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Recent Theatrical Films Now on DVD featuring Wreck-It Ralph (2012), Lay the Favorite (2012), Schindler’s List (20th Anniversary Limited Edition)(1993) and more…

A Dark Truth (2013) starring  Andy Garcia, Forest Whitaker Lay the Favorite  (2012) starring   Rebecca Hall, Bruce Willis Playing for Keeps  (2012) starring  Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel
A Dark Truth (2013) Lay the Favorite (2012) Playing for Keeps (2012)


Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

After 30 years as the heavy in an ’80s arcade staple, hulking videogame villain Wreck-It Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) finds himself in an existential rut. Looking to expand his horizons and prove he’s not such a bad guy, he makes the forbidden leap out of his home environment in search of other game universes to explore. Can he prove himself a hero against a viral menace that threatens them all? Disney’s engaging, game-character-cameo-laden odyssey also features the voices of Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk.

A Dark Truth (2013)

After political upheavals in Ecuador reveal a dark corporate conspiracy involving water contamination, a former CIA agent (Andy Garcia) enters the fray in order to find a researcher (Forest Whitaker) blamed for rousing a citizens’ uprising. Also in peril is the researcher’s wife (Eva Longoria) and the executive (Deborah Kara Unger) of a water-filtration company whose conscience plagues her. Riveting thriller co-stars Kim Coates, Kevin Durand.

Hidden (2011)

As England is swamped in governmental intrigues, private investigator Harry Venn (Philip Glenister) is hired by a beautiful lawyer (Thekla Reuten) to find a missing witness. The investigation soon leads Venn into clues about the death of his brother two decades earlier–but it also leads him to places of extraordinary danger as he uncovers a conspiracy at the heart of British politics. Gripping BBC miniseries co-stars David Suchet, Anna Chancellor.

Lay the Favorite (2012)

Eager for a change of scenery, Florida stripper Beth (Rebecca Hall) moves to Las Vegas to become a cocktail waitress. Once there, she attracts the attention of pro gambler Dink Heimowitz (Bruce Willis), who recruits her to place bets for him and finds she excels at the work. Want to bet their relationship rubs Dink’s wife Tulip (Catherine Zeta-Jones) the wrong way? Based on a true story, this slick comedy co-stars Vince Vaughn, Joshua Jackson.

Murdoch Mysteries: Season 5 (2012)

All 13 episodes of the fifth season–including “Murdoch of the Klondike,” “Murdoch at the Opera,” “Invention Convention,” “Murdoch in Toyland,” and “Twentieth Century Murdoch”–are featured in a three-disc set.

Playing for Keeps (2012)

Engaging romantic comedy stars Gerard Butler as a former sports star whose fear of adult responsibility ruined his marriage. In an effort  to start over and finally get his life together, he begins coaching his son’s soccer team. As the young players’ mothers lust after him, he attempts to avoid temptation and reconnect with ex-wife Jessica Biel. With Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dennis Quaid.

Red Dawn (2012)

In this modern updating on the ’80s actioner, the U.S. has come under attack by North Korean troops that shut down the country’s electrical grid. A marine (Chris Hemsworth) home on leave in Spokane, Washington, leads his younger brother (Josh Peck) and their friends in a series of guerrilla attacks in an effort to help the military re-establish communications and plan a counter-offensive. Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan co-star.

Schindler’s List (20th Anniversary Limited Edition)(1993)

Seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Screenplay and Director, went to Steven Spielberg’s compelling, harrowing real-life Holocaust drama. Liam Neeson portrays Oskar Schindler, a businessman in Germany who uses his connections to staff his factory in occupied Poland with Jewish refugees, at first as unpaid slave labor, but later in an attempt to save them from extermination. Ben Kingsley, Ralph Fiennes co-star.

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Vol. 10 (2012)

The final 20 episodes of the series–including “Working Paynes,” “The Loan Ranger,” “House of OMG,” “Payneful Realization,” and “All’s Well”–are featured in a three-disc set.

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