Movie Poll: What’s Your Favorite Steve McQueen role?

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  • Cappy

    Great choices but you left out Lemans, WHY???

  • Trainman

    I never found one movie of his I didn’t like while Bullitt was great, The Great Escape was better but, then there was Tom Horn and, Nevada Smith along with several others that weren’t mentioned to bad but I guess you can’t list them all. To Bad

  • bonnerace

    Just about EVERYTHING McQueen did when he was fairly young was good, from Josh Randall to the Sand Pebbles. As he got older, he just wasn’t given the best quality scripts. If he had lived longer, I’m sure we would have had a semi-comeback, like James Garner.

  • Theresa Lawson

    I really love Steve in “Love With the Proper Stranger” with Nathalie Wood. It is a very sweet and up to date love story and has stayed “modern” up till now. Great acting.


    Every once in a while I will watch The Great Escape, and when Mcqueen does the jump I still want him to make it over the fence. Even knowing he will not. It was hard to pick there were 3 others I really enjoy also.

  • jake jacobson

    Without his brilliant work in the joyous THE REIVERS as Boon Hoggenbeck even mentioned as a finalist, this poll is foolish, pointless and uniformed to say the least. Like a Gloria Swanson best performance poll without SUNSET BOULEVARD!

  • gin baldwin

    I loved most of Steve Mcqueen’s movies, but my favorite was Navada Smith. I watch it quite often. Still miss him.


    I really enjoyed him most in THE CINNCINATI KID and THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. The latter was especially good because he played against type. He was playing a smooth and sophisticated role.
    He was one of the really great leading men.

  • Rufnek

    Love With the Proper Stranger was his best role because for once he didn’t play someone bigger than life, just a regular guy with faults and insecurities and uncertainties just like the rest of us in the real world.

    My second favorite McQueen role was his first as a rather old-looking teenager in The Blob. First time the mostly teen audience saw his face on the big screen at a midnight showing of that film (back when it first came out), people yelled out, “Look, it’s Josh Randall.”

    Except for those two roles, in virtually all of his other movies, Steve McQueen played . . . Steve McQueen!



  • DIRK

    What about the know-it-all (in a good way) Fire Chief in THE TOWERING INFERNO!! He put Paul Newman’s Architect character in his place!!

  • em

    The Great Escape role was the best in my book, but The Sand Pebbles and Love with the Proper Stranger are right behind it. Love with the Proper Stranger is a really underrated movie, with terrific performances all around.

  • Lahrinda

    I agree with Jake Jacobson that the list is incomplete without THE REIVERS! Is it ever going to be released to DVD?

  • Rick Hirsch

    He was very very good as Boon Hogganbeck in “The Reivers”

  • bob patrick

    what about”soldier in the rain”?

  • Ken A

    Your list was interesting, whoever came up with it. Jake Holman of THE SAND PEBBLES was my favorite on the list; but what’s with excluding LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER or NEVADA SMITH or THE TOWERING INFERNO?

  • tim kenneally

    i’ve like mac in most roles especially “soldier in the rain”. he has a great drop-kicking brawl with ed nelson and another at the end of the movie.another great little film he was in was “nevada smith”

  • Grace

    I agree that “Love With the Proper Stranger” should have been on the list – it’s an underrated movie. But, my favorite is still his role in “The Great Escape”!

  • Bob

    Has anyone (and I mean: anyone) ever seen An Enemy of the People?

  • Bandyman

    Steve McQueen a great actor who had many a great role , that when he portrayed that chactor he made you believe it truely is real , not an actor to be type casted to just one type of film like a lot of todays actors. He was and is bigger than life and was a true loss with his death.

  • Andrew

    What a “Macho Dude”! Every guy wanted to be cool
    like Steve McQuueen. I really liked his commanding role as the Batallian Fire Chief in
    “The Towering Inferno”. He was “The Man”.

  • J Nicholas

    I’m in there with you guys…Nevada Smith should have been on the list….I love a good cowboy…and that was a good cowboy!

  • Rick

    Picking a favorite here is tough. I would probably pick the Great Escape as the best movie, but Thomas Crown is the best Steve McQueen character.

  • Paul Reale

    I think Bullit was his best. You guy`s are forgeting Hell is for Heroes and the War Lover was also great movies not listed that he was great in.

  • DeMeio

    Steve McQueen was a performer, not an actor. His roles were chosen to fit the “McQueen” image and he never stretched it. That is not saying that some of his films were not great entertainment and well done but he never played a character other than “Steve McQueen” in costume.
    Hey, Bob Hope got away with it for years.

  • Senior Chief RB

    This is way to hard. I voted Papillion, but some others are just as good. I wanted to vote for
    Sand Pebbles and then there’s The Thomas Crown Affair and then The Magnificent Seven or The Cincinnati Kid. I’m telling you this is too hard.
    We should be able to vote for two or three. If you had three children, which would be your favorite?? But it’s fun anyway.



  • Kevin Kline

    It was not a movie with him in a “role”, but my favorite film of his was the Bruce Brown documentary “On Any Sunday”. That was the real Steve McQueen. My favorite role was Henri Charriere in Papillon, without a doubt!! Even my sons who were born 10+ years after his death, think he’s the epitome of cool.

  • Michael

    Picking “the best” or “most favorite” is always tough. Like who’s the best baseball player of all time. Too many variables like position and era make it near impossible. Still, I would have liked to see “Love With a Proper Stranger” and “Hell is for Heroes” on the list.

  • Marjorie

    I agree that Steve McQueen was generally cast to play Steve McQueen. That said I would go with Nevada Smith, Junior Bonner or Thomas Crown (but that may be because the costars he played against gave the overall movies a little something extra.)

  • Vic Damico

    I loved Steve in just about everything. I am surprised that the Getaway was on the list. I thought that was one of his best parts. The movie itself wasn’t great but he was. Bullit was # 1 for me. Still the best chase seen ever with Steve doing his own driving.

  • Sher

    I love Steve McQueen and almost everything he did, I agree with others, the list is very hard. I like Bullit the best, does anyone know where he is in “The Day The Earth Stood Still”? I did the ultimate fan quiz on Steve McQueen and i thought his first movie was The Blob, they said its “The Day The Earth Stood Still, 1951. I checked the full cast and he isnt even in the uncredidted list.

  • Jane Kelly

    Actually my favorite McQueen role was Junior Bonner and I also liked him in Towering Inferno