Movie Poster Doppelgangers: Super 8

Why stop at seven when there’s tons of movie poster look-alikes out there? To prove it we’ve got eight super examples for you in this eighth installment of the Poster Doppelganger series. See you L8R, everybody!

Pale Imitations

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Mirror Images


Red Buttons


3-Way Tie


Don’t Fence Me In


Repeat Offenders


Signs Of The Times


Split Decision

  • Blair Kramer.

    You seem to have ignored the biggest poster cliche’ of all. The macho man (cop, spy, gangsta, etc…) pointing a hand gun at us. A second version of the cliche’ features the macho man holding the gun up near his face, ah-la James Bond.

  • Doug Pound

    Nice job! Particularly the “Pale Imitations”

  • Bernard

    Just to show you how “creatively” bankrupt these
    so-called marketing experts that grinds out all
    these mediocre cookie mold poster designs ! A
    very sad state-of-affairs !! There should be more
    resources for recruiting NEW graphic artists,
    the mainstream studios should never use the same old
    agencies !