayler.  Steward Granger also.  These along with Gary Grant, Clark Gable And Gary Cooper.

  • JanTartu


  • JanTartu

    …and the superb though sadly short-lived ROBERT DONAT?

  • jeanpierre150


  • Taluvskids

    I have always been nuts over John Payne ( he was soooooo cute in ” Miracle on 34th Street”
    and a heartthrob in everything else in which he has ever starred ! John Gavin is another cutie !

  • David Malin

    I think William Powell should have been on the list!

    • Denis

      I agree 100%

  • Msidd

    There’s no one on the list that would not qualify as my favorite.

  • jerry j.

    George Sanders.

  • Tjac41166

    So many icons of the era, but come on folks, John Wayne was the icon of the icons….
    an icon would be hearing the voice, but not seeing the screen and still knowing in a split
    second who it was, that was John Wayne, another like him does not or ever will exist.

  • Missmoeus

    How come you left Sir Laurence Olivier off the list.  How can you dismiss his performances in Wuthering Heights, Rebecca, and Pride and Prejudice.  Who makes up these polls.  You need to list all the great actors and actresses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sally-Stark/100000380617204 Sally Stark

    He was a character actor, but I’ve always admired Colin Clive…

  • bill

    Where is William Powell? the guy had genuine class

    • Janet

      I totally agree….love William Powell.

  • gary

    Wiliam Powell… never made a bad one

  • Clpapa1

    Most on the list are on my favorite list.  What about William Powell, Joseph Cotton, Joel McCrea, James Craig to name a few more

  • Antone

    I picked Bogie because of his versatility and consistency. He could excel in any type of role [like Grant, Stewart, Tracy, Cooper, Lancaster and some unlisted like William Powell]. He had more than his share of classics, while releasing fewer turkeys into the theaters. The Duke was unsurpassed in Westerns but awful in everything else [except They Were Expendable].

  • Laurie Havens

    Montgomery Clift is a goodie, too.