What’s the Best 1970s “Best Picture” Oscar Winner?

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  • jonsilver

    The Deer Hunter was a terrible movie!

  • fbusch

    the deer hunter was a painful film because it shows the real pain of war. something that makes it great.

  • rocky-o

    two best 70′s movie (which wrongly weren’t ‘best picture’ winners)…”all the president’s men” and “network”…

    • agenteightysix

      It’s hard to believe they lost to “Rocky”, which I believe to be the worst on the list by far.

  • Ralph Hudnall

    A VERY difficult decision. Cuckoo’s Nest is my pick, but can see either any of them except Annie Hall, Kramer or The Sting as being the BEST. All are fine films, but these three are not my favorites.

  • Stevie

    Glad to see The Sting came in 3rd. It’s one of my all time favorites – right behind the original Manchurian Candidate.

  • MikeB

    Very difficult decision, Cukoo’s Nest, Patton, the Sting, all good movies. Even Godfather II which I thought broke the mold for un-successfull sequels. But I had to pick The Godfather

  • lovestorun

    I know people will go yuk but I like Smokey and The Bandit. Jackie Gleason was very funny. Star Wars, The Goodbye Girl, Close Encounters of The Third Kind and Saturday Night Fever were popular too in the3 1970′s.

  • Lawrence P. Ressler

    I voted for “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, because the overall theme of the film was a summary of the social changes taking place during the 1950s and 1960s, and how people coped with them. It made people realize that the social changes NEEDED to take place, and made it more easier to deal with, compared to how the “old order” dealt with complicated issues and matters at that time.

    • Bruce Reber

      The time frame for OFOTCN is from late September 1963 until around New Year’s 1964. In one scene a TV news report about the bombing of a Black church in Alabama by the Ku Klux Klan can be heard in the background. Also, all of the attendants in the mental hospital are African American, as many of them at that time who were relegated to menial jobs. Scatman Crothers is great in his performance as Turkel, the night attendant.

  • Bruce Reber

    Here’s my Runner-Up 1970′s BPO winner list:
    1971-The Last Picture Show
    1973-American Graffiti
    1974-Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
    1977-Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
    1978-The Buddy Holly Story

  • TrippyTrellis

    From the NOMINATED films of each year, I would have chosen:
    ’70- Five Easy Pieces
    ’71- The Last Picture Show
    ’72- Cabaret
    ’73- Cries and Whispers
    ’74- Chinatown
    ’75- Dog Day Afternoon
    ’76- Network
    ’77- The Turning Point
    ’78- Midnight Express

    • Frosty

      “Cabaret” over “The Godfather”?
      What are ya – goofy?

      • TrippyTrellis

        Not at all. “The Godfather” is a great movie but “Cabaret” (which won 5 more Oscars than “The Godfather”) is my favorite film of the ’70s.

  • Yves Fey

    I voted for the devastating The Deer Hunter, though I think Trippy’s list has some greater films than the one’s offered, like Chinatown. Deer Hunter’s not perfect, but the ensemble cast is amazing. Godfather II never worked all that well for me, since Michael Corelone pretty much lost his soul in the first film, and just watching him sink lower wasn’t all that emotionally engaging, despite the great cinematography etc. And III was a disaster.

    • agenteightysix

      For me, the most fascinating part of The Godfather Part II was the back story with Robert DeNiro as the young Vito Corleone.

  • Frosty

    “The Exorcist” was the best movie of 1973.
    The Academy was afraid to honor it, thus awarding the grossly over-rated “The Sting”.

    • Denver Dave

      You may very well be right about “The Exorcist”. I never saw it. It didn’t interest me.

      But I strongly disagree about “The Sting” being overrated. As of this writing, it’s in the #2 slot in this poll. I never miss a chance to watch the wonderful performances of not only Redford and Newman, but of Eileen Brennan, Harold Gould, Robert Shaw and the rest of that fine cast. “The Sting” would have gotten my vote, but “Patton” got my vote… barely.

      This is a fine list of Oscar winners to be sure! Each of the ten are deserving winners. Are they the best movies of their year? That debate will last a looooong time.

  • Frosty

    “Kramer vs. Kramer” was a mediocre TV movie.
    “Apocalypse Now” was a classic.

  • Frosty

    “Annie Hall” vs. “Star Wars”?
    I’d have to pick “Annie”.

    • BernardS

      Who remember “Annie Hall” as the OSCAR winner of 1976 nowadays ? Whereas
      “Star Wars” generated a what ? Only an AVALANCHE of sci-fi/ special effect/comic book popular/super entertaining/ money making / whole school of pulp movie directors ALL
      OVER the WORLD !! No sir, “STAR WARS” WAS cheated out of GRAND prize OSCAR
      by the narrow minded voters of the so called Academy.

  • Frosty

    “Rocky” vs. “Network”?
    Faye Dunaway’s over-acting and the ridiculous storyline suitable for a TV movie.
    I’d have to pick “Rocky”. Besides, the country needed it.
    Good choice, Academy. You get a cookie.

  • Nicolas

    For Me Godfather II is one of the seven greatest movies ever made. Of course Coppola directed one and three, but he also won an academy award for screenplay for Paton.

  • Joseph23006

    Once, I might have gone with The Godfather movies, but upon repeated viewings I find that I can summon no sympathy or empathy for any of the characters except Marlon Brando, though I still find them fascinating. For me, some scenes were a better read than shown on the screen.

  • Edgard Lassalle

    Edgard Lassalle

  • Kevin Albertina

    I thought all of the films were very good, as opposed to Oscar winners in later decades, but my favorite from the decade was Chinatown, followed by One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I think very highly of The Godfather and like it a lot, but not as much as most people do.

    • Terry Powell

      I love The Godfather, but I agree with you about Chinatown. It’s one of my favorite films.