What’s Your Favorite ’70s Movie Musical?

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  • kp22kc

    Not only is Grease my favorite musical of the 70′s, it is my favorite movie of all time. Has been since I first saw it. Technically Saturday Night Fever isn’t a musical because people don’t sing in it, it just has a great soundtrack. St. Elmo’s Fire, 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club also have great soundtracks, but are not considered musicals.

    • victor0630

      I picked S.N.F but you are right about it not actually being a musical. Grease was great.

  • 1SG(r)

    Ok, so I’m old-fashioned. But when I watch/hear a musical, I expect wonderful music with memorable songs, magnificently arranged, performed on acoustic instruments by quality, professional musicians. I don’t want to hear a pop group of quasi-musicians who should still be playing in their garages. I also want to be entertained, up-lifted, encouraged, and delighted in the process. I do not want my traditional values insulted. My viewership and patronage is thus determined by these qualities. Within these parameters, the best choice on this list is Fiddler. Must admit though, that I don’t repeatedly watch this, as it always makes me cry! I am really looking forward to a new, properly designed musical to enter the scene. Not sure that we’ve had a really good one since Phantom/Les Mis have come about….

  • thackeraybill@yahoo.com

    I’m committed to 1776 and All That Jazz because they have wonderful stories along with great music.

  • davidt

    Where’s “Lost Horizon”?

  • Blair Kramer


    • woodstockjim

      Finally someone who knows great musicals. I saw Rocky Horror in 1974 in Greenwich Village…only place to see it…Dr. Frakenfurter says hi

      • rocky-o

        8th street playhouse…no place better…no time better…

  • tracy

    Hair was overlooked the year that it was made, but it was an inspired musical with great performances and some of the most interesting dance sequences ever seen!

  • jboleo 191

    1776 is one of my favorite movies and the music raises it up to favorite musicals. It is not only my favoriet musical but may well be my favorite MOVIE of all time. It is refreshing and presents period of American History that is often overlooked. The casting is top notch. William Daniels is perfect for John Adams . Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson opens Jefferson showing a person not just a statue. Also starring Howard de Silva embodies Ben Franklin.

  • Rose Bud

    RHPS is the very best. Seen it over 400 times. Frankfurter is the sexiest character to ever hit the screen. Audience participation makes so alive and costumes are such fun. Introduced it to my children as each turned 14. It is such a wonderful stress reliever and energises me each time I see it.

  • “Lost Horizon”

    “Lost Horizon” the Musical!

  • Musicalfanatic

    There are some great musicals on the list but GREASE is by far the best-a real classic

  • Jimmy

    My favorite 70′s musical is Mame. Sure it got lousy reviews, but hey it is Lucy! I realize she can’t sing, but the “Man In The Moon is A Lady” is priceless and pure Lucy. Also the title tune is Great.

  • Norman Gillen

    Definitely not the best decade for musicals. I was one of the 2% here who voted for “Tommy.” I was really into The Who big-time. I saw “Tommy” at the Houston River Oaks around Easter 1975, the weekend it opened. The movie was shown there in “quintophonic” sound. What a trip! It was like SurroundSound on steroids.

    • Bruce Reber

      I have “Tommy” on DVD, and I’ve gotta admit it’s one of my guilty pleasures. This movie version of The Who’s classic rock opera had the tagline “Your senses will never be the same again!”. Directed by Ken Russell, probably the most off-the-wall director ever, “Tommy” is the story of “that deaf, dumb and blind boy” who skyrockets to fame as a “pinball wizard” (lyrics from one of The Who’s greatest songs). There is one scene that really turns me off – Ann-Margret (Tommy’s mother) rolling around in that nauseating mixture of Champagne and baked beans that comes spewing out of her TV set. I also don’t care much for the church scene where people with various afflictions are miraculously healed by touching a giant likeness of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt flying (from “The Seven Year Itch), while preacher Eric Clapton belts out “She’s got the power!”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carolyn-Ferrante/100000671220210 Carolyn Ferrante

    ‘Cabaret’ was a stunning but disturbing film that gave its viewers a genuine glimpse into pre-WW2 days. Liza Minnelli earned her stripes in this one. I’m not one for musicals, but what a score! Great flick!

    • raysson

      CABARET was nominated for 8 Oscars,and won for Best Actress(Liza Minnelli),and won the Best Picture Oscar against the heavily favored “The Godfather”(that year’s top grossing picture of 1972). CABARET remains one of the all time movie musicals that gave its viewers a glimpse of World War II Germany and it remains one of the darkest and most disturbing films of the decade.

      • Bruce Reber

        “Cabaret” was set in early 30′s Berlin, just as National Socialism and Adolf Hitler were rising to power. Some of the scenes offer a prelude to WW2, particularly the Hitler Youth boy singing “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”. At first he sings solo, then the others join in, symbolizing Germany’s unity in the march toward Nazism.

  • kp22kc

    I have seen (and own) most of the movies on this list. I like most of them in one way or another, but Grease will always hold #1 for me. Kind of sad to see The Wiz at the very bottom of the list, even under “other.” I like The Wiz. Sure it’s got bad acting and Diana Ross is totally miscast, but the music is wonderful and they do a pretty good job of sticking to the original story (silver shoes instead of ruby, including the first good witch and not having Glinda til the very end and not having it be a dream.) Love watching this on a rainy Sunday afternoon with nothing else to do. Also, to the person who mentioned Lost Horizon, I would love to watch this movie, but it is not readily available. I would buy it for sure if it ever comes out on DVD.

    • raysson

      “The Wiz” will always have a place in my heart as the best of the movie musicals of the 1970′s….Sure it’s got bad acting and Diana Ross is totally miscast as Dorothy,but the musical scenes and dance numbers make up for it. You have Richard Pryor, Ted Ross,
      the great Nipsey Russell, Theresa Merritt, Lena Horne, and the one and only Michael Jackson in his first and only theatrical film performance! Not to mention adding on Mabel King as the Wicked Witch of the West. I saw this first-run in the theatres when it came out in 1978,and went to see it again in middle school on a school field trip. “The Wiz” was director Sidney Lumet’s first and only attempt at a movie musical after years of making hardcore crime thrillers and cop dramas. Worth seeing for Richard Pryor’s comedical performance.

  • Greg


    • raysson

      There were two great movie musicals that were based on the Bible and Jesus Christ that came out in 1973. One of them was GODSPELL,and the other was JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

  • GGee

    Fiddler on the Roof is such an amazing film and the story is so touching. Not often do you find a musical with a real story, but that’s what this film gave us. Topol was a strong lead, and so young when he was playing the role.

    • raysson

      Fiddler On The Roof was nominated for an impressive 9 Oscars including Best Picture of 1971. It lost the Best Picture Oscar to “The French Connection” in a year that was dominated by cop thrillers. Fiddler On The Roof is an amazing accomplishment from director Norman Jewison that places us in a real story with strong performances from Topol and Norma Crane(both actors received Best Actor and Best Actress nominations) not to mention John Williams’ riveting musical score.The film also introduce audiences to a very young and boyish looking Paul Michael-Glaser(who would go on to do the TV-series “Starsky and Hutch” in the mid-1970′s)

  • http://www.facebook.com/carl.eakins Carl Eakins

    No love for Phantom of the Paradise?

    • raysson

      Phantom of the Paradise came out in 1974 and was director Brian DePalma’s first and only attempt at making a movie musical. It still has a loyal cult following,but when it comes down the raunchy musical,nothing holds a can to “Rocky Horror”.

  • Cara

    The Fiddler on the Roof movie lost much of its vigor without Zero Mostel. Grease is about teenagers, not my favorite subject. That’s why I voted for Cabaret. Dark, dark, but the songs are incredible and incredibly performed. I would have gone for All that Jazz as a second choice, but also dark.

    • raysson

      ALL THAT JAZZ from 1979 was very dark in its subject matter with scenes depicting explicit drug usuge throughout,not to mention the half nude dance scene with Jessica Lange. But the performance from Roy Scheider is worth seeing

  • Jane Kelly

    Although Barbra & Kris in this version of A Star is Born is one of my all-time favorite movies…on this list nothing can beat the iconic status of Grease. It is one of the great musicals of all time.

  • raysson

    And where is “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull?” Where is “The Little Prince?”
    And where is “Bugsy Malone?”(who remembers this kid-friendly musical from the mid-1970′s with Jodie Foster and a very young Scott Baio)…..Also not mentioned here are the Disney movie musicals of the 1970′s too…where is “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”, and “Pete’s Dragon?”

    • raysson

      Where is the musical “THE BOYFRIEND” starring Twiggy?

  • Carolyn Ferrante


  • Carolyn Ferrante

    Oh, I goofed. WSS was released in the late 1950s or early ’60s. Still, it has the score that’s impossible not to sing along with or get up and do a mean Anita!

  • OZ ROB

    RED PSALM is a 1972 Hungarian Socialist Musical, centering around peasant revolts in the late 1800s It is an absolutely marvelous film, the music a mix of gypsy folk with socialist chants. Won the best Director Cannes,1972 ..
    R.I.P, Director Miklos Jansco.. 1921 – Jan 31 2014…..

  • SMnovelli

    TOMMY ALL THE WAY! <3 My sweet babboo was never sexier!

  • SMnovelli

    I’m also partial to Hair, Lisztomania & Godspell!