Upcoming Blu-ray and DVD Releases: Week of 7-17-11

Skidoo starring Jackie GleasonAnother week, another batch of weird and wonderful new DVD and Blu-ray offerings. This time out, we’ve got everything from a completely wacko cult classic making its long-awaited DVD debut to a 1980s throwback comedy. So, what are you waiting for? Check out what titles are now available!


It’s mobsters versus hippies in director Otto Preminger‘s psychedelic cult comedy. Ex-gangster Jackie Gleason, forced out of retirement and sent behind bars at Alcatraz to bump off stool pigeon Mickey Rooney, takes an accidental LSD trip and hatches a wild escape plan. While Gleason’s away, wife Carol Channing allows daughter Alexandra Hay and her “flower power” pals to move into the family mansion. Amazing ensemble cast also includes Frankie Avalon, Frank Gorshin, John Phillip Law, Cesar Romero, and (as crime boss “God” in his final film role) Groucho Marx.

Take Me Home Tonight

Produced in 2007 but not released until 2011, this raunchy and hilarious romp is a throwback to the coming-of-age comedies of the ’80s. It’s 1988, and recent MIT grad Matt (Topher Grace) is working a dead-end job. But he’s in for the wildest night of his life when a Labor Day weekend party gives him the chance to finally land his high school crush (Teresa Palmer). Anna Faris, Dan Fogler, Michael Ian Black, Demetri Martin, and Michael Biehn also star.

Ferry to Hong Kong

After one bar brawl too many, Mark Conrad (Curt Jurgens) is kicked out of Hong Kong and sent to Macao on a ferry captained by his bitter enemy (Orson Welles). But an error with his papers prevents Conrad from going ashore, leaving him trapped on the boat. Will a dangerous typhoon and an encounter with ruthless pirates turn the drunken “man without a country” into a hero? Classic sea adventure also stars Sylvia Syms.

Penny Princess

Young American woman Lindy Smith (Yolande Donlan) is unexpectedly thrust into the position of head of state when she inherits the obscure European nation of Lampidorra from a distant relative. But when she learns the tiny, cash-strapped country’s biggest industry is smuggling, Lindy turns to a charming Englishman (Dirk Bogarde) to help save Lampidorra from financial ruin. A.E. Matthews, Reginald Beckwith also star in this lighthearted comedy.


Struggling New York City writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) begins taking a drug that promises to give him access to 100% of his brain’s power. Morra’s vast mental capacity brings him unimaginable wealth and success, but his newfound abilities thrust him headlong into danger as he faces horrible side effects, Russian gangsters, and a manipulative businessman (Robert De Niro). Abbie Cornish, Anna Friel, Johnny Whitworth co-star in this unusual thriller.

Melrose Place: The Sixth Season Two-Pack

All 26 episodes from the sixth season of the sudsy soap including “A Brand New Day,” “Desperately Seeking Samantha,” “Secrets and Wives,” “A Tree Talks in Melrose,” and “The Nasty Minded Professor”-are collected in a six-disc set.

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  • lovejoy66

    Read the TOP TEN Movie moments-shared some of them. Add these to the list-Laird Creager crawling across the theatre attic in the finale to theLodger-scared crap out of me as a kid!scene from Ben Hur when Charlton Heston is being taken to the gallies and they stop for water. The centurian says no water for this prisoner and the Christ figure gives him water. The camera goes to theactor playing the centurian and no words just facial expression-dont know the actor but he made that scene.

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