Music Movie Video: Big Trouble in Little China

Although 1986′s Big Trouble in Little China underperformed at the box office during its theatrical run, the film has deservedly gone on to become a huge cult success. The film’s enduring appeal can be credited to John Carpenter’s taut direction, Kurt Russell’s blustery performance as the John Wayne-esque Jack Burton and a smart script that mixes elements of comedy, kung fu schlock and sci-fi. Upon viewing this flick, only the most unreasonable amongst you would deny that Carpenter is a masterful director. But a decent singer? Not so much. Just take a look at this video from his band/vanity project The Coupe de Villes:

Yikes. This is noteworthy for Big Trouble fans as it does feature some rare Lo-Pan footage and it’s fun to hear any song about the movie. Even if it is a terrible one. (And no that’s not Adam Sandler as The Coupe de Villes’ keyboard player, though it looks exactly like him). This was Carpenter’s only foray into the world of rock video, so count your blessings that we were spared a grunge-themed lament about Snake Plissken on the Escape from L.A. soundtrack.

As a bonus, here’s an amazing video from DJ/remixer Armand Van Helden that pays tribute to Carpenter’s They Live:

Bonus Bonus Video: The Thing recreated with G.I. Joe action figures, featuring music by Zombie Zombie:

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  • bob charkow

    Not bad for typically tacky 80′s music, which has a charm all its own. He should have let Journey do it. Or Aerosmith. Or at least handed the vocal to Kurt Russell.

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