What’s Your Favorite Spencer Tracy – Katharine Hepburn Film?

Spencer Tracy - Katharine Hepburn

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  • tony payne

    A dificult choice as they are all good movies. However if pressed, my vote goes to Adam’s Rib. A really sophisticated comedy with much to enjoy along the way. The witty script was by Garson Kanin and his wife Ruth Gordon and it is sublime. Oddly enough they were all good friends until GK wrote the intimate Tracey & Hepburn which was a good read but nothing to get hot under the collar about.

  • mike jaral

    adams rib also got my vote, without love is also a favorite. I prefer there comedys. they never grow old.

  • http://yahoo.com Kate

    This was a very hard to pick… Every movie they made together was solid gold! I have to pick the last movie of Mr. Tracy & Ms. Hepburn though. The reason beside the fact their performances were oscar status, is because it was Mr. Tracy’s last movie, he got an oscar for his performance but he had died three weeks after the shooting of the movie. The studio did not want to take a chance on him playing the role because of his health. They did not want to insure him, afraid that he would not be able to finish the movie. In secret Ms. Hepburn, told the studio she would put up the money for the unsurance and that he WOULD, complete the movie. He was not to know that she put up the money to insure his performance. The rest is history. The scene where he is giving his speech to Mr. Poitier is a tear jerker in itself, but when you see Ms. Hepburn standing behind Mr. Tracy, crying, she is not crying because the scene called for it, she is crying because she has spent 25 years loving this man and she knows that Mr. Tracy, does not have much more time left. It’s sad, it’s heart breaking and it’s a factual scene. I had the pleasure meeting Ms. Hepburn,, many years ago on two different occasions, she was polite to me and we talked a bit and she told me this story.

    From Salt Lake City, Utah

  • DIRK

    Had to go with Pat & Mike — they are all great when you put the 2 of them together, so the co-starring of Aldo Ray put this one over the top for me!

  • Evie

    Adam’s Rib is definately the most clever and effortlessly witty film from Tracy and Hepburn. It’s the one I will watch over and over again.

  • hiram grant

    The shot of Hepburn watching Tracy deliver that speech in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? is wonderful — too bad the whole movie isn’t as good. I also have to go with Adam’s Rib overall, with Pat & Mike second.

  • eddie moscone

    right the last one is most popular and is the most dated and boring one to watch. i chose woman of the year but adams rib and state of the union just as good as woman of the year

  • George Matusek

    I voted for “State of the Union” — it has a great supporting cast — even Van Johnson, whom I normally find dull, gives a lively performance. My #2 choice would be “Adam’s Rib” — Judy Holliday is the sparkplug in that movie. Otherwise, I find the rest of the movies vaguely irritating and I think the Tracy/Hepburn pairing is overrated. Spencer Tracy occasionally displayed some fine comic acting, especially when NOT paired with Hepburn — I recommend “Libeled Lady,” a screwball comedy with a dream cast in which Tracy is surrounded by Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy, William Powell, and Walter Connolly — any 15 minute segment of that film is worth more than all of the Tracy/Hepburn films together.

  • Tom

    Woman Of The Year. Their first movie together and the point of origin for their special chemistry, both on-screen and off. It also set the format for most of their film outings with Hepburn’s character more than a match for Tracey’s, and the story evolving out of how they work through it all. This is 1942, decades before the woman’s movement. They’re both young and Hepburn is gorgeous.

  • tim

    grow up fred

  • Joy

    This was hard…I love Pat and Mike and Adam’s Rib but I had to go with Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner simply because it spoke to more people at the time it was made…

  • Roger Phillips

    I voted for “Adam’s Rib” but “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” is just as good. Both Hepburn and Tracy together were always good. I will soon buy the nine movie set.

  • Viviana M.

    Adam’s Rib is by far the best Tracy/Hepburn collaboration, in my opinion. A very close second is “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?”
    To choose betweeen the two was hard, but “Rib” got the edge over “Dinner” if only for the battle of scenes of licorice vs the speech. I really thought he had a gun at first! Enough said, but ever wonder if “Father of the Bride” would have been that much better with Kate? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Joan Bennett in it – just Tracy/Hepburn/Taylor – what if?

  • Leslie Sexton

    Love Desk Set, always have, it is bright and funny and still speaks to changes made in these times (only the computer is bigger and slower than what we have). Adam’s Rib is my second favorite. I love Keeper of the Flame, although more serious, I find that there are still “flames” being kept and secrets being hidden. We don’t want to know our heroes weaknessess.

  • Bryan

    Desk Set is one of my favorite comedies. I have always enjoyed these two together, and had a hard time choosing which movie I wanted to vote for! Adam’s Rib came close, Woman of the Year I enjoyed, but I had a hard time with the character she played. The statement it made was profound, I guess I just didn’t like her doing it.

  • Kim

    I love Adam’s Rib..great movie.

  • Max Fraley

    Adam’s Rib gets my vote, but I have to state Keeper of the Flame has always been on my list of movies that I like to watch every couple of years or so just to reinforce my positive take on it. It’s so totally different from all the rest of their pairings, and the tale it tells is quite unique and intriguing from the opening shot of the car racing through a heavily wooded landscape to the climax of the real truth being exposed. So glad it was recently released on DVD.

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