Who’s Your Favorite Robert De Niro character?

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  • R-gordon7

    No Lorenzo Anello? (A Bronx Tale)

  • Stan

    Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver was his best performance. DeNiro was awesome as a loner struggling to find his place in the world and figures out his old fashioned virtues were no match for the 70′s moral bankruptcy he witnessed first hand driving a cab in NY.

  • kelly

    Sam Rothstein form Casino?

  • Rolland T

    Kelly beat me to it. Sam Rothstein in Casino.

  • Ron

    How could you leave out his portral of Michael in the Deer Hunter, the best.

  • Sam Fletcher

    Didn’t list 3 of my favorite roles by De Niro probably because all 3 were low-key compared to many of his performances. I think his role as Bruce Pearson in Bang the Drum Slowly was probably his best ever and about as close as De Niro ever came to an “everyman” role rather than someone on the verge of the law or reality.

    And he was great as Lorenzo Anello in A Bronx Tale in that this time he didn’t play a criminal, but a father trying hard to protect his son and yet able in the end to accept that, although he personally didn’t like the gangster, he was his son’s friend. It was one of De Niro’s most complex characters.

    The third role brought him back to being cast as a criminal, but he played it low-key as David “Noodles” Aaronson in Once Upon a Time in America. I like the fact that he came back to New York as an old man and played the character as an old man, not reverting to his earlier gangster role. He played a man who had learned from the traumas of his life and came to terms with who he was in the present without trying to relive the past.

    Of the roles you did list, Jake LaMotta does it for me, hands down. He captured the harsh realities of Jake’s life.

  • Stormer

    Actually, my favorite DeNiro role was as Fearless Leader in “The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle” (2000)

  • R J Baucom

    I have no problem with the first two, but how about Casino, Goodfellas and Great Expectations?
    Or Analyze This and Analyze That? The Man is an Icon, along with Pacino, Hoffman,Kostner,Gibson,Washington and last but not least Hackman. These guys are alive the list of those who’ve passed is just as long and just as comparative

  • Richard C Oliva

    I think you may have omitted “Maddog & Glory” can’t think why? better take the poll again … Maybe the story of an “old” cop falling in love with a beautiful call girl on loan from her pimp,didn’t ring some bells … Old fool’s still
    is !!! the tenderness Maddog brought out in Glory
    The easy cop who always won his fights, really like him in his role … Should see you’ll LOVE it

  • Amy Steinrich

    What about Analyze This?
    my personal favorite!

  • Joe

    Just about anything he does does it for me. But I do like “Mad Dog and Glory” with the sexy Uma.

  • remo

    the adventurer in the “Mission”

  • Pete Munson

    Seems like nobody heard of him playing Al Capone??

  • Mike Hipius

    How could you ever forget Bruce Pearson in “Bang The Drum, Slowly”?

  • Jim Hendry

    How ’bout Jack Walsh in “Midnight Run?”

  • anne

    What about his role in Backdraft?

  • ken cooke

    My favorite is still the renegade AC repairman in Brazil.

  • tim

    how about his role in the score. bar owner, thief having a relationship with angela basset (Hot!)

  • Clarice

    My favorite De Niro character was Walt Koontz in “Flawless”. He and Philip Seymour Hoffman had awesome chemistry in that movie and both gave “flawless” performances.

  • John

    An early performance that I particularly like is as Monroe Stahr in “The Last Tycoon”. He appears with a bunch of major names and steals the show!

  • Jim

    Bruce Pearson in Bang the Drum Slowly.

  • MJ

    David “Noodles” Arronson is my favorite, but his role in Heat is up there also. Let’s face it It’s really hard to find anything wrong with any of his performances. I like him in any movie.

  • MJ

    Also his protrayal of a young Vito in Godfather 2.

  • Pat

    DeNiro is a super talented actor, but he really left an impression on me in “This Boy’s Life”. I don’t know how he prepared for that stupid, mean, step-father character, but he’s was great.

  • Joe Gideon

    How about Louis Cypher in “Angel Heart” ?

  • Carole

    Neither of my faves was listed – The Mission (amazing movie and role) and Stardust (a surprising, wonderful total break from the norm!)

  • uncle gibby

    This was a tough one as he has been so good in so many movies
    but I had to choose Rupert Pupkin. After all he was the “King of Comedy” in that role. That role was a complete departure for Mr.
    DeNiro. Yet I cannot really complain about any of the choices I’ve seen here.

  • ted

    I picked Jimmy conway but agree with Ron The Dear Hunter was my favorite.

  • mike jaral

    maddog and glory and casino seem to be his best, one for fact, the other for fiction

  • Captain John

    I think it was the Priest in Mission

  • Mark

    He made The Deer Hunter what it was as the character everyone looked to for leadership in a very painful time & period in their lives. If not The Deer Hunter then his tortured role in The Mission was amazing.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daisy-Brambletoes/846520385 Daisy Brambletoes

    Hey…you forgot Captain Shakespeare in “Stardust”.

  • Sheldon Robidoux

    Analyze this or Limitless.

  • Sheldon Robidoux

    Left out Tuttle in Brazil.