The Thomas Crown Affair

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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For his later roles the King of Cool demanded to be paid up-front in cash.

  • Stacy Borans

    I can really bulk up lifting these babies!

  • wayne

    Whaddya’ mean ya’ don’t have a barrelhead this big? Well, then you’ll have to take a post-dated check as I left the plastic in the buggy!

  • Jim

    You think you’re hot stuff, Clooney? Look how much I made on advertising endorsements last year… and I’m dead!

  • Sinisterkat

    Honey, I’m Bringing Home The Bacon!!!

  • Shirley

    This isn’t filthy lucre, it has been laundered!

  • Shirley Newman

    Garbage day in the Hamptons!

  • Mohan

    …and these are just for my small change…

  • dan pupo

    This economy is really out of hand. All this just to buy a cup of coffee!

  • D H White

    Fred the banker once again takes his work home with him.

  • Dennis James Hurst

    “I need this to buy a railway season ticket!”

  • Ann MacKenzie

    “These bags aren’t as heavy as I thought!”

  • Joe

    This would be so-o-o much easier if I just stoled a painting instead.

  • Tom Stark

    “Dude, where’s my car?”

  • harvey17

    Money can’t buy me love!

  • Frederick Robinson

    ‘Honest, officer, I thought they were my shopping-bags, but with my shades on, you understand….’

  • Paul R

    I`d say he was Laughing all the way from the bank!!!

  • Dave Manning

    I swear to God, if I ever catch that valet, I’ll string him up! A weeks’ worth of laundry left sitting!!

  • R Baucom

    What do you think FAYE, I’ll just leave these on the dresser when I leave in the morning…..
    By the way babe, you never looked better than you
    did in this caper.

  • joan milner

    “All grown up and still taking things home to
    Mom to be laundered!”

  • Mohan

    I’m craving a venti at Starbucks!

  • Steve Meyers

    “I’ll be hiding out under my new alias…Johnny Cash!”

  • Raif Damico

    Hey Babe..which is it that you love, my money or me?

  • Donna

    What a way to drop out “money is my hobby”.

  • Felipe E. De La Cruz.

    “These bags make the best laundry bags,then on my way to the laundromat I get all the strangest stares!!!

  • Tony C.

    Ah…No, no…I’m on my way to the laundry!

  • Bryan

    I don’t suppose you’d believe I got in the wrong car and “just happened” to find these, would you Officer? No. I didn’t think you would.