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  • Sandie Duncan

    You left out my very favorite, Robin and the Seven Hoods. The Rat Pack was great, the songs were fun, and the lines were really funny! Great cast.

  • Greg Herman

    You also left out my favorite, The Seven Little Foys. Bob Hope at his best about one of vaudeville’s pioneer families.

  • DIRK

    Return of the Secaucus Seven was the original Big Chill !! Meaning that its about a group of college friends reuniting after life takes over. It was done a couple years before that more famous Lawrence Kasdan film; so if you haven’t seen this great John Sayles effort, its DEF worth the rental cost (and the time you’ll spend trying to find this elusive cinematic gem!). Can’t believe its only received 2 votes!

  • Sherry Lovell

    did get the “Seven Samurai” to see just how good it is. watched part of it, need to have a lot of time to watch. just love the “Magnificent Seven”, I grew up with westerns so part is that and also thought that Yul Brenner did a great job. read somewhere (and do agree) that as a gunfighter he was not good but as the “King” he did great.

  • Marjorie

    B (or possibly C) seven movie…
    The Seventh Sign.

  • Andrew

    Mine was the action movie “The Seven Ups” (1973) with the late Roy Scheider. Ironically, in the car chase scene, Scheider is in hot persuit of the bad guys driven by the same bad guy that Steve McQueen was chasing in the movie “Bullit”.

  • Ken Valles

    Then, there’s the other 3 ‘Magificent Seven’ movies: Return; Ride; Guns. While not as catchy as the original, they deserve some merit, too, with some good acting and action.

  • Sperry

    It’s interesting that, at this time, “The Magnificent Seven” is topping “The Seven Samurai” by a large amount especially when Roberts & Sturgis rewrote Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” as “The Magnificent Seven”.

    Sincerest form of flattery and all that I guess.

  • Bandyman

    The Magnificent seven , a great film, with a memorable theme song . one of those movies that can be watched over and over again.

  • em

    Snow White is my top choice, but Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a close second. I love the score, especially “Sobbin’ Women” and “Lonesome Polecat.”

  • Taylor401306

    No mention of “7th Voyage of Sinbad” ? That would be my choice for favorite ’7″ film !

  • Brad

    Sperry, totally agree with you. Seven Samauri can only not be getting more votes because the voters haven’t seen it. Seven Samauri is the best by far.

  • Brad

    Also any movie directed by Akira Kirasowa(sp?) is worth seeing.

  • J NIcholas

    Ah but how many of you have actually seen The Seventh Seal. There is something about death chopping down the tree to get to the naughty actor that always makes me laugh and think.

  • mike jaral

    the scene from the magnificent seven where coburn says “nobody hands me my guns back ” is just a great part of that movie

  • Steve Oelrich

    “Seven Samurai” might be one of the Top 5 best films ever made. How it falls behind “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” in this poll is beyond me.

  • Joe Gregorio

    In your list, I would vote for “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. I also liked “Call Northside 777″ starring Jimmy Stewart as a newspaper reporter who works to clear a wrongly convicted cop killer, played by Richard Conte.

  • DeMeio

    Seven Samurai got my vote. It’s a movie for a long Sunday afternoon. The Magnificent 7 films are good for Saturday afternoons, the time reserved for westerns. And Seven Little Foys let home-town boy Bob Hope show what he could do best and the addition of Cagney as Cohan (again)… a great show.
    Has anyone ever actually seen “7 Footprints To Satan”?

  • Version

    Seven Samurai would be the best in show for me too. DIdn’t see Seven Pounds here – It would change my vote though.

  • masterofoneinchpunch

    The Seven Samurai gets it; though The Seventh Seal is an unofficial second (still my favorite Bergman). Not sure why The Magnificent Seven get more votes though.

    Good to see Seven Days in May get some votes. I’m a Lancaster fan so that was a much purchase.

  • Charles Brown

    The Seven Samurai is a truely great film which I first saw in the mid 70′s. My number two pick would be The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman. Both of these films are essential art-house must-see’s ! This poll reflects a cross section of regular movie viewers – not foreign movie fans.

  • Robert

    On the list, mine is Seven Year Itch followed closely by Seven Faces of Dr. Lao and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. But my favourite seven movie isn’t on the list.

    Woman Times Seven (1967) starring Shirley MacLaine is an Italian/French/American co-production anthology film of seven different mini stories filmed in Paris. It also stars Peter Sellers and Michael Caine among notable others. I highly recommend it – but being offbeat, it helps if you’re a Shirlie MacLain fan.

  • uncle gibby

    The “Seven Samurai” is truly a great film. You never see it available unless TCM decides to show it (infrequently) but
    is worth the wait. Unfortunately, I was never able to see Kurosawa’s masterpiece until I was an adult.
    The “Seventh Voyage of Sinbad” was an awesome film with the
    Harryhausen touch. I literally saw the film seven times when it came out in the theaters back in the day. So I got that going for me.
    However, the “Magnificent Seven” tops MY list for “Seven” movies. I was nine years old when it came out in 1960 and
    although it is an Americanized version of Kurosawa’a classic
    it had everything a kid of nine or fifty-nine could ask for. I just saw it again last week and it STILL holds up.

  • Bob G

    Seven Days in May has my vote. A great movie with great actors at their best: Fredric March, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, John Housemann, Martin Balsam, Edmond O’Brien. Also Richard Anderson & Andrew Duggan. Wow. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs is second.


    Seven Days Leave(1942)
    Seven Cities Of Gold(19550
    Seven Men From Now(1956)
    Seven Miles From Alcatraz(1942)
    Seventh Cross(1944)
    Seven Thieves(1960)