Movie Poll: What’s The Best Sci-Fi Comedy?

What's The Best Sci-Fi Comedy?

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    TIME BANDITS- the class of the field!

  • ganyne rementer

    You forgot Evolution. Funny movie.

  • Agamemnon

    Time bandits is a wonderful movie that has no business in this survey. It’s a fantasy with no connection to science fiction whatsoever. Indeed, the only “science” in the movie are the subjects which Ultimate Evil keeps asking his minions about, like “subscriber trunk dialing.”

  • Dr Morbius

    hmm, no Flesh Gordon? No Starship Troopers? I’m a bit disappointed with the choices listed here. Abbott and Costello? Give me a break.

  • Kathleen

    Dark Star all the way!! How often does a movie character try to teach phenomenology to a sentient bomb? Only problem is, nobody knows the movie exists. It was a student film for Dan O’Bannon (Alien) and John Carpenter (Halloween, and has all the earmarks of a student film, but is literate and well-directed. Husserl, watch out!

  • David Ecklein

    It may not be the best in many eyes, but the 1930 “Just Imagine” should be on this list. Life in 1980 as they “just imagined” it in 1930. Not highly regarded by some critics, but what traction do they have when it comes to something as subjective as SF? Probably the first and last SF musical comedy, lots of great sets, and El Brendel’s best performance.

  • Smitty

    Alan Rickman’s performance alone makes GALAXY QUEST the frontrunner for best SF comedy.

  • Jazzy B

    What!?! 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY didn’t make the cut? It’s one big joke from start to finish. Clarke and Kubrick must have laughed all the way to the bank foisting this lugubrious laughfest on the public. What makes it even more hilarious are the pitiful souls who took (and still take) this movie seriously and have tried (with miserable results) to defend its “message” and its relevance as ground breaking science fiction cinema and movie making in general. The laughs keep on coming.

  • Hank Zangara

    I couldn’t really decide between Galaxy Quest, Men in Black and Mars Attacks (my three favorites), but then I ultimately had to be objective and select Back to the Future. It’s such an icon, not just among sci-fi fans, but among the general public, it made Bob Zemekis into a household name, and is always among those Top 100 Greatest Films lists.

    I also wholeheartedly agree with David that Just Imagine should certainly be a nominee.

    Other Great SciFi/Comedies not on your list:
    My Stepmother is an Alien
    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
    Earth Girls Are Easy
    The Incredible Shrinking Woman
    The Man with Two Brains
    Short Circuit

    … and I’m sure there are more

  • Hank Zangara

    P.S.: For the record, A & C Go to Mars isn’t really a scifi comedy. They only THINK they’ve gone to Mars — they’ve actually landed in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The closest in their oeuvre would be Abbott and Costello in Orbit, which does include some Martians. Still not a great film by anyone’s definition.

    … and I almost forgot Disney:
    The Absent Minded Professor
    The Shaggy Dog
    Sky High
    Mars Needs Moms
    … blah blah blah …

  • Paula

    I can’t believe Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie is not here, the movie there was This Island Earth and ranks up there with the funniest movies I have ever seen. I remember having to pause it at times, I was laughing so hard.

  • version

    I agree with Kathleen – Dark Star! There are some funny ones on the list but dark star slays them all. Sleeper qualifies and works as a very good comedy. Speaking of Alan Rickman – what about Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!!?? Where is that for the list. 5th Element had some funny moments too…

  • G. Darrell Russell, Jr.

    What about Woody Allen’s Sleeper??

  • Edward Dllgado

    plan 9 from outerspace or invasion of the star creatures?

  • R. Corruccini

    Coneheads! Should easily have been #2 after Galaxy Quest. Vary underrated — Dr C

  • Maxwell Starr

    For the record (mr. zangara): “A&C Go To Mars” IS a comedy with SF elements. They actually land on Venus rather than Mars and encounter a bevy of Venusian beauties that almost elect Costello as their king. Why it wasn’t released as “A & C Go to Venus” I don’t know – probably Mars made a better box office title. Also, there is no “A&C in Orbit” you’re confusing the title with “The Three Stooges in Orbit” which did have martians – You’re correct, though, that it wasn’t a great film.

  • C. Morgan Davis I I I

    Coneheads and Ghostbusters are definitely GLARING omissions! ! ! !

  • Hank Zangara

    Max, you’re correct on both counts. How could I forget those Venusian women? And also on In Orbit. It was indeed the Stooges. Funny how they all blur together after awhile! Thanks for setting the record straight.

  • Marjorie

    I was really glad to see Galaxy Quest on this list. I agree with Hank that the list overlooked Disney, which I think would probably have figured toward the top, as Back To The Future was so popular.

  • Jim

    I vote for Time Bandits!

  • RudeDog

    Abbott and Costello go to Mars was a Classic!!!

    Very campy. Ya gotta remember, that was a long time ago and still funny! !!!

  • Shawn McGinnis

    Aww, no Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

  • J. Lyon

    Brazil! The trials of Sam Lowry in a malign, but shoddily-engineered, bumbling bureaucratic alternate universe include some of the most original and hilarious escapades ever, ever brought to film.

    And there’ll always be Dr. Strangelove, which has to count in this genre. Nothing like it, all the way to Slim Pickens’ Last Ride.

  • Bob

    Very interesting survey. I’m sorry my Time Bandits wasn’t higher up the list. It only recently became available on Columbia H. so I snatched one. Thanks for all the other opinions. I appreciate all your views!

  • Rick

    There are a lot of good movies here. I love Abbott and Costello, but I consider that a comedy that uses sci-fi as a back drop vs Time Bandits that or back to the future that really intertwines the 2. Over all I would always choose to watch Bud and Lou, but I had to choose Time Bandits as it fit the title “Sci-Fi Comedy better.

  • gus paterson

    The Green Slime…I wuz in it!

  • Rita

    Lots of good movies here, but had to vote for Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs

  • Daniel E. Coates

    To bad Killer Klowns From Outer Space wasn’t on the list I would have voted for it.

  • JUanita Curtis

    I am happy to see Galaxy Quest on the list – serious actors not taking themselves too seriously. Although I enjoyed Back to the Future I don’t consider it a real comedy. Also I am surprised that Ghostbusters did not make the list.

  • Larry Jacox

    Thanks, Hank Z for mentioning “Earthgirls are Easy”. I had forgotten how much fun Goldblum and Davis were.

  • sean

    Invasion of the saucerman. Classic low budget cheese.

  • Larry Archer

    “Hardware Wars” (1977) should be included, even if it supposedly was a trailer.

  • Vicki M.

    “Spaced Invaders” A family friendly movie-laughs from start to finish.Royal Dano is great as Mr. Wrenchmuller.Also “Top of the Food Chain” aka “Invasion”-a quirky Canadian film-not for the younger kids.Love these movies!

  • Gerald R.

    Steve Martin in “Man with two brains”, it could happen… “Monkey Business” with Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Charlel Coburn and Marilyn Monroe. Then there’s Rorer Cormen’s “Little Shop of Horrors with Jack Nicholson who enjoys the dental drill. And a special thanks to John Waters and Ed Wood, Jr. each for their incredible film work.

  • Coolray

    Anyone who answers anything other than Dark Star could not have possibly seen the movie.

  • Behistun

    Anybody who doesn’t include Idiocracy is part of the problem.

  • David in LA

    If Sleeper had been on the list, it would have gotten my vote. Idiocracy is also a great one (unfortunately, this story will soon be fact instead of fiction). And no one mentioned Surburban Commando?

  • Jackie

    Why didn’t” Attack of the Flying Saucermen” make the list? It was supposed to be scary but these saucermen injected their victims with booze,not poison.When we thought the unfortunste teens( most of the victims were) were dead the police who were helping quickly verified the facts that they were only passed out drunk. It was a very unusual 60s flick. Do any of my friends out their remember it?!

  • stephen Farris

    I agree with CURTIS, Future, is far from being a comedy. So, why did it get so many votes and so few comments? Strangelove and Galaxy Quest were “way closer” to comedies. And A & C, too!!!

  • Dana Rich

    While it was not meant to be a comedy, Infra Man was one of the funniest films I have ever seen. I laughed out loud (in the theater no less) when the “super secret” Infra Man first appears and everyone instantly knows who he is. Plus the monsters from the underworld begging Princess Dragaonmum to “Let me be the first to attack” left me rolling. What a riot.

  • John Skiba

    Re: Attack of the Flying Saucermen”

    I saw it on the Big Screen when it opened (loved it). But can anyone answer: Saw it on some late nite TV and I would swear that the male teen star was a young William Shattner! Does anyone know?

  • Gary Cahall

    Sorry, John, but the male lead in 1957’s Invasion of the Saucer Men was a chap named Steve Terrell. Shatner was mostly doing TV work then and made his Hollywood film debut in 1958’s The Brothers Karamazov.

  • zm73

    Chose Galaxy Quest. Dark Star is very good. But Time bandits is fantasy not SF.

  • Bruce Reber

    Spaceballs, Mel Brooks’ outrageously hilarious spoof of the Star Wars films IMO is the funniest of the Sci-Fi comedies. In fact, this and Back To The Future are the only ones listed that I’ve seen. Spaceballs had so many sight gags and gimmicks in it; i.e. Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet (Darth Vader), John Candy as Lone Star (Han Solo) space trucking in his Winnebago with his giant sheepdog Barf-I think that was his name-(Chewbacca the Wookie), the Druid Princess Leona (funny, she doesn’t look Druish), Pizza the Hut (Jabba the Hutt), Mel Brooks himself as Yogurt (Yoda), and the spaceship that turns into a semblance Statue of Liberty.

  • Gary Clure

    Shaun of the Dead.