Upcoming DVD and Blu-ray Releases: Week of 4-10-11

Tracy and Hepburn: The Definitive CollectionMan, do we have some new releases for you! This week the focus is on cinema classics, with a diverse assortment of yesteryear gems making their long-awaited DVD debuts. Likewise, there are also some, well, magical new DVD and Blu-ray releases of contemporary hits. Looking for film collections and TV season sets? We’ve got you covered here as well! With that in mind, let’s see the wonderful new offerings now available!

Tracy and Hepburn: The Definitive Collection

One of Hollywood’s most famous on- and off-screen pairings got its start in the comedy “Woman of the Year” (1942). Spencer Tracy is a gruff New York sports reporter who weds international affairs writer Katharine Hepburn, only to find their competing careers threatening the marriage. With Reginald Owen, William Bendix. The romantic sparks fly when widow Hepburn rents a room to scientist-inventor Tracy, but only after they agree to a platonic marriage, in “Without Love” (1945). Keenan Wynn, Lucille Ball co-star. “Pat and Mike” (1952) focuses on shady sports promoter Tracy and his latest find, college gym teacher Hepburn. With William Ching. And, “The Spencer Tracy Legacy: A Tribute by Katharine Hepburn” (1986) features Hepburn speaking frankly about her colleague and companion, as well as anecdotes from Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Sidney Poitier, and others. Ten-disc set also includes “Keeper of the Flame,” “The Sea of Grass,” “State of the Union,” “Adam’s Rib,” “Desk Set,” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  Part 1

The two-part finale of the “Harry Potter” film series begins as Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson), and Ron (Rupert Grint) steel themselves for a final battle with the evil Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), who has seized control of Hogwarts. Leaving their beloved school, the three young wizards vow to destroy the remaining dark objects securing their enemy’s immortality. With Alan Rickman, Bonnie Wright, and Helena Bonham Carter.

Confidential Agent

Based on a novel by Graham Greene, this thriller set in pre-World War II London concerns a Spanish secret agent working a deal that would damage fascists operating in his home country. While negotiating with the Brits, he squares off against double-crossing foes and falls for a beauty who is sympathetic to his plight. Charles Boyer, Lauren Bacall, Katina Paxinou, and Peter Lorre star.

Days of Glory

Gregory Peck‘s film debut casts him as the commander of a group of Soviet guerrillas battling the Nazis in the Russian wilderness during World War II. As Peck leads his ragtag band of resistance fighters against a far superior military force, he slowly begins to fall for a beautiful dancer (former real-life ballerina Tamara Toumanova). With Alan Reed, Lowell Gilmore; directed by Jacques Tourneur.


The relationship between sisters Charlotte and Emily Bronte is the subject of this stirring drama, based on actual events. Before they were literary luminaries, Charlotte (Olivia de Havilland) and Emily (Ida Lupino) were two young aspiring authors living in Victorian England where they found themselves competing for the affections of the same man (Paul Henreid) while trying to help their artistically gifted brother (Arthur Kennedy) in his battle with alcoholism. With Sydney Greenstreet, Nancy Coleman.

The Wagons Roll at Night

The basic plot of 1937′s “Kid Galahad” was moved from a boxing ring to a big top ring for this drama starring Humphrey Bogart as the owner of a travelling carnival. When new lion tamer Eddie Albert falls for Bogart’s convent-schooled sister (Joan Leslie), an overly protective Bogie plans for Albert to be “accidentally” killed by the big cats. With Sylvia Sidney, Sig Rumann.

The Two Mrs. Carrolls

Humphrey Bogart was cast against type in this effective nail-biting thriller about a psychotic artist who paints his wife as an “Angel of Death” and then kills her in order to marry a woman he met while on vacation (Barbara Stanwyck). When another woman catches his eye, however, he attempts to repeat the crime. With Alexis Smith, Ann Carter, Nigel Bruce.


A struggling artist (Dane Clark) becomes infatuated with a beautiful nightclub singer (Alexis Smith), only to learn that she’s married to a wheelchair-bound boxing promoter (Zachary Scott). Scott thinks Clark has a future in the ring and begins to teach him the sweet science, but he starts to sabotage the training when he discovers his proteege is having an affair with his wife. Eve Arden, Jeffrey Lynn, Alan Hale also star in this gritty melodrama.

The Sea of Grass

Sprawling western melodrama with Spencer Tracy as a ruthless cattle baron who uses both legal and illegal means to keep homesteaders off of his New Mexico land, while driving wife Katharine Hepburn into the arms of his courtroom rival, crusading attorney Melvyn Douglas. Co-stars Robert Walker and Edgar Buchanan; Elia Kazan directs.

Keeper of the Flame

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn star in this gripping melodrama about a newspaper reporter set to write about the life of a war hero killed in an auto accident. During his investigation, Tracy interviews the hero’s widow, a recluse who knows some unsavory secrets about her late, lamented husband. Richard Whorf, Margaret Wycherly, and Forrest Tucker also star; George Cukor directs.

Country Strong

After a disastrous stage performance sends her into rehab, fading country music star Kelly Canter (Gwyneth Paltrow) emerges hoping for a comeback while mentoring an attractive and easygoing up-and-comer (Garrett Hedlund). This new relationship, which soon goes beyond the purely professional, causes quite a stir with her husband/manager (Tim McGraw). Heartfelt drama co-stars Leighton Meester, Marshall Chapman.

Dallas: The Movie Collection

Follow the further exploits of the oil-rich Ewings with this collection of made-for-TV movies. First, set in the 1930s, “Dallas: The Early Years” (1986) chronicles the beginning of the longstanding feud between “Jock” Ewing (Dale Midkiff) and “Diggers” Barnes (David Marshall Grant). Molly Hagan and Larry Hagman also star. Then, “Dallas: J.R. Returns” (1996) finds the presumed-dead J.R. Ewing (Hagman) resurfacing with a plan to wrest control of his family’s company away from arch-rival Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval). With Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray. J.R. (Hagman) once again plots to take over Ewing Oil, this time squaring off against Bobby (Duffy) and Sue Ellen (Gray), in “Dallas: War of the Ewings” (1998). George Kennedy, Michelle Johnson co-star. And, the retrospective “Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork” (2004) features behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, outtakes, and more, as well as appearances by cast members Hagman, Duffy, Gray, Victoria Principal, Charlene Tilton, and others.

Car 54, Where Are You?: The Complete First Season

“Ooh, ooh!” Bumbling Bronx policemen Gunther Toody (Joe E. Ross) and Francis Muldoon (Fred Gwynne) share a squad car, personal problems, and comedic situations as they patrol the 53rd Precinct in this fondly remembered 1961-63 NBC series from “You’ll Never Get Rich” creator Nat Hiken. The supporting cast includes Al Lewis, Nipsey Russell, Paul Reed, and Charlotte Rae. All 30 episodes from the debut season-including “Who’s for Swordfish,” “Home Sweet Sing Sing,” “Get Well, Officer Schnauser,” “The Beast Who Walked the Bronx,” and “I Love Lucille”-are featured in a four-disc set.

Bob Hope Collection, Vol. 2

In “The Great Lover” (1949), Bob Hope intervenes when a card sharp cleans out an amiable old duke. Rhonda Fleming, Roland Young co-star. “Son of Paleface” (1952) stars Hope as a Harvard grad who goes West to claim his pa’s inheritance. With Jane Russell, Roy Rogers. Hope takes a “Paris Holiday” (1958) to buy a French play, but gets mixed up with gangsters and Anita Ekberg! Co-stars French comic Fernandel and director Preston Sturges. Stuck on a Pacific island during World War II, Army sergeant Hope tries to boost morale by bringing in pretty nurses. “The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell” (1968) co-stars Phyllis Diller, Gina Lollobrigida. After 20 years of matrimonial life, Bob and Jane Wyman plan to divorce, but their daughter suddenly announces her engagement, turning things from bad to hilarious. “How to Commit Marriage” (1969) co-stars Jackie Gleason, Tina Louise. In “Cancel My Reservation” (1972), New York talk show host Hope goes on vacation at an Arizona ranch, but is accused of murder! Based on a Louis L’Amour novel; with Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Bellamy.

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  • Anonymous.

    “Without Love,” starring Tracy and Hepburn, is an undiscovered classic. A wonderful romantic comedy that’s every bit as good as “Adam’s Rib” and “Woman Of The Year.” It’s a must-have for every Tracy-Hepburn fan.

  • Sharon Klein

    I have been looking for a film call “The Dark at the Top of the Stairs” and I know that Dorothy Mcguire starred in it. Do you have that movie?

    Thanks, Sharon

  • Theresa Ferguson

    Why is it “Back Street” a movie starring Susan Hayward & John Saxon has never found it’s way to DVD?

    Also, an old TV Series “The Ghost & Mrs. Muir”, which is one of my favorite series has never been put on DVD either?

    I would appreciate any info on these two things!
    Teri Ferguson

  • Henry Shaffner

    Hello! Movie Fans,
    State of The Union, a film released in 1948
    is one of the best! Van Johnson, playing the\
    campaign manager actually steals the show from
    Tracy & Hepburn, he is that good!! This movie
    was said to be President Truman’s favorite (he
    showed up at the premiere in DC). The movie has
    so much to say that it could have been made
    yesterday, it is very preceptive and forward-
    looking. Catch it, just for Van Johnson’s
    exceptional portrayal.

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  • Judy. Wright

    Westward the Women is a wonderful movie I’d like to share with my children. The book is available through MU, can’t someone find out why you cant get the movie.

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