What’s Your Favorite Silver Anniversary Film from 1989?

Caped crimefighters, animated mermaids, and ghostly baseball players delighted moviegoers 25 years ago. This week’s poll wants to know your choice for the top film of 1989.

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  • FalmouthBill

    I voted for Driving Miss daisy, but, I should have checked “other” ! In that year were these great movies that I preferred much more than those listed.
    #1] Christmas vacation
    #2] Steel Magnolias
    #3] Parenthood
    #4] Uncle Buck
    #5] The Abyss
    #6] Sea of Love
    #7] The Package
    #8] Shirley Valentine

  • mike

    Indiana Jones tops my list. I even visited Petra where the last minutes were filmed.

  • Quiggy

    Where the hell is Dead Poet’s Society? The only one missing of the 5 Oscar nominees…

  • flyingtoupee

    1989 was the year of the Bat! Batman was just a phenomenon, and I loved it, flaws and all. The Nolan trilogy is superior to Burton’s take on the material, but Batman is definitely a milestone film. Indiana Jones was also a fine movie, but it did lack the energy of the other two films in the trilogy(yes, I’m one of those people who prefer Temple of Doom to Last Crusade). And not a bad film listed on this poll.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    Field of Dreams was a great movie, and I do love a good baseball movie, but it just couldn’t compete with the work of Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy! Their performance was just that good. A wonderful movie, with great direction, and a story-line that was as heart warming as it was hard hitting.

  • Blair Kramer

    I don’t care what anyone says. “Lisence To Kill” from 1989 is a great James Bond film.

    • rogerscorpion

      I agree! Dalton was a great Bond! Love ‘Penny Dreadful’, too. ‘Do the Right Thing’, though, topped many film critics’ list, though—including Siskel & Ebert.

  • Cara

    Many movies to re-watch and cherish, but I have to vote for Driving Miss Daisy. The acting is impeccable, and the relationships so true to the times. It was a perfect movie.

  • WDPjr

    Glory is one of the most inspiring movies I have ever seen, it gets my vote.