What’s Your Favorite Post-1970 “American” Movie?

In commemoration of the 238th birthday of the United States this week, MovieFanFare wants you to exercise your rights and vote for your top film made since 1970 with the word “American” in the title.

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  • OZ ROB

    Happy Birthday ! Over there from Down here.. my vote goes to the appropriately titled for this occasion 1977 West German film THE AMERICAN FRIEND..

  • mike

    American Graffiti by a long shot–reminded me of those days of hot rodding and before going to Vietnam. Loved the old music also but I grew up in Pittsburgh not the west coast but it was not much different.

  • RudeDog

    Ditto what Mike said. The cars and music were spot on for that great era. Fans of American Graffiti should view Hollywood Knights. Same great venue.

  • Frosty

    I hated “The American President”. Totally biased crap.
    Typical Hollywood propaganda.
    Didn’t anyone find it odd that the president was sleeping with a lobbyist on their second date, while his eleven year-old daughter slept next door?

    Roger Ebert thought it was very brave of Hollywood to make a movie about a liberal president.
    Of course it was.

    • hupto

      You probably hated LINCOLN, too. How dare that Commie sumbitch make whitemen pay the help?

    • Huge movie fan

      I agree with you on the bias but if you can overlook those it’s a fairly entertaining drama about politics. The script was well written and the cast brilliant. Let’s face, it was an unfair attack on Republicans but that doesn’t take away from it’s quality as a film. Hollywood is 99% liberal so we have little choice but to put up with it. Disagree with ebert, nothing brave about that movie.

  • david rackley

    half of these movies I never saw. but I did like American graffiti cindy Williams hot ,I loved an American werewolf in London. I loved American history x (white power).and American pie was funny .as far as American psycho I thought just a song from the misfits!

  • Kevin

    There are a lot of good movies there and I haven’t seen them all, but sentimentally, my pick American Graffiti. Never has a movie about one night captured a generation as well as that one did.

  • Jim

    Wim Wenders’ “The American Friend”.

  • Huge movie fan

    Recently watched American Graffiti and while I found it a tad bit overrated, I loved it! I was born on the late eighties so can’t speak for its accuracy, but it just like how I would picture the period. Whether or not it is accurate, it successfully captured what it intended to. Great film and greatly deserving of the title of classic.

  • Bruce Reber

    There was a movie from 1978, “American Hot Wax”, set in the late 1950’s, about the early years of Rock N’ Roll and Alan Freed, perhaps the most fervent promoter of “The Big Beat”, as he called it. Should have made the list but didn’t.