Remaking The Karate Kid: A Dream Cast

"It's Ali... with an I." (Hayden Panettiere from "I Love You, Beth Cooper")

If Overbrook Entertainment, Will Smith’s production company, was faithful to the original story of The Karate Kid that they’re remaking, here’s our dream cast:

  • Frank Way

    Why should they do a remake? Aren’t there any new fresh ideas out there. It seems like the film makers are getting lazy.”Let’s do a remake. The original was sucessful, we could clean up.” Hollywood is suposed to be full of creative people, where are the new ideas? Frank

  • Ken C.

    I agree and instead of remaking it, have it continue with Daniel teaching other troubled teenagers the rights and wrongs.

  • Kyna

    Wow, could this be any more off the mark? Firstly, of course it should NOT be remade — it’s a classic. Like Billy Zabka himself has said in interviews, “how could you remake a classic? That’s like remaking Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future or The Breakfast Club.” It’s a classic that deserves some respect.

    Secondly, if it WERE remade, which it shouldn’t be… EVER, but if it were, this so-called “dream cast” is the stuff of nightmares. If it’s remade with this cast, then it should be called “Karate Thirty-Something lusting after a dream deferred and an already famous blonde.” I am appalled and ashamed to read the names on such a dream cast, though in other contexts I’m a big fan of say, Hunter, Bana, Scott or Wood. The reason that Pat Morita was so good in his role was that he was a great stand-up comic with amazing comedic timing, also familiar to Americans in general because of his time on Happy Days and MASH. The rest of the cast was basically unknown, with the exception of Ralph Macchio who had done just a few films that were widely recognized. To even dare to THINK UP a dream cast is a total betrayal of the fans of the original, a film that helped to define a generation along with the other brilliant films listed above…. oh, god, I can’t believe I’m now having to say “the original” when referring to The Karate Kid…. I think I’ll go do push-ups on my knuckles…. WAX OFF!

  • Rocky’s Daddy

    I live in Japan. The new Karate Kid was made in China not Japan. The story is only loosely based on the original. The kid knows some karate, and it isn’t good enough; he needs kung FU. All of this would turn anyone, who knew and was loyal to the original, off. One actor saves it – JACKIE Chan as the teacher

  • Speedy

    There can only be one Mr. Miyagi… substitutes can ever work. “Ah, Danielson, make GOOD fight.” “Ta, ta, ta,ta….wax on….wax off.” “Ah Danielson… all wet behind the ears.”

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I am just so sick of remakes it is just rediculous it’s like oh well the first was good so we’ll make a generic version and clean up on the nameand then people just go oh my what a waste of time money and wasting a theatre for something like that of course we see how Will’s son was in it with using Daddy’s company that pretty much well this was done so I could try and act I mean if it i so bad they can’t come up with new stuff then just show the original again atleast then people could actuallly se a descent show unlike all the disney remakes that are just Hideous I mean then they make evry other word a cuss word like that improves the movie not.Well enough said here just please get off your butt just to see if you can come up with an original idea on your own you may actually suprise yourselfand use that thing between your ears called a brain.