On This Day In Movie History, 11.11.12

On This Day In Movie History, 11.11.12

November 13, 1921: After gaining fame in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Italian-born leading man Rudolph Valentino mesmerizes female filmgoers as The Sheik.

November 15, 1935: The Marx Brothers’ first feature for MGM, A Night at the Opera, opens; it will prove to be their masterpiece and will break box office records across the country.

November 16, 1945: A cartoon spirit named Casper first materializes onto movie screens in Paramount’s The Friendly Ghost.

November 15, 1956: The greatest film career for a rock star gets underway when Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley‘s first film, opens in New York.

November 15, 1958: Following a swordfight with George Sanders during the filming of Solomon and Sheba, Tyrone Power has a fatal heart attack at age 44.

November 16, 1960: Less than two weeks after completion of The Misfits, Clark Gable, 59, dies of a heart attack; he will be buried next to Carole Lombard.

November 15, 1974: Universal Pictures’ Earthquake rattles the American movie-going public with the first use of Sensurround.

November 11, 1976: Universal and Disney launch proceedings against Sony for copyright infringement, hoping to halt the manufacture of their Betamax machine.

November 16, 1977: With the future of Columbia resting on its release, Close Encounters of the Third Kind debuts and becomes a critical and commercial success.

November 15, 1989: Disney’s animated feature division is revitalized with the critical and box office success of The Little Mermaid.

November 16, 1990: John Hughes and Chris ColumbusHome Alone opens and will become the season’s biggest surprise and a starmaker for youngster Macaulay Culkin.

November 17, 1995: The name is Brosnan…Pierce Brosnan, who finally becomes the new James Bond in Goldeneye.

  • Blair Kramer

    When I saw EARTHQUAKE I thought it was plainly awful! It’s nothing but melodramatic tripe with terrible SFX! When the Earth shakes, the miniature buildings collapse as though they’re a house of cards! Moreover, the “sensurround” process certainly DID shake your seat during the tremors in the film, but it was noisy as Hell! As a result, it was extremely annoying! I just can’t believe the fact that the process actually won an Oscar for technical achievement!

  • Raymond

    November 15, 1974….EARTHQUAKE became the seventh highest grossing film of 1974 behind the top boxoffice hit of that year..THE TOWERING INFERNO(which came out the following month..two weeks before Christmas),and beside THE GODFATHER:PART 2, CHINATOWN, BLAZING SADDLES….

    EARTHQUAKE! was Universal’s attempt to cash in on the disaster films of the 1970’s after the huge boxoffice hit of AIRPORT..which became the studio’s biggest movie to date at that time……Presented in select theatres that were equipped with SENSURROUND sound systems…..this was a mindblowing experience(for those who saw it in the cinema with the experience of feeling the aftershocks surrounding the cinema)….cheesy acting with an-all star cast which included Lorne Greene,Charlton Heston, George Kennedy, Ava Gardner, Victoria Principal, Genevieve Bujold, and Richard Roundtree…..Noisy as hell but watching minature buildings collapse like House of Cards and people falling all over the place got annoying….Seeing Victoria Principal playing a street hooker with a heart of gold was something else.

    • Raymond

      Universal also used the SENSURROUND format for the 1976 World War II action thriller “MIDWAY” starring Henry Fonda,Charlton Heston and Glenn Ford with Richard Widmark that became one of Universal’s biggest hits of the mid-1970’s. SENSURROUND was also used for the theatrical versions of “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA” in 1978 and “BUCK ROGERS” in 1979,and a Western was also was presented in SENSURROUND that was produced by Universal as well…I forgot the name of the movie but I do know it came out around 1979-1980 and starring Kirk Douglas.