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Torch Remains Lit: Sony recently made a deal to issue many of their library titles to Mill Creek, a company that plans to reissue them on DVD and, for the first time in most cases, Blu-ray.

We wondered how this would affect their archive program. We’re happy to report that it won’t. We have an interesting new batch of Columbia Pictures releases to let you know about.

Let Us Live (1937) tells of cabbie Henry Fonda and pal Alan Baxter who are falsely accused of committing a robbery and homicide. Can Fonda fiancé Maureen O’Sullivan convince the authorities of the truth before the men are executed? Ralph Bellamy also stars.

The Competition (1980) is a real crowd-pleaser starring Richard Dreyfuss and Amy Irving as competitive classic pianists finding love while going against each other in an intense contest.

White Sister (1972) stars Sophia Loren as an Italian nun caring for a communist leader who takes a liking to her.

Hamlet (1969) has Nicol Williamson as the great Dane, Anthony Hopkins as Claudius, Marianne Faithfull playing Ophelia and Tony Richardson directing.

The Mad Magician (1954) is Vincent Price’s follow-up to the hit House of Wax was also presented originally in 3-D. He plays a magic trick inventor who wants to take the stage himself. When his former employer tries to forbid him from using his devices, Vince turns murderous.

Escape in the Fog (1947) was directed by Oscar Boetticher, Jr., before he was the revered helmer of westerns named “Budd.” Nina Foch plays the woman who has a disturbing dream involving a man being accosted on the Golden Gate Bridge. Then she meets the man, a psychological warfare expert and gets involved in a plot involving wartime documents and German spies.

Band of the Hand (1986) is a flashy actioner produced by Michael Mann with a title tune by Bob Dylan. A group of trouble-making teens from Miami are taken to the Everglades to learn some life lessons from rugged ex-Marine Stephen Lang. When they return to the city, drug dealers go after them.

I Capture the Castle (2003): A struggling family living in a dilapidated castle in England gets an opportunity to change their fortunes when two handsome American brothers who have inherited the property arrive on the scene. Bill Nighy, Tara Fitzgerald, Rose Byrne and Romola Garay star in this terrific, overlooked dramedy.

View our entire list of the most recent DVD Movie Releases.

  • Tito Pannaggi

    Where is ‘Pepe’?

    • Irv

      That’s a good question, Tito. We understand it needs soem restoration attention particularly on the longer version, so that may be the problem.   

    • Moviepas

      Pepe. Twiight Time label(Screen Archives) seems interested in this for their Blu Ray exclusives deal they have with Columbia. My moter and I love the film. At three hours I believe there might be a couple of deleted scenes they might still have at Columbia.

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  • Bjodrie

    Broderick Crawford Boxed Set.

  • Gordon S. Jackson

    It would be also be nice to have the very under-rated western “Gunman’s Walk”(from 1958)  with Van Heflin, Tab Hunter and James Darren made available.

    • finale79

      I’m glad to read that someone else feels that “Gunman’s Walk” should be relesed on DVD/Blue ray. I don’t particularly like westerns, but this one is an excellent film. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for a future release of this superb western.

      • Gordon S. Jackson

        Thanks.  I personally do like westerns and well remember seeing this one when it first came out.  What surprised me about it, among other things was Tab Hunter’s very effective performance.  Our local reviewer at the time commented upon it as well as giving the film what would be the equivalent of four stars today.

        Another one I would like to see out is “Me and the Colonel” with Danny Kaye and Curt Jurgens.  A comedy/drama, it deals with two implaccable foes, one Jewish, the other German needing each other to survive.  One of Kaye’s lesser known works, I would put it second only to “The Five Pennies” which I just recently re-watched.

  • Maxfabien

    Can anyone tell me, will “The Mad Magician” be released in Blue-ray 3D?  Warner Home Video is releasing “Dial M for Murder” in Blue-ray 3D in October. I hope they do the same with “House of Wax”, which is also a Warner Bros. picture.

    • Irv

      Mad Magician will not be in 3-D; I think we’ll eventually get a 3-D version of Hous eof Wax.

  • Norman Gillen

    Would love to see Columbia DVD of “The Victors” (1963), Carl Foreman’s war epic w/Geo. Peppard, Eli Wallach, Geo. Hamilton.

    • Bob Maher

      Agree!!! And complete, please…

      • Irv

        The victors needs soem restoratyion. Don;t recall seeing it anywhere for years.

        • Norman Gillen

          Last saw it on AMC about 15 yrs. ago, when I used to have cable. Truncated 150-min. version. 

  • Burt

    Would love to see “Isadora” with Vanessa Redgrave 1968. Wish someone would see this…

    • Irv

      Owned by Universal, but no new son its DVD release.