What’s Your Favorite Revolutionary War-Themed Film?

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  • Wayne P.

    Couldnt have ranked the first two current leaders in the clubhouse better myself…one from the Studio age (Drums along the Mohawk) and one from the modern era (The Patriot)!

  • Brian

    The Time Of Their Lives(1946)

  • Cara

    My feeling is that a great movie on the Revolutionary War has yet to be made. Of course, in these days of CGI and Transformers/comic superheroes “blockbusters,” it might not ever get made. Lincoln, however, is probably one of the greatest of the Civil War films, and it managed to get produced during this era, thanks to Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis, so I’ll hold out hope.

  • Ken

    The frosting on the cake for this movie is the acting of Edna May Oliver. Wasn’t she one of a kind?