DVD & Blu-ray Releases: Week of 5-27-12

Here’s your rundown of what classics, recent releases, and TV season sets are making their debut this week. Take a look and see for yourself!

A Millionaire for Christy

When gold-digging legal secretary Eleanor Parker gets dispatched to notify radio commentatorFred MacMurray that he’s come into a $2 million inheritance, she decides to withhold the good news for a bit and see if she can steal him away from fiancee Kay Buckley. Screwball shenanigans follow in this charmer co-starring Richard Carlson, Una Merkel; George Marshall directs. AKA: “Golden Goose,” “No Room for the Groom.”

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Love Never Dies

Ten years after “The Phantom of the Opera,” singer Christine, her husband Raoul, and son Gustav travel to New York City, where a mysterious patron–one linked to Christine’s past–has hired her to perform. Set amid the splendor of early 1900s Coney Island, this Australian staging of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom” follow-up stars Bob Lewis and Anna O’Byrne. Songs include “The Coney Island Waltz,” “Beneath a Moonless Sky,” “The Beauty Underneath,” and more.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Tenth Season

All 23 episodes from season 10–including “Family Affair,” “Better Off Dead,” “Unshockable,” “Doctor Who,” and “Meat Jekyll”–are featured in a seven-disc set.

Denver and Rio Grande

Thrilling western adventure chronicles the rivalry between two railroad lines competing to be the first to cross the Rocky Mountains. A former U.S. Cavalry officer (Edmond O’Brien), now working for the Denver and Rio Grande company, engages in a brutal battle with his unscrupulous Canyon City and San Juan counterpart (Sterling Hayden) to see who can get their tracks laid down first. Dean Jagger, Laura Elliott, Lyle Bettger also star.

Eagle’s Wing

Wilderness trapper Pike (Martin Sheen) and Comanche warrior White Bull (Sam Waterston) violently clash on the harsh New Mexico landscape in this exciting western adventure. The object of their struggle is Eagle’s Wing, a wild horse that Pike means to capture and White Bull believes should remain free. Harvey Keitel,Stephane Audran, John Castle also star.

Easy Living

A career performance by Victor Mature sparks this story of an aging football star who’s been told that a life-threatening condition has ended his playing days, yet continues for fear of losing fame, fortune, and his beautiful but grasping wife (Lizabeth Scott). Lucille Ball, Lloyd Nolan, Sonny Tufts, Jack Parr co-star under Jacques Tourneur‘s direction.


Doug (Seann William Scott) is a dude without a clue. Disrespected by his family and directionless in life, he suddenly comes upon his purpose when he gets into a brutish fight while attending an ice hockey contest. Recruited to the team, Doug sees a chance to make a name for himself–but does he have the right stuff to stand up against a rival team’s most thuggish player (Liev Schreiber). Raunchy sports comedy co-stars Jay Baruchel, Alison Pill, and Eugene Levy.

Man on a Ledge

While on a day pass from prison to attend his father’s funeral, disgraced ex-cop Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) escapes from his guards and flees to Manhattan. Determined to prove that he didn’t steal a $40,000,00 diamond from a powerful businessman, he climbs out on a ledge of the Roosevelt Hotel and creates a diversion while his brother scours the magnate’s office to find the gem and prove his sibling’s innocence. Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Elizabeth Banks, and Genesis Rodriguez co-star in this intense thriller.

Maverick: The Complete First Season

All 27 episodes from the debut season–including “War Of The Silver Kings,” “According To Hoyle,” “Diamond In The Rough,” “Black Fire,” and “Seed Of Deception”–are featured in a seven-disc set. 22 1/2 hrs. total.

Murdoch Mysteries: Season 4

All 13 episodes of the fourth season–including “Tattered And Torn,” “Buffalo Shuffle,” “Dial M for Murdoch,” “The Kissing Bandit,” and “Murdoch In Wonderland”–are collected in a three-disc set.

Outlaw Trail

The Trail Blazers (Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele, and Chief Thundercloud) saddle up to rein in a corrupt civic leader whose counterfeit cash is causing the community’s economy to collapse! Pandemonium on the prairie with Jennifer Holt, Cy Kendall.

Robbers’ Roost

A cowboy (George Montgomery) on the trail of his wife’s killer joins up with a gang of outlaws who’ve been taken on as ranch hands for a massive cattle drive. Can he turn up the murderer before the rustlers spring their thieving agenda? Rousing take on the Zane Grey story also stars Richard Boone, Peter Graves, Bruce Bennett, Warren Stevens.

Romance in Manhattan

Turned away at Ellis Island for being short on his entrance fee, Czech immigrant Francis Lederer jumps the deportation ship to take his chances on the streets of New York. He gets a hand up from kindly chorus girl Ginger Rogers as he tries to carve out a new life, and they fall for each other in the process. Compelling charmer co-stars Arthur Hohl,Jimmy Butler.

Rookie Blue: The Complete Second Season

All 13 episodes from the second season–including “Butterflies,” “Bad Moon Rising,” “Stung,” “In Plain View,” and “God’s Good Grace”–are presented in a four-disc set.

Run for Cover

Rare western vehicle for James Cagney casts him as an ex-con drifter whose skill with a shooting iron brings a small town to offer him its sheriff’s badge. The ghosts of his past, as well as embittered young deputy John Derek, wind up causing him no end of problems. Viveca Lindfors, Ernest Borgnine, Jean Hersholt, Grant Withers co-star under Nicholas Ray‘s direction.

Run for the Sun

The light plane bearing a reclusive adventure novelist (Richard Widmark) and the reporter (Jane Greer) who’s doggedly tracked him down crashes in the jungles of Central America. The survivors come upon the compound of a fugitive Nazi sympathizer (Trevor Howard) with no intention of letting them share his whereabouts. Thrilling redo of “The Most Dangerous Game” also stars Peter van Eyck.

Saintly Sinners

A pair of lowlives (Stanley Clements, Paul Bryar) steal a car, knock over a bank, and stash the loot in the spare tire. However, the vehicle gets repossessed and sold to a kindly old priest (Don Beddoe), who finds himself disgraced when the cash is discovered. Will the scalawags fess up and restore the padre’s reputation? Gentle farce co-stars Ellen Corby, Addison Richards, Ron Hagerthy.

Silver City

Colorful oater stars Edmond O’Brien as a blackballed mining engineer who helps father-daughter prospectors Yvonne De Carlo and Edgar Buchanan strike a rich silver vein in a supposedly tapped-out cavern. When conniving mine owner Barry Fitzgerald finds out the lease wasn’t as worthless as he thought, he’ll stop at nothing to grab the spoils. Richard Arlen, Gladys George co-star.

Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love

The delight of Barry and Suzie Kaufman (James Farentino, Kathryn Harrold) at finally having a son turned to heartache when he was diagnosed with classic autism. Shunning the pessimistic prognoses, the parents developed their own therapy system in order to reach him…and came away with astonishing results. Uplifting true-life tale also stars Stephen Elliott, Michael Adams, Casey Adams.

Summer Interlude

This was one of director Ingmar Bergman‘s favorites among his own films. The story concerns a ballerina who discovers the diary of a past lover, now-deceased. Through reading the journal, it provides her with a much-needed emotional catharsis, as she revisits their idyllic summer together and shatters a wall of bitterness built up over the years. Maj-Britt Nilsson and Alf Kjellin star. AKA: “Illicit Interlude,” “Summerplay.”

Summer with Monika

Typical of the films that marked Ingmar Bergman’s early “summer” period was this drama of an unhappy teenage girl (Harriet Andersson), weary of her miserable home life and dead-end job, who impulsively takes off on a boating getaway with a similarly frustrated young man (Lars Ekborg). The consequences of their idyll come crashing in when it’s time to return to the real world. AKA: “Monika.”

The Bride Walks Out

Fashion model Barbara Stanwyck accepts the proposal of working-man surveyor Gene Raymond, but finds her devotion tested when her lavish lifestyle starts outstripping his disposable income. Suave playboyRobert Young can provide the finer things, but can he provide true love? Lighthearted romantic charmer co-stars Ned Sparks, Helen Broderick, Billy Gilbert.

The Toughest Gun in Tombstone

A widowed U.S. marshal (George Montgomery) is sent to lawless Tombstone on an undercover assignment, tasked with infiltrating a rustling ring and bringing it down from within. Will he be able to stick to the plan when one of the desperadoes is revealed to be his wife’s killer? Jim Davis, Beverly Tyler, Gerald Milton, Scotty Morrow co-star.

The Winds of Kitty Hawk

The true struggles of the Wright Brothers to conquer the air are shown in this exciting docudrama. Wilbur (Michael Moriarty) and Orville (David Huffman), as the Ohio bicycle mechanics, must not only work to complete their airplane plans but also guard them against a jealous rival: Alexander Graham Bell (John Randolph). Kathryn Walker, Eugene Roche also star.

Too Late Blues

John Cassavetes‘ second stint in the director’s chair (and his first with a major studio) yielded this stirring drama set in the gritty world of jazz music. Bobby Darin stars as a musician who falls for a sexy aspiring singer (Stella Stevens) with a checkered past and is soon torn between his devotion to his new love and loyalty to his bandmates. Everett Chambers, Nick Dennis, Vince Edwards, and Seymour Cassel also star.

True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season

All 12 episodes from season four–including “She’s Not There,” “You Smell Like Dinner,” “I’m Alive And On Fire,” “Cold Grey Light Of Dawn,” and “And When I Die”–are featured in a seven-disc set.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Eva (Tilda Swinton) struggles with the psychosis afflicting her son, Kevin (played at different ages by Rock Duer, Jasper Newell, and Ezra Miller), as her husband (John C. Reilly) remains oblivious to how serious Kevin’s problems are because he directs his cruelties only towards her. Using a time-shifting narrative, this dark British drama from director/co-writer Lynne Ramsay (“Ratcatcher”) charts Eva’s devastating emotional journey. With Ashley Gerasimovich, Alex Manette.


Cryptographer William Powell enlists in World War I hoping to see frontline combat, but newly made lady friend Rosalind Russell uses her connections to place him in a Washington desk job. However, his code-breaking skills generate all the peril he can handle, as he gets pulled into a web of counter-espionage. Charming spy comedy co-stars Binnie Barnes, Cesar Romero, Lionel Atwill.

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