DVD & Blu-ray Movie Releases: Week of 9-16-12

DVD & Blu-ray Movie Releases: Week of 9-16-12Ready for some more classics? Of course you are! Here’s a look at what great new DVD and Blu-ray releases are making their debut this week.

A Double Life (1947)

Director George Cukor’s classic psychological drama follows a talented but mentally unstable actor who begins living the role of the murderously jealous Othello on and off the stage. Star Ronald Colman won the Best Actor Academy Award for his performance; with Signe Hasso, Shelley Winters, Edmond O’Brien.

American Reunion

The original “American Pie” gang returns in this uproarious entry in the comedy series. A high school reunion brings Jim (Jason Biggs), Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), Stifler (Seann William Scott), and the rest of their pals back together. But can the now grown-up group of friends recapture the old magic while dealing the problems of adulthood? Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Chris Klein, Jennifer Coolidge, and Eugene Levy co-star (Pinterest Board).

Battle of Broadway (1938)

While conventioneering in the Big Apple, American Legionnaires Victor McLaglen and Brian Donlevy get new marching orders courtesy of their boss, who’d like to see his son’s relationship with a showgirl broken up. The duo get mixed up in backstage misadventures, and fall for the same sultry nightclub singer, in this footlight farce. Gypsy Rose Lee, Raymond Walburn, Lynn Bari, Jane Darwell co-star.

Best of Ernest

Before he ever went to camp or jail, Jim Varney’s Ernest P. Worrell appeared in “Dr. Otto And The Riddle Of The Gloom Beam” (1985), a bizarre comedy about a 15-fingered mad scientist bent on world destruction. There’s daycare centers for mercenaries, pet iguanas, housewife torturers, and more. Then, the short collection of skits “Your World As I See It” (1994) has Varney commenting on various topics in an assortment of hilarious roles, including Aster Clement, Auntie Nelda, and, yes, Ernest! Ten-disc set also includes “Ernest Rides Again,” “Ernest Goes To School,” “Slam Dunk Ernest,” “Ernest In The Army,” “Ernest Goes To Africa,” and “Hey, Vern! It’s My Family Album,” plus “Ernest’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 1″ and “Ernest’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 2.”

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3

In this hilarious sequel, lovable Chihuahuas Papi (voiced by George Lopez) and Chloe (voiced by Odette Annable) move with their family into a luxurious Beverly Hills hotel that comes complete with a doggy spa. But when their youngest pup begins suffering from some self-esteem issues, they devote themselves to helping her feel better–resulting in plenty of love and laughter. With Marcus Coloma, Erin Cahill.

Big Miracle

Romantic drama based on a true story stars John Krasinski as Adam, a news reporter in a small Alaskan town whose life is turned upside down after a family of gray whales becomes trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle. Enlisting the aid of his Greenpeace volunteer ex-girlfriend Rachel (Drew Barrymore), he jumpstarts a movement to save the whales and discovers what is really important in life. With Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, Tim Blake Nelson.

Body of Proof: The Complete Second Season

All 20 episodes from the second season–including “Love Thy Neighbor,” “Lazarus Man,” “Gross Anatomy,” “Home Invasion,” and “Mind Games”–are featured in a four-disc set.

Cannon: Season Three

All 24 episodes of season three–including “He Who Digs a Grave,” “Come Watch Me Die,” “A Well Remembered Terror,” “Where’s Jennifer?,” and “The Stalker”–are featured in a six-disc set.

Change of Heart

Four college chums–aspiring journalist Janet Gaynor, young attorney Charles Farrell, Broadway-bound actress Ginger Rogers, and wanna-be radio crooner James Dunn–share a journey to New York City in search of their respective career ambitions. Their triumphs and heartbreaks memorably unfold in this drama co-starring Dick Foran, Beryl Mercer; look quickly for Shirley Temple.

Get a Life: The Complete Series

One of the most off-the-wall sitcoms ever, this 1990-92 Fox series starred Chris Elliott as a blissfully naive, 30-year-old paperboy who lived in an apartment over his parents’ garage and valiantly fought anything that would require him to “grow up.” The cast also included Elinor Donahue, Elliott’s real-life father Bob, Robin Riker, Sam Robards, and Brian Doyle-Murray.

Having a Wild Weekend (Catch Us if You Can)

In the wake of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night,” fellow Britpop combo The Dave Clark Five hit the big screen with this bouncy musical in which pop singer/film stuntman Clark and his bandmates leave Swinging London behind for a remote island getaway, with a beautiful actress tagging along. Directed by John Boorman (“Deliverance”). Songs include “Catch Us If You Can,” “Sweet Memories,” and the title tune.

Hawaii Five-O: The Second Season

All 23 episodes from the second season–including “Ha’i'ole,” “Mea Makamae,” “Pahele,” “Lekio,” and “Ua Hala”–are featured in a six-disc set.


In Victorian England, accepted medical practice called for the diagnosis of sundry women’s malaises as “hysteria,” and the recommended treatment was…let’s just say, hands-on in nature. Young physician Mortimer Granville (Hugh Dancy) reluctantly joins the overburdened practice of a veteran doctor (Jonathan Pryce), and his dealings with the competing attentions of his boss’s daughters (Maggie Gyllenhaal, Felicity Jones), as well as his solution for his work-related stress injuries, fuel this sly farce. Rupert Everett, Sheridan Smith co-star.

I Can Get It for You Wholesale

Showroom model Susan Hayward is certain that her fashion designs can bring her to the top of the industry, and talks star salesman Dan Dailey and top tailor Sam Jaffe into forming their own concern. They meet with sudden success, but will suave chain buyer George Sanders cause her to take drastic measures? Flavorful drama based on the Jerome Weidman Garment District opus co-stars Marvin Kaplan.

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures

Five-disc set includes “Raiders Of The Lost Ark,” “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom,” “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade,” “Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull,” and hours of all-new special features.

Katy Perry: The Movie: Part of Me

Part documentary, part concert film, this music-packed extravaganza examines how Katy Perry made her “Teenage Dream” of becoming a superstar come true thanks to a combination of talent and hard work. Join the “I Kissed a Girl” hitmaker on stage and off as she gives you an all-access look at her world that is highlighted by live performances of her biggest hits.

Ladies of Washington

Forced by the wartime housing shortage to turn to a boarding house, a D.C. secretary (Sheila Ryan) soon puts her new roommates off with her flighty, gold-digging ways. She soon sets her sights on a charming European (Anthony Quinn), but he turns out to have a hidden and dangerous agenda, in this then-topical programmer. Trudy Marshall, Ronald Graham co-star.

Lancer Spy

A ranking German officer is captured by English forces during World War I, and British lieutenant George Sanders–a lookalike for the prisoner–is sent back in his stead to obtain needed intelligence. The pose fools all but secret police head Peter Lorre, who dispatches femme fatale Dolores del Rio to seduce, and then expose, the impostor. Crackling espionage tale co-stars Joseph Schildkraut, Virginia Field, Lionel Atwill.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Fifth Year

All 22 episodes from season five–including “Grow,” “Prisoner,” “Scared Crazy,” “To the Bone,” and “The Good”–are featured in a five-disc set.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Sixth Year

All 22 episodes from season six–including “Blind Spot,” “Masquerade,” “World’s Fair,” “Rocket Man,” and “Renewal”–are featured in a five-disc set.


Ken Russell followed up “Tommy” with this audaciously over-the-top “biography” of Franz Liszt (Roger Daltrey), portraying the 19th-century composer as a groupie-hunted rock god locked in a surreal rivalry with Richard Wagner (Paul Nicholas). Ringo Starr, Nell Campbell, Imogen Claire, and Rick Wakeman (who provided the score) also star.


Director/scripter Orson Welles plays the title role in an atmospheric and shadow-filled film translation of Shakespeare’s “Scottish play.” Haunted by a series of strange prophecies and driven by the urging of ambitious wife Jeanette Nolan, medieval nobleman Welles resorts to murder to fulfill his ascension to the throne, only to see his fate take a dark turn. Roddy McDowall, Dan O’Herlihy also star.


In the course of Korean War combat, grunt Jeffrey Hunter rescues buddy David Janssen, who swears he’ll return the favor. He shows up on Hunter’s doorstep years later, ready to make good…by cutting him in on a plot to hijack $3.5 million belonging to a Central American dictator. Gripping actioner co-stars Stella Stevens, Bob Crane, Frank Albertson; Edmond O’Brien directs.

Modern Family: The Complete Third Season

All 24 episodes from season three–including “Dude Ranch,” “Express Christmas,” “Lifetime Supply,” “Send Out the Clowns,” and “Baby on Board”–are featured in a three-disc set.


Gerard Depardieu is a tough but understanding cop who falls in love with the girlfriend of an Algerian drug dealer and finds the more involved he becomes with the woman, the closer his ties get to the underworld. Sophie Marceau and Sandrine Bonnaire also star; directed by Maurice Pialat (“A Nos Amour”).

Portnoy’s Complaint

Philip Roth’s controversial and outrageously farcical novel comes to the screen, with Richard Benjamin as Alexander Portnoy, the NYC functionary struggling to work through a pervasive obsession with sex and a domineering upbringing in a hilariously neurotic household. Karen Black, Lee Grant, Jill Clayburgh, Jeannie Berlin co-star; the sole directing credit for screenwriter Ernest Lehman.

Rawhide: The Fifth Season, Vol. 1 & 2

All 29 episodes from the fifth season–including “Incident of the Hunter,” “Incident at Cactus Wells,” “Incident of the Lost Woman,” “Incident at Spider Rock,” and “Incident at Alkali Sink”–are featured in an eight-disc set.

Safe House

In this nerve-jangling thriller, inexperienced C.I.A. agent Ryan Reynolds is put in charge of monitoring captured rogue operative Denzel Washington who’s sequestered in an undisclosed location. When this “safe house” proves to be anything but, and hired assassins make an attempt on the prisoner’s life, rookie Reynolds must take Washington on the run–with danger lurking around every corner. With Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, and Sam Shepard.

Seven Seas to Calais

Robust historical swashbuckler casts Rod Taylor as 16th-century British mariner Sir Francis Drake, and boldly (if not necessarily accurately) depicting his exploits as he continually confounded Spain in the name of Queen Elizabeth I (Irene Worth). Italian production also stars Keith Michell, Anthony Dawson, Hedy Vessel, Basil Dignam.

’50s TV Classics

For everyone who’s ever turned on the boob tube and grumbled about how they don’t make ‘em like they used to, this three-disc set of vintage television episodes of the 1950s provides hours of surefire entertainment. Soak up the nostalgia with installments of “The Bob Hope Show,” “The Ed Wynn Show,” “The Milton Berle Show,” “Name That Tune,” “Beat the Clock,” “Do You Trust Your Wife?,” “The Red Skelton Show,” and more.

A Covenant with Death

Wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife, death row inmate Earl Holliman struggles on the scaffold…and the hangman accidentally dies as a result. Concurrently, his spouse’s killer steps forward and confesses. Young jurist George Maharis has the unenviable task of sorting it all out in this tense legal tale; Gene Hackman, Arthur O’Connell, Katy Jurado, Sidney Blackmer co-star.

Steve Martin: The Television Stuff

Let’s get small–small screen, that is–with this three-disc collection of comedy icon Steve Martin’s early TV appearances. Included are the HBO stand-up program “On Location: Steve Martin” (1976); the NBC specials “Steve Martin: A Wild And Crazy Guy” (1978), “Steve Martin: Comedy Is Not Pretty” (1980), “All Commercials…A Steve Martin Special” (1980), and “Steve Martin’s Best Show Ever” (1981); “Homage To Steve Martin,” which features a 1979 live performance at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles and the Oscar-nominated short film “The Absent-Minded Waiter” (1977); plus music videos, “Saturday Night Live” and “The Tonight Show” clips, and much more.

Suburgatory: The Complete First Season

All 22 episodes from the debut season–including “Pilot,” “Don’t Call Me Shirley,” “Driving Miss Dalia,” “Poetic Injustice,” and “The Motherload”–are featured in a three-disc set.

Supernatural: The Complete Seventh Season

All 23 episodes from season seven–including “Meet The New Boss,” “Slash Fiction,” “Time After Time,” “Repo Man,” and “Survival Of The Fittest”–are featured in a six-disc set.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Based on the novel “These Foolish Things” by Deborah Moggach, this upbeat comedy/drama follows seven British senior citizens to Jaipur, India, where they plan to spend their retirement years in the beautiful-sounding Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. But even as the hotel proves to be somewhat less extravagant than promised, its new residents slowly begin to appreciate their surroundings, often in unexpected ways. Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, and Dev Patel star.

The Cabin in the Woods

Produced in 2009 but not released until three years later, this offbeat horror flick from producer/co-writer Joss Whedon follows five college students to a remote cabin where they plan on having a few days of fun. Soon enough, they’re fighting for their lives against one monstrous threat after another as a team of mysterious technicians manipulate every aspect of their environment. But who–or what–is really in control? Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, and Sigourney Weaver star.

The Chapman Report

Controversial-for-its-day ensemble piece follows a quartet of Los Angeles women–frigid widow Jane Fonda, free-thinking divorcee Claire Bloom, intellectual wannabe Glynis Johns, and adulterous housewife Shelley Winters–as they come to regret their involvement in the survey of Kinseyesque sex researcher Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Adaptation of the Irving Wallace potboiler also stars Ray Danton, Ty Hardin; George Cukor directs.

The Cool Ones

When an ambitious go-go dancer (Debbie Watson) makes a shambles of a live rock show broadcast and becomes a media sensation, a slick promoter (Roddy McDowall) tries to pair her off with a fading pop singer (Gil Peterson). Will genuine sparks fly for the fabricated duo? Kicky comedy-musical also stars Phil Harris, Glen Campbell, Nita Talbot, and Mrs. Miller.

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