What’s Your Favorite Movie from the Second Half of the 1970s?

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  • Aaron

    Why wasn’t “Network” included? Best film of the bunch(though I still voted for “Jaws”).

  • OZ ROB

    My American film collection starts to thin out in the late seventies i have seen most of those listed but only have one on my shelf S.N.F..I voted for other..The Man Who Fell to Earth 1976 ,It was a refreshingly original film for its time and sparked a broader interest in films for me,,honorable mentions go to Foreign Films favorites, Man of Marble 77, The Ascent 76, That Obscure Object of Desire 77

  • rodahaco

    As much as I like Star Wars….Where’s Grease?

  • Carolynfair5

    Every year I enter the summer season with one very important ritual:  watching the movie “Jaws” and to this day every viewing seems fresh and exciting.  If ever there was a classic summer sleeper, this movie is it.

  • Gord Jackson

    Had to go with “All the President’s Men.”  Magnificent story-telling combing excellent acting from a cast of still fresh, young performers with wily veterans, cinematography, minimalist music and a top-notch script based upon real events.  Great, absorbing drama.

  • Tracy

    Grease (1978)

  • Cyborg2828

    Breaking Away… what a great film!

  • Kbratk

    I wasn’t crazy about the entertainment value of this generation of films.  Clever screenplays, sophisticated humor and positive human interaction were abdicated for special effects, violence, shock value, immorality and general mayhem.  I’ll stick with the products of earlier generations.  (Took me years to force myself to watch Saturday Night Fever, so I could better understand the popular culture of my lifetime.  Big mistake!  A total waste of time.  Outside of the dances, I found nothing redeeming about that film.) 

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • College Professor

    What happened to Network- Number 63 on the AFI

  • hupto

     My pick as well!

  • rgordon7

    Not likely to be thought of as first choice by too many, but my first choice is “Hester Street”.

    • hypatiab7

      Great movie Hester Street. When will it be available for less than a life’s savings?

      • rgordon7

        I bought my copy as soon as the DVD was released in 2004, but for some reason the release seems not to have remained in print for very long. Yes, would be nice to see that rectified!

        • hypatiab7

          Thanks for the info. It seems that the least expensive copy you can find these days is a single disc for $35.00 or more. I’d gladly pay $20.00 but no more than that. Hester Street is a lovely movie but, I won’t be ripped off.

  • Steve in Sacramento

    Grew up with and still love the original Star Wars – despite the direction the franchise has taken, as well as the (imo) generally negative effects it’s had on the movie industry.  So I voted for Star Wars.  But, along with a few others, I’m also wondering where “Network” is.

  • mba

    Star Wars was the one that I saw in the theaters during that time period that is my favorite. A friend of mine & I drove down to Boston from northern New England to see it the first weekend it came out. The movie was in only a handful of locations country wide. We got to the theater near Government Center ten minutes before the Noon screening, no line, bought our tickets, went in, found two seats, sat down, waited a few minutes & when the movie started, from the get-go, I was hooked.  And yes, I agree that Network should have been mentioned.  It would be my number 2 pick.

  • nick

    For me Annie Hall was not a film that I really cared so much at first for, but over time, as I actually saw it again and again, it became a film taht really grew on me. The coup de grace for me was my father, a man born in Poland, who had enjoyed some of Woody Allen’s films, who I did not think would like this film so much, being charmed by the movie when he did see it on television, and being probably at the time in his late or mid 70′s. 

  • Wade

    i liked Blue Velvet

  • TrippyTrellis

    1977′s “The Turning Point” which was so highly acclaimed at the time that it won 11 Oscar nominations. Anne Bancroft, at her very best!

  • Joekocimski

    Impossible for me to choose – I choose all and the same for the front half of the 70′s.  Unreal, such great pictures with great memories.  Can’t say that for the 20′s

  • Jewel28

    Although I picked just one of the movies listed , there was a lot on the list I would also pick. Maybe sometime you could have a multi-listing.

  • Kevin

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest would be my number one, followed by Star Wars and Rocky of those on the list.  But how does Network not make this list?  Another I enjoy watching, but admittedly is really not a “great” movie, is Midway.  If I had to pick an underrated movie it would probably be Sorcerer.  Breaking Away is another film I always enjoyed watching and you can catch Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, and Jackie Earle Haley early in their careers.  A couple of sports comedies I liked were Bad News Bears and Slap Shot.

  • Mayka

    Fo quality movies, it must be:
    Deer Hunter
    One Flew over …..
    Dog Day Afternoon
    Same Time Next Year
    The China Syndrome
    Being There

    and then you have the ones that you like for different reasons like Saturday Night Fever, Alien, Foul Play, The In-Laws, All That Jazz, Capricorn One, Marathon Man, Dracula, Grease, etc.     

    • hypatiab7

      Same Time Next Year was a delightful movie. It would be my second choice after Star Wars.

  • Steve in Sacramento

    I already voted for “Star Wars,” but what about “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”?  Definitely one of my favorites.  I would submit that “Nashville” could be on the list too, though it’s not quite one of my personal favorites.

  • MissKitty


    • hypatiab7

      Wizards is an animation, but it is a great one. It’s the only picture I’ve ever seen that showed elves of different races – something no one ever thought of until then.

  • Louis

    The 70s must have been a “Good Movie” time because these are all good.

  • Wilsonbond_99

    Alien, definitely.  Also Phantasm and Suspiria, while I’m in the mood.  Nothing like late-Seventies loopiness to take my cinema viewing to the edge.

  • diacad

    Not on the list is “A Piece Of The Action” (1977), my favorite movie for the last half of the seventies.  It was the third and last of the brilliant Sidney Poitier / Bill Cosby comedies, although this one went further beyond mere comedy into some dramatic social commentary. 

  • Fred

    Kind of funny how last week I, couldn’t make up my mind about a movie and this week it was soooooo easy!

  • Frankiedc

    The three movies that truly scared me were Psycho in the sixties, and both The Exorcist and Alien in the seventies.  In all three films  there was a strong audience response which only exacerbated the tension in them.  I remember seeing Alien at a big theater in Manhattan. The excitement was palpable and I remember after John Hurt’s horrifying death, a number of people ran out of the theater. Even more followed suit as the doomed crew searched for the alien in the space station. At the end of the movie when Sigourney Weaver is alone with the monster, I myself wanted to escape.  The movie stayed with me for months afterwards, and I would conjure up images of it when I was trying to sleep. Even today, when it is on tv, just a brief look at one scene is enough to traumatize me.

    Thus, Alien is my favorite movie of that time period because it scared the hell out of me.

  • http://twitter.com/Bryankr Bryan Ruffin

    Dog Day, and Taxi Driver, to me, were tough movies to watch! Good movies, but they were darker than a lot of people like. Most are in a theatre for entertainment, when something like these come on, they will see some of the finest acting out there! Direction….unbeatable! Rocky, on the other hand, was the underdog coming out on top; Star Wars, the downtrodden teaching a lesson to the dictator but with lasers! No major points to be made, no larger than life lessons to be taught, just good movie watching.

  • Richard B.

    I went with Apocalypse Now, but Network also should have been on this list.

    • hypatiab7

      Apocoypse Now traumatized me. I will never, ever watch that movie again.

  • Tombwana

    Wow! That was a surprisingly hard choice! So many greats there. As Richard B. observed “Network” should have also been included, but that would only have made the choice that much more difficult! I picked “Close Encounters”, but it was really a how-was-I-feeling-at-the-moment choice. It could just as easily have been “Taxi Driver”, or “Dog Day Afternoon”, or “Jaws”, or… well, you get the idea. :-)

  • Arthur_G

    As great as those other movies are, Taxi Driver was my favorite. I’ve seen it more times than any other movie on the list, with Star Wars being a close second.

  • Arthur_G

    Maybe I’m facetious for saying this, but the 70′s was the last great decade for movies.

  • Cinemahead

    That fact that Star Wars is #1 clearly exemplifies the sad state of the modern film fan.

    • Steve in Sacramento

      Oh I don’t Cinemahead, “Star Wars” has (imo) clearly had a regressive impact on the film industry in a number of ways (juvenalization, a focus on blockbusters, etc.), but it’s still a pretty fantastic movie in a lot of ways (I am talking about the original, not the “Special Edition” crap, or the “saga” as a whole), and was a watershed of moviemaking in its own way.  Also maybe at least a little more complex than it’s usually given credit for being.  (Check out Will Brooker’s book ["Star Wars"] in the BFI Film Series, for instance.)  So I have mixed feelings about it, since I’m very strongly drawn to cinema for adults, and especially the kind of serious, semi-pessimistic style of the 70s (I’ll cite “Chinatown” and “Network” as a couple of personal favorites).  And clearly blockbusters haven’t completely *obliterated* adult cinema, what with the popularity of “indie” films – but it IS kind of a bleak landscape these days on some level.  Anyway, I actually voted for Star Wars, since Star Wars was one of the movies that made me a movie fan (I count indies, foreign, and “classics” as my favorite genres).  But I get what you’re saying, I just think it’s maybe a LITTLE too reductive.

      • Steve in Sacramento

        Of course, that was supposed to be “Oh, I don’t *know*, Cinemahead…”

  • jim

    When these lists reach the ’70s and beyond, they are dominated by “blockbusters” and “franchise movies” — and that is the problem with modern movies in a nutshell. But it’s hard not to give “Close Encounters” its due.

  • Jvm99


  • Jvm99

    all these were good, so i chose the one that i felt like popping into the dvd player right now.  that may b a good strategy for voting in these fun polls.

  • http://www.facebook.com/GayleFeyrer Gayle Feyrer

    I knew Star Wars would win as most popular.  I’m a fan, but I think many of the others are better films.  I voted for Jaws, remembering people laughing at me when I said it was the best picture of the year at the time, but it’s held up.  I love Deer Hunter, and it’s content is more significant, but it’s more flawed as a movie.  I’m stunned that Dog Day Afternoon is at the bottom.  It’s a wonderful film.  Overall, it’s a pretty fabulous list, though I don’t know what Animal House is doing on it.  Animal House?  Please. 

  • Mmitsos

    “Network”, 1976, was probably my favorite film from the second half of the seventies…but it was such a great decade of American filmmaking, it’s hard to select just one. 

  • Glenn

    Joan Micklin Silver’s “Between the Lines”.  There are a few of us friends who watch this regularly, quote the great lines of dialogue.  The cast is super!

  • LordGooGoo

    That is about the lamest list of movies I’ve ever seen!  Only 5 of them
    actually deserve to be considered and those are Cuckoo’s Nest, Taxi
    Driver, Annie Hall, Deer Hunter and Alien.  My vote goes to Network.

  • Jaystockwell42

    “Rocky” because of my favorite theme which is triumph of the human spirit. Rock on.

  • ResslerHome

    I listed “Apocalypse Now” because of the cinetography, the scriptwriting, and the acting, combined with lots of war action, and loads of edge-of-your-seat suspense.  My other favorite movies of the late-1970s are “Luna” (starring Jill Clayburgh, and directed by Bernardo Bertolucci), and the British “New Wave” music film, “Breaking Glass” (starring Hazel O’Connor). 

  • RandallCO

    I voted Apocalypse Now because Network wasn’t on the list.
    But my wife and I can speak perfect “Outlaw Josey Wales.” (!)

    • Chrismellotron

      Outlaw Josey Wales blows away most, if not all of the list.  Just a perfect Western!  There are some grounbreakers here, with Taxi Driver and Apocalypse Now.  I voted One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

  • Johnny Sherman

    Apocalypse Now gets my vote–great use of current music for the soundtrack.

    Does anyone remember an interview with either Spielberg or Lucas? Each visited the sets of the other while filming Close Encounters and Star Wars. Supposedly, they made a bet of 10% of the gross for the other director’s film.  Hopefully for Lucas, the bet did not include sequels.

  • hypatiab7

    “Star Wars: A New Hope” zoomed its way to the top of my list. It is one of my top ten favorite sf and fantasy movies along with the original “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, “Forbidden Planet”, “Things to Come”,  “The Time Machine” (Rod Taylor version), “The Wizard of Oz” and “Independence Day”. The
    other three change from time to time.

  • Isis

    Have to say this was one of the toughest lists to vote for JUST ONE.
    My pick ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST. Jack Nicholson and the rest of the cast as a whole are excellent. And who can forget Louise Fletcher as that sweetheart of a Head Nurse ~ grrrrr.

    Hey, and don’t be so hard on ANIMAL HOUSE ~ some of us were in college then and there was always that one fraternity that was full of outrageous guys, constantly on probation and at my college, and was kicked off campus.Just take it for what it is.

  • Lrestlund50

    The vote is for favorite. Star Wars. It took me back to episodic, Flash Gordon (Buster Crabbe) tv days. It is my favorite of the Star Wars movies. For best film, tough to choose from so many fine movies with great casts.

  • The Blue Carbuncle

    For sheer feel good entertainment I go with Star Wars or Rocky off of this list. But some of my favorites are missing : Midway and A Bridge Too Far for history buffs, Silent Movie and High Anxiety for Mel Brooks fans, Oh God ! for George Burns appreciaters, as well as Norma Rae and China Syndrome. And for Sherlock Holmes fans – Murder by Decree,

  • Roger Phiilips71

    “Kramer vs Kramer” by far is the best of the late 70s–and most of the 70s. Many of the 70s movies were lousy, vulgar, or both.  KVK was the very real and moving story of what happens to a family due to a divorce.  The father did not know what grade his son was in and was not close but by the end he had made the sacrifice of losing his job (and getting a lower pay one) and they became very close.  Watch the sheer emotions of the actors and actresses in this movie.  I just bought the blu-ray copy and it has not only a wonderful movie but the telling of making a wonderful movie.

  • cinemabon

    That day in late May, 1977, will forever be ingrained into my memory. I was called the night before and was in the first group of people to see the first showing (didn’t even fill half of Grauman’s). They showed “Car Wash” as the preview with the curtains closed part way. Then, they lowered the lights and you heard this drumming, as it there was an orchestra playing behind the screen. The curtains parted all the way to the periphery to show the full Superpanavision 70mm print. The audience stood and applauded! My friend leaned over to me and whispered, “That’s the first Cinemascope movie since “Caprice” in 1966!” The rest is cinema history and “Star Wars” went on to become one of the greatest science fiction sagas of all time. 

  • Fred W

    What an impressive list of GREAT movies. How do you pick one?

  • Isis

    This is one of the toughest polls I’ve done!
    If I have to pick one it would be ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST. After I saw it, I went out and bought the book!

  • rocky-o

    “all the president’s men” won this one for me…but “dog day afternoon” comes a close second…and where is the brilliant “network”, which should be on everyone’s top ten list of all time…