What’s Your Favorite Susan Hayward Film Performance?



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  • Gord Jackson

    This is a tough one, but I have to go with Lillian Roth from I’LL CRY TOMORROW. Still, a best actress Oscar tie in 1955 with the woman Tennessee Williams once called ‘The Magnificent Magnani’, the great Anna Magnani (for THE ROSE TATOO) would have been most appropriate.

  • Martin Stumacher

    What a wonderful list. But my favorite is My Foolish Heart.

  • Bruce Reber

    I voted for “I Want To Live!” – her Oscar-winning performance as murderess Barbara Graham is one of the most intense by an actress in any movie. The scene when she’s being led into the gas chamber at San Quentin prison is powerful beyond words!

  • Jim

    My vote went to the classic Western, Garden of Evil, which also stars Gary Cooper and Richard Widmark. A much more worthy title than some that are on this list, and Hayward was never sassier or more beautiful.

  • TrippyTrellis

    ‘The Divine Bitch’ was never more divine, bitchier and lovelier than as Eloise Winters in “My Foolish Heart”. And then there’s that beyond gorgeous theme song!

  • Dana Thompson

    Oh give me a break “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” was a tour de force, I know alcoholism and she nailed it like no other

  • Lynn K.

    This question always drives me crazy, as I saw “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” as so well-acted—yet, then I viewed “I Want to Live”–and I felt just the same way…….but both are so different in content and the what was called for. And I’m always unhappy to have to choose between them. She had scenes in both That I will never forget.

    I think she was under-rated too often and passed by for many other roles in films that this unbelievably talented woman would have done as well as she did in my two above favorites… Susan Hayward was–and is–my favorite actress for her commitment to each role she played.

  • Sandra

    I have a soft spot in my heart for The President’s Lady where Susan played Rachel Jackson, the wife of our 7th President. It was the first movie I ever saw her in (they played it on Saturday Night At The Movies…anyone over 45 probably remembers that program) & she was a role-model from that time forward.

  • Joe

    I voted for “I Want to Live!”, but the honest truth is I love them all. She is still my all time favorite actress.