The Harvey Girls (1946): Create-A-Caption

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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The Harvey Girls

They hadn’t heard the term “white slave trade” before…but it didn’t sound good.


  • Wayne P.

    White Slavers? Were just going to let go in our own beds!

  • wade

    You want us to do WHAT???

  • Movie Fan

    I love living next to a dance studio, but Mama never told me those guys wear tights…

  • Bruce Reber

    C’mon girls, we gotta stay awake, or we’ll turn into pod people!!!

  • stan

    now that’s a real man

  • Bill Proctor

    The Stepford sisters sleepover.

  • Tom K.

    We didn’t land the Tide Detergent Commercial – you’ve GOT to be kidding !

  • Joe Levin

    Dracula’s Grand Nieces?

  • hupto

    Okay, I’ll take out the frizzy-haired guy, you take the bald one, and you get the one with the bangs. On three…

  • John

    We’re related, honest.

  • ILMer

    Getting them to smile for the family portrait was becoming a real pain.

  • Lou

    Would you hurry with the bedtime story, already? We’ve got to pee!

  • Groover

    That’s it, girls, just keep holding her steady. Once we get the shot nobody’s ever gonna know she’d been hitting the sauce again.

  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Why is mommy walking so very slowly towards us with a meat cleaver in her hand?

  • lovestorun

    There is only one bathroom?

  • John M

    “….who did you expect, the Andrews Sisters…..?

  • stormin

    Holy cow, Mr. Oz. After seeing you, we think Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man should re-think what they ask for.

  • John

    That’s the number one symbol of God’s power before now.

  • Mark

    Uh-Oh I think he figured it out,he looks pissed,I didn’t think he would find us so quick.