What’s Your Favorite Film Directed by Stanley Kramer?

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  • wade

    had trouble picking #1 out of the films that ended up in the top 4, ended up picking On the Beach mainly because I just love looking at Ava Gardner and Gregory Peck together . A very beautiful couple to watch

  • Jeffry Heise

    If THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE or THE RUNNER STUMBLES get any votes, I would seriously question the credentials of those people…

  • Carfish

    I enjoyed so many of these growing up. But I actually liked The Runner Stumbles. I thought Dick Van Dyke was quite good. I voted for Mad…World, but I loved Inherit the Wind and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner–I was very young when Judgment at Nuremberg came out and I was always upset or squeamish about WWll as a child. My mother said I was terrified with a Pediatrician she took me to before 1st grade–he had a moustache like Hitler’s–scared me so I ran out of the office building with just panties on!!!

  • Bruce Reber

    I’ve seen all of Kramer’s movies except “The Pride And The Passion”, “Oklahoma Crude” and “The Runner Stumbles”. They’re all excellent. I have three of them on DVD – “Judgement At Nuremberg”, “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and “Bless The Beasts And Children”.

    • Bruce Reber

      Make that FOUR Stanley Kramer movies on DVD – I left out “On The Beach”.

  • Terry Powell

    Picked Mad,Mad, Mad World but have a soft spot for Bless the Beasts and Children. Was my favorite book in Jr high and was really looking forward to the movie. Bought the soundtrack but the film never came to our town. Waited years to see it and finally caught it fifteen years later on HBO. It was kind of disappointing at the time, they had made a few changes. But have seen it a couple of times since and like it better. And it is pretty faithful to the book. And I still have the soundtrack and it remains wonderful.

  • Antone

    The Defiant Ones is the clear winner for me. It spins a compelling, suspenseful tale in the economical running time of 97 minutes. My main beef with Kramer is that he seldom knows when enough well-crafted scenes are enough. His 3+ hour movies are well done, but do not invite repeated viewing.

    • John Fraraccio

      I agree. And that’s why I like On the Beach. Kramer somehow knew well enough to hold back with that one. Read Nevil Shute’s source novel to compare.

      • Antone

        Thanks for the info about On the Beach. When the movie came out in 1959, I was beginning a period of my life when movie going was my last option for an evening entertainment. When I started catching up with old movies in the 80′s, I assumed On the Beach was just another cast-of-thousands disaster marathon. I’ll have to give it a try—if I can find it [Movies Unlimited doesn't offer it].

  • mike

    Judgement at Nuremburg was one of my favorite movies–Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster and Marlena Dietrich were superb! A close second was Its a Mad Mad Mad World!

  • Blair Kramer

    I like ANY movie directed by ANYONE named KRAMER!

  • Eddiej

    How can you pick? They are all my favorites.

  • Quiggy

    At least On The Beach is in the top 5. I never saw it until I got out of high school, but I knew the plot almost scene for scene. I had a high school history teacher and at least a couple of times a semester the subject would get around to nuclear war, and he’d tell us the plot of the movie. When I finally saw it it was neat to see how the scenes played out. And it’s still an impressive movie 50+ years later.

  • Cara

    Inherit The Wind has two great actors in two of their best roles. I have to go with this movie. Gene Kelly, by the way, isn’t too shabby as the cynical reporter. I find It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad etc, to be one of the dullest movies I’ve ever watched. Spencer Tracy in one of his very few bad performances.