Movie Poll: What’s Your Top Film Directed By Preston Sturges?

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  • Tito Pannaggi

    My real favorite is ‘Les carnets du Major Thompson’. Everybody that have stayed in/visited Paris should adore that film. It’s so funny and intelligent. Why wasn’t that on the list?

  • Susan

    Every time the Lady Eve is shown on TCM I tell myself I don’t have to see it again. I have it on DVD and watch it fairly often. But it is so funny I can’t help but watch it over and over again. One line after another, with every pratfall, I can’t help laughing. Henry Fonda played such a bewildered buffoon. Barbara Stanwyck had such a terrible English accent. The whole cast was so committed to this ridiculous story. The sets and costumes are wonderful. And the music is perfect. It’s all tied together with great dialogue….and a snake called Emma. this is a five star movie experience.

  • Gary Cahall

    Tito, we wanted this poll to focus on Sturges’s Hollywood tenure–and on movies (mostly) available on home video. But since you bring it up, let’s give a mention to his final film, the 1955 French-made comedy Les Carnets du Major Thompson (released briefly in America as The French, They Are a Funny Race) with Jack Buchanan and Martine Carol. It was a shame that his stateside directing career was essentially over within a decade.

  • Juanita Curtis

    The Lady Eve stars my favourite actress of all time so it had to the number one choice.

  • bonnerace

    Sullivan’s Travels was a truly great film—it was funny, dramatic, thought provoking and it had a REAL message to get across. Sturges was an interesting director who could get a story across without a lot of technical wizardry or “hey, look at me, I’m an artist!!!” hoopla. I like all his films, but I think this was his best.

  • El Bee

    I can’t but believe if THE LADY EVE had followed BALL OF FIRE instead of being released in the same year, Stanwyck would have won a well-deserved Oscar. They say comedy is the hardest to play and yet two of her most significant roles are in comedies. Well, she’s in mighty good company never having won Oscar. You know, for a woman who was never considered beautiful or a movie godess, she is a knockout in both these movies.

  • Curt

    This was a very tough choice. There would be at least four solid contenders in my book. I went for Miracle of Morgan’s Creek but I would have second thoughts about any of the top four, and maybe five. I just always think of Betty Hutton trying to remember the name of the soldier who was the probable father of the child. “It was Corporal Ratskiwatski, something like that.”

  • Ron Phlegar

    Unfaithfully Yours is a laugh out loud comedy romp and gets my vote. I love the original with Rex Harrison but the remake with Dudley Moore stayed “faithful” to Sturges’ screenplay and is just as good. Great fun.

  • Martin Stumacher

    Although I chose Hail the Conquering Hero with Eddie Bracken and Betty Hutton, Lady Eve with Barbara Stanwyck was hilarious. It was an amazing body of work that Preston Sturges put together in his lifetime. He made the screwball comedy the art that is know throughout the world. I wonder if Billy Wilder was studying Sturges when he wrote Some Like It Hot.

  • Steve in Sacramento

    Miracle of Morgan’s Creek very funny, and Sullivan’s Travels funny and utterly unique for its time… still my favorite is The Lady Eve. Have seen it three (or four?) times now, and each time have liked it even more. And DO see it in a theatre if you get a chance. I saw it at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto (along with Double Indemnity – positively the same dame, Stanwyck!) and, like most comedies, even better with a large, appreciative audience…. For non-directorial Sturges, I really like Easy Living (LOVE Jean Arthur) and Remember the Night (Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray not actually knocking off any pesky husbands or anything).

  • Al Featherston

    I voted for Hail the Conquering Hero, but could just as easily have voted for the Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (Hutton and Bracken are great, but little sister Diana Lynn and father William Demerest make the film), the Lady Eve or Sullivan’s Travels. Looking at the vote, I’d nominate the Sin of Harold Diddlebock (bad title, great film) as the most underrated Struges film.

    But have to vote Hail The Conquering Hero for the courage to make a movie lamphooning hero worship and mother love in the middle of a war.

    BTW, does anybody know why The Great McGinty is the one Sturges masterpiece that is NOT available on DVD (except in an expensive box set … and I already have the other titles included).

  • William Sommerwerck

    “The Great Moment” is worth seeing because Sturges turns a tragedy about the discoverer of ether anaesthesia into a farce. The final scene, as Morton enters an operating theater to anaesthetize a patient, is a malicious sendup of “inspirational” films.

  • George Matusek

    It was difficult to choose just one from such a list of great films written and directed by Preston Sturges. Since we are so close to Christmas I voted for “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek” because the ending makes it a great Christmas film. But I was also tempted to vote for “Christmas In July” because it is relatively under-appreciated — it has one of the most exuberant feel-good endings of any movie.

  • jpp452

    Oooooh! The toughest poll of all! Usually, I have one or two obvious favourites to choose from. Not this time; SO many great choices.

    Ultimately, and with apologies to Sullivan’s Travels and several of the others, I chose THE LADY EVE. Barbara Stanwyck wins by a leg.

  • James

    I had to go with Sullivan’s Travels — mainly because I love Veronica Lake!

  • Daniel E. Coates

    I barely chose Sullivan’s travel over Lady Eve. Loved both movies. Never seen Hail the Conquering
    Hero but I added to my to see list even though Betty Hutton isn’t in it.

  • Hilde

    This was a tough choice. I gave my nod to Sullivan’s Travels, but only by the smallest of margins. I watch it and The Lady Eve, on DVD, at least once a month. My husband does not understand why I watch the movies I love again and again. When they are as great as these, how can one ever get enough?

  • Jeff

    so many great films it was hard to make a choice, BUT when i need to see a film that makes me laugh out loud every time i see it, Miracle at Morgan’s Creek has never let me down.

  • Art

    @Tito Pannagi. That particular film is not as widely seen as the others. “The French, They Are A Funny Race”, used to play on tv during the sixties, but I don’t remember it being available on home video in the states. It has no American stars and not as funny (IMHO) as Lady Eve or Sullivan’s Travels.