Steve McQueen: Born on March 24 1930

Born on this day in 1930 “The King of Cool”

Steve McQueen born on March 24 1930

  • Brian Jodrie

    Never So Few(1959)was my favorite.What a cast.Frank Sinatra,Gina Lolobrigida,Charles Bronson,Peter Lawford,Paul Henreid,Brian Donlevy,Dean Jones,Richard Johnson,etc

  • Martin Stumacher

    Among my favorites were Bullitt, The Great Escape and Love With the Proper Stranger.

  • Baz

    A biography has just been published which claims that McQueen was a rather damaged womanising,alcoholic wife-beater, which takes the gloss from some of his excellent movies. It raises an interesting question though-how many actors are great on screen and assholes in private? e.g. Joan Crawford?

  • Bryan Ruffin

    The Great Escape is my favorite, but followed,VERY closely, by Bullet. Magnificent 7 was really good also, full of stars!

  • Jack West

    When I think of him I see two films in my mind, Nevada Smith when he’s going up the stairs and in The Towering Inferno when he played to perfection the fire chief.

    • Baz

      It has been reported that he was so jealous of Paul Newman’s success that he insisted he and Newman speak exactly the same number of words in Towering Inferno. I haven’t bothered counting them to check the accuracy of this claim.

  • Ken Rudolph

    One of my favorite actors of all time. My favorite McQueen films are:Bullitt, The Great Escape,and Tv-series:Wanted Dead or Alive.He was great in westerns as well as other genre.

  • Jim Crawford.

    I believe he was quite the ‘prima donna’ in most of his movies, demanding this and that. I never thought HE was that good but did enjoy his movies. Watched ‘The Hunter’ recently. Very enjoyable.

  • Fg927a

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