What’s Your Favorite Denzel Washington Performance?

Film Directed By Stanley Kubrick

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  • http://twitter.com/Bryankr Bryan Ruffin

    Eli, hands down, my favorite roll! I have enjoyed so many of his movies over the years, but, Eli, in my opinion, was his finest.

    • Lala1941jan

      Agreed,,  can’t understand why not listed.

    • Gayle Seratt

      You’re right……where are other titles too?

  • Tony Payne

    It has to be Man on Fire directed by the late great Tony Scott. His other film with Scott was Crimson Tide which is my second choice. Both were terrific action films and very suspenseful.


    mighty quinn

  • http://bitactors.blogspot.com/ Bit Part Blogger

    I figured ‘Other’ would win. He is in too many good movies. Do you remember Denzel as a mugger in Death Wish? He and Jeff Goldblum got their starts there, and if you look closely you will also find Al Lewis. Great Bit Actors!

  • SoonerAlfie

    What a resume this man has!  I struggled between his acting in Glory and Malcolm X … finally decided that because he was on screen more in Malcolm X, that would have to be my top choice.   How we miss him these days in the good movies, in the great roles.  

  • Simonhouse

    Where is Man on Fire–my favorite?

  • Simonhouse

    American Gangster is also a top pick.

  • Rene

    I loved him in “Musch Ado About Nothing”

  • DollyT

    The first movie I saw him in “Pelian Brief” and the last one “The Book of Eli”

  • Stump_donna

    “The Book of Eli” and “Dejavu” and “Man On Fire!”

  • mike

    man on fire

  • Llmathies

    My first choice for Denzel is the movie “Ricochet”; and the second “Training Day”.

  • Chuck


  • Adlaidmorton65

    Devil with the Blue Dress

  • http://www.facebook.com/carolmaries1 CarolMarie Stoll

    No Doubt about it – ALL of the ABOVE never missed a movie I didn’t like with him in it

  • Tom Strother

    Devil in a Blue Dress. It’s what turned me into a Denzel fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=721613574 Dolf DeRovira Jr.

    Has to be MAN ON FIRE!!!!

  • Kathy Johnson

    What was that movie where he played a desperate father holding a hospital staff hostage so his son could get treatment, because his insurance hit the lifetime limit and was canceled? Not that it was his best, but I can’t remember. My vote went for Training Day – he was very edgy and showed his versatility as an actor because iin so many of his roles he was always the nice guy, the hero. He wasn’t the hero this time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.m.burns.169 David M Burns

    This actor has made so many really good movies, it would be next to i,p[ossible to chose just one. However “man on fire” was right up there, along with JohnQ

  • cluelessinks@aol.com

    The mighty Quinn,the accent,the uniform,Denzil in paradise,what more could you want.

  • disqus_J4wDUGDDJv

    The Pelican Brief