Here’s the Best of This Week’s New DVD Releases

New DVD Releases this week feature classic from the 1930s, the George O’Brien 3-Film Collection, the Wayne Morris Double Feature and several other must haves for your movie collection.

Sweepings (1933) starring  Lionel Barrymore, Eric Linden, The Right to Live (1935) starring  Josephine Hutchinson, George Brent The Silk Express (1933) starring  Neil Hamilton, Sheila Terry,
Sweepings (1933) The Right to Live (1935) The Silk Express (1933)


George O’Brien 3-Film Collection

Retired lawman George O’Brien pins back on the badge to save schoolmarm Virginia Vale, and the whole town, from the schemes of corrupt sheriff Leon Ames in “The Marshal Of Mesa City” (1939).  Henry Brandon, Slim Whitaker co-star. After hanging up his shingle in a small town, attorney O’Brien locks horns with a local vigilante committee that starts overstepping its authority in “Legion Of The Lawless” (1940). Vale, Norman Willis, Hugh Sothern co-star. Rancher O’Brien hits the trail to attend his boyhood pal’s wedding, but buys trouble when the road companions that he makes turn out to be bank robbers, in “Triple Justice” (1940).  Vale, Paul Fix, Glenn Strange co-star.

Sweepings (1933)

After establishing a humble mercantile in post-Great Fire Chicago, driven Lionel Barrymore spends decades building the business into a department store powerhouse, in the hopes of leaving a dynasty for his children. When the time comes to step down, however, he has to come to terms with the spoiled kids’ indifference. Fine drama also stars Gloria Stuart, William Gargan, Gregory Ratoff, Eric Linden.

The Right to Live (1935)

In the mistaken belief he would recover from a paralyzing accident, an aviator (Colin Clive) recruits his brother (George Brent) to act as public consort for his new bride (Josephine Hutchinson).  However, when the mutual feelings of the siblings-in-law deepen into something more, and the flier abruptly dies, stunning accusations start to fly. Powerful version of Somerset Maugham’s “The Sacred Flame” co-stars Peggy Wood, C. Aubrey Smith.

The Silk Express (1933)

When crooked speculator Arthur Hohl sets out to corner the global silk market, textile-maker Neil Hamilton’s only way out from ruin is to personally supervise a multi-million-dollar rail shipment of raw silk from Seattle to New York. Unfortunately, there’re killers planted on board, out to make sure that he doesn’t run out the string! Sheila Terry, Arthur Byron, Guy Kibbee, Dudley Digges co-star.

 Dracula (1968)

Made for the British TV series “Mystery and Imagination,” this fine adaptation of Bram Stoker’s timeless terror tale boasts a fine performance by Denholm Elliott as the undead Count Dracula.  The cast includes Suzanne Neve as Mina Harker, Susan George as Lucy Weston, and Bernard Archard as Dr. Van Helsing.

Men of America (1932)/Roar of the Dragon (1932)

The thrilling RKO western “Men Of America” stars William Boyd as a newcomer to a small town who is implicated in a series of crimes.  In order to clear his name, he teams up with the owner of a general store to catch the real crooks. But when the bad guys kidnap his sweetheart, it leads to a fateful showdown. With Charles “Chic” Sale, Dorothy Wilson. AKA: “The Great Decision.” The adventure “Roar Of The Dragon” casts Richard Dix as a riverboat skipper in Manchuria whose courage and wits are tested when he and his passengers get trapped within a hotel by invading Tartar bandits. Gwili Andre, Edward Everett Horton, ZaSu Pitts, Arline Judge co-star.

Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis (2011)

Judging from the number of peers and fans who worship his talent, it’s fair to say that Jerry Lewis is a, if not the, king of comedy! In this tribute documentary, you’ll learn all about Jerry’s formula  for success with a lighthearted compilation of rare film footage  and insights from other comedians and silver screen stars. Includes  appearances by Alec Baldwin, Richard Belzer, Chevy Chase, Billy Crystal, Richard Lewis, Eddie Murphy, and others.

NYC 22: The Complete Series (2012)

Airing on CBS, this gritty procedural followed the training of six NYPD rookies–a one-time police beat reporter (Adam Goldberg), an ex-Marine MP (Leelee Sobieski), a fourth-generation cop (Stark Sands), a crime family scion (Judy Marte), an NBA washout (Harold House Moore), and an Afghan immigrant (Tom Reed)–as they learned their craft in Manhattan’s 22nd Precinct. Felix Solis, Terry Kinney co-star.

Wayne Morris Double Feature

Recruited as a deputy marshal because of his unparalleled skill with a rifle, Wayne Morris goes undercover to take down rustlers having their way with Texas grazing lands, in “The Marksman” (1953).  Elena Verdugo, I. Stanford Jolley, Frank Ferguson co-star. When a dying convict gives up the location of his bank robber confederates, sheriff Morris turns to the dead man’s sister (Virginia Grey) to help track them down. He doesn’t realize that she has a treacherous agenda of her own, in “The Fighting Lawman” (1953). John Kellogg, Harry Lauter co-star.

Wild Bill Elliott Double Feature

After his rancher brother perishes in a stampede rigged by corrupt cattlemen, drifter Wild Bill Elliott takes over the spread, and sets out to rope and tie the killers in the exciting oater “Fargo” (1952). Phyllis Coates, Fuzzy Knight, Denver Pyle co-star. Settler Elliott’s plan to transport a wagon train of dynamite to his Oregon ranch was dangerous enough, but throw in a work crew of ex-cons and the treacherous agenda of partner Robert Lowery, the situation really becomes explosive. “The Homesteaders” (1953) co-stars James Seay, Emmett Lynn.

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  • Gordon S. Jackson

    Nice to see FARGO and THE HOMESTEADERS now available. Hopefully WACO and THE LONGHORNS won’t be far behind along with Elliott’s private eye series with titles like DIAL RED-O.

  • Blair kramer

    I remember Jerry Lewis’ appearance on “Saturday Night Live” many years ago. Eddie Murphy addressed the comedy legend by loudly declaring “you’re awesome, Jerry Lewis!”

  • BSeto

    Two RARE Deborah Kerr movies, “The Proud and the Profane” AND ” Thunder in the East” is
    now available on NETFLIX for you to stream and watch ! If you are like myself ( a video collector
    of Legendary movie stars of the 50-60s, you keep a close watch on this site’s new DVD releases,
    hoping every week that they will release that one (or two or 50 !) rare titles of your favorite stars,
    you may be thrilled to know that NETFLIX has a few RARE Paramount titles now showing up
    for the first time since VHS or DVD became household word, what 20 years ago ??? Now if only
    they can find that “The Deep Blue Sea” (starring Vivien Leigh, not that recent one starring whoyoumacallit ), then I will be be a happy man ! In the past few months…you probably know that
    to collect the complete works of Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Susan Hayward, Sandra Dee !,
    Doris Day, Maggie Smith, Jeanette MacDonald may not be so impossible at all ! Well, not

    completely dismal like when it was in 2006 or 2002 ! Thanks to Warners Archive, TCM and
    now, NETFLIX !!!