Movie Poster Doppelgangers: Top Ten

We’ve decided to wrap up 2012 with a greatest hits of sorts. For this 10th edition of Doppelgangers we’ve chosen the ten most egregious examples from previous posts.
Fear not, there’s plenty more where these came from; we’ll soon be back with a brand new batch of movie poster lookalikes.


Very Fishy


Boo Times Two




Two Sides Of The Same Coin


Action & Re-Action


This Is A Crime


Pale Imitations


Direct Hits


Double Beds


  • BSeto

    Appalling lack of imagination and originality !!! We are in an age of computer graphics where
    EVERYTHING was copied from something else, the content of the movies these posters are
    promoting are also strictly out of the same cookie boring cookie mold! Disgusting ! Boring!
    Give me my video camera and paper, I’ll make my own movie and poster!

  • riosalfie

    This is to be expected. With each generation, creativity and cleverness are disappearing… just look at the ‘scripts’ coming out of filmdom…. and the ‘scripts’ on today’s television shows ….. plus the laziness — reality shows are contributing to the downward spiral. You go, BSeto – you’ll do a much more unique and inventive job!

    • Bruce Reber

      Amen! Today’s movies and TV are IMO total garbage! The only decent TV left are TCM (which is what I watch most of the time), and the few channels that play the old TV shows from the 50’s, 60′ and 70’s. Maybe someday it’ll come full circle and there’ll be movies and TV worth watching again. I certainly hope so, but I seriously doubt it.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    So, what we’re looking at is evidence that when it comes to creativity, it’s on the screen not with the posters. The creativity is in making, not promoting, movies. It’s bad enough that pretty much every year, at least 2-3 movies are re-makes, but, remaking posters?! I was never aware it was that difficult to make a poster for a movie!

  • Wayne P.

    Actually, from the looks of things here, most of the posters (with a few notable exceptions) are of probably higher quality than the movies they showcase!

  • Athos

    The basic look of the poster for “A Clockwork Orange” was repeated by “Escape from Alcatraz” and several others.