Movie Poll: What’s Your Favorite Pro Football Movie?

Movie Poll: What's Your Favorite Pro Football Movie

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    In 1969 a movie called Number One was better than some you listed.

  • Rufnek

    The Longest Yards (original and remake)? When did prison football teams become “professional?”
    I don’t care much for football or movies about football, but I remember a film I saw in my childhood about Leroy (?) “Crazy Legs” Hirsch.

    There have been much better films about baseball, baseball players, auto racers, hockey, and race horses.

  • Tlynette

    This wasn’t the best question for me to answer, since the wonderful “Brian’s Song” was the only one I’ve seen! How about a poll on favorite sports movies–or have I missed that one?

  • john miller

    one movie that should have been but in the poll,
    as far as i’m concerned, and was not is ” horse
    feathers ” by the marx brothers.

  • Stephen Farris

    I concur with RUFNEK, Longest Yards it ONLY HAD SOME PROS IN CAST.

  • Richard Finn

    You left out “2 Minute Warning”

  • Donald Allen

    How in the world do you leave “Rudy” off of this list, shame on whoever put this one together.

  • Luis Montero

    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

  • Bryan

    Well, Donald, for the same reason they put “Paper Lion” ON the list. That movies wasn’t even about pro football, it was about a reporter that “con”ed his way onto a pro team to write a story. “Rudy” was just plain goofy!

  • Al B.

    Overall good list, but where is “Remember the Titans?” I am not sure whomever created this list selected the best movies for voting. Rudy also certainly belongs on this list as was earlier documented…

    • Susan

      I totally agree — two VERY good football movies! Also true, which makes them all the more compelling.

  • Michael Autin

    How about M*A*S*H? though not professional, but the longest yard isn’t either.

  • DeMeio

    Sorry. Don’t care for pro football. Haven’t seen any on the list.

    With just a football theme though, I’d have to vote for LUCAS.

  • Earl Schwager

    Please add a vote button for “None of the above”. Also Rudy, being a college player was only semi-semi professional…

  • Andrew

    “Horse Feathers” dealt with college football but,
    the slapstick comedy was hilarious. Lots of funny
    lines. Professor Wagstaff (Groucho) was full of them.

  • Richard

    Most football movies folow the cliches of sports filmmaking. Leatherheads is the best for its recreation of the early days and the bizarre ending. I also liked the way it presented college football as being preferable to pro football which is still the case today.

  • Luis Montero

    Rudy!….sorry,college football movie.
    I’m brain dead, also a Notre Dame fan.

  • chris

    The Fortune Cookie with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau

  • Seattle Cynic

    Any Given Sunday, directed by Oliver Stone, staring Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Jamie Fox, Cameron Diaz. Unlike the movies listed this one captured the feel of pro football and real life — brutal, sexy, thrilling and complex. Makes the the films listed look like what they are… Hollywood fantasies and wimpy wannabes.

  • Doctor Doom

    Charlton Heston in “Number One” is easily the best and most accurate about professional football.


    The two Longest Yard entries were not really about Pro, they just included pros on the team.

  • Butch Knouse

    The only movie of the above that’s the closest to being about pro football is North Dallas Forty.

    • billgrove57

      What about Brian’s Song? North Dallas Forty couldn’t even say that it was the NFL.

      • Butch Knouse

        Brian’s Song was much more about the friendship between 2 men of dfferent races in a time when that sort of thing was rare in the public eye. I forgot about Fighting Back, THAT’S the best football movie.

  • Richard Woods

    Sadly its not on the List here but my all time Fav is a made for TV movie from 1980 called Fighting Back the story of Rocky Bleier 1970′s Pittsburgh Steelers running back & Bronze Star /Purple Heart reciepient Vietnam veteran who made an Unbelievable comeback from career ending wartime wounds to play for the Steelers & win 4 Superbowl rings in the process A solid movie inspired by a Great book a True hero & a very true story Also not on the list Though they are college NOT Pro are Something for Joey & Rudy along with Brian’s Song & Invincible Which are there & make up My Personal all time Football movies!!

  • 423reed

    ‘Rudy’, ‘Knute Rockne All American’, ‘The Iron Major’, ‘Wildcats’ and ‘Brian’s Song’.

  • Jimster

    My favorite was left off the list: “Heaven Can Wait” with Warren Beatty. I voted for The Longest Yard as I felt it was the best movie even though not about the NFL. The guards’ team was supposedly semi-pro, so technically qualified. Brian’s Song was my next favorite.