Medical Center, It Takes a Thief and More Tube Treasures Coming

Medicine Men: The doctor drama series got controversial with Medical Center, the CBS show that ran from 1969 to 1976. James Daley was the head doc and Chad Everett the handsome young surgeon at L.A. University’s medical center. Race, homosexuality and violence were among the dicey subjects touched on by this hour-long show, presented here in the six-disc set Medical Center: The Complete First Season. And if you want to see the pilot for the series that gave Marcus Welby, MD a run for its money, check out Operation Heartbeat with Edward G. Robinson, Richard Bradford and Daley.

Destry Rides Once Again: Destry: The Complete Series, which presents all 13 episodes of the short-lived 1964 ABC series on four discs, offers John Gavin as the son of Max Brand’s pistol-shunning sheriff popularized on the big screen by James Stewart and Audie Murphy. The series found the younger Destry, an ex-lawman and ex-con, trying to clear his name by finding the desperados who framed him, and applying his pop’s pacifistic approach to fixing folks’ problems along the way.

Swords and Sorcerers: Camelot: The Complete First Season offers a stylish and often violent retelling of the Arthurian legend for the Starz Channel. Along with Jamie Campbell Bower as the dashing King Arthur, the cast includes Joseph Fiennes, Eva Green and Claire Forlani. This is not your parents’ Camelot, folks; the opening 2011 season is presented here on a three-disc, ten episode set loaded with extras.

Robber Wagner: Debonair Robert Wagner plays cat burglar Alexander Mundy, who’s pardoned from a prison stretch by the government in order to ply his trade for them, in It Takes A Thief: The Complete Series, which features 66 episodes on 18 discs. The show ran from 1968 through 1970 on ABC and also featured Malachi Throne as Mundy’s agency watchdog, whose duties were assumed by Edward Binns in the series’ third, shortened season. Recurring roles were played by Fred Astaire (as Mundy’s father), Susan Saint James, Joseph Cotten and John Russell, with guest-stars aplenty over the show’s run.

Skip To My Louis: Be it on the club circuit, concert stage, TV talkfest or his earlier HBO series Lucky Louie, comic Louis CK never shied away from taking on provocative subjects, and fans can catch more of the same in his too-close for comfort 2010 FX sitcom Louie: The Complete First Season, in which he plays a divorced New York joke teller trying to raise two daughters while easing back into the dating scene.

Here Comes the Fuzz: One of the most respected shows of the 1970s and one of the most realistic cop shows of all time, Police Story offered a gritty look at life in the force in Los Angeles as envisioned by lawman-turned-novelist Joseph Wambaugh, who wrote The New Centurions, The Blue Knight, The Glitter Dome, The Black Marble  and The Onion Field. Each week during its 1973-1977 run, the NBC series took a compelling story, used top-notch directors, writers and actors to bring it to life, and delivered many memorable hours of television.  Though an anthology, the drama did feature several recurring characters, played by such performers as Scott Brady, Tony Lo Bianco, Don Meredith, Vic Morrow and James Farentino. The six-disc set Police Story: Season One also includes the pilot film “Slow Boy”, the TV movie Big John Morrison and an interview with Wambaugh.

They Get the Funniest Looks From Everyone They Meet: Hey, hey, Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith are heading our way with The Monkees Season 1 and The Monkees Season 2. What started out as a manufactured American Beatles and turned into a full-blown media happening can be seen in the two and only small screen sessions of the band at their goofiest, performing perky pop music on NBC from 1966-1968. The brainchild of filmmaker Bob Rafelson and producer Bert Schneider with musical assistance from Don Kirschner, The Monkees started as a faux band for the TV series, but eventually insisted on playing their own instruments. While TV Monkee-mania may have lasted only a couple of years, they still continue to perform today, sans Nesmith. Season 1 has 32 episodes on six discs; Season 2 has 26 episodes on five discs, plus all sorts of groovy extras.

Take This Job: A common problem is contemporary America is turned into a timely sitcom with Outsourced: The Complete Series. The 2010 NBC show stars Ben Rappaport as an order processor for a Kansas City novelties company that’s relocated its call center across the globe to Mumbai, and now must add assimilation and culture clashes with his new staff to the workplace challenges. Diedrich Bader and Rebecca Hazlewood also star; all 22 episodes are available on a three-disc set.

What? Me Worry?: Mad: Season One, Part One offers the opening episodes of the 2010 Cartoon Network series that puts an animated spin on some of the beloved sections of the ever-irreverent Mad Magazine.  There are movie and TV spoofs galore, along with such regular segments as Spy vs. Spy, Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, Ask the Celebrity and adaptations of the great cartoons by Don Martin. All this and Alfred E. Neuman, too, in a measly single disc set. Cheap!

Motown Crime: In Detroit 1-8-7: The Complete First Season, GoodFellas and Sopranos vet Michael Imperioli plays Det. Lewis Fitch, a man with a haunted past who was forced to leave New York for the Motor City. He’s joined on the city’s homicide squad by lieutenant Natalie Martinez, sergeant James McDaniel and rookie detective John Michael Hill. Along with a no-nonsense depiction of police work, the show offers a terrific soundtrack that mixes Motown greats with contemporary tunes. Eight episodes of the 2010 ABC series are available on a five disc set.

They’ve Got a Secret?: While searching for his girlfriend who disappeared during a Caribbean cruise, software engineer Jason Ritter uncovers a secret world inhabited by conspiracies, internecine government projects and the possibility of aliens existing on Earth. Sarah Roemer, D.B. Sweeney, Laura Inness, Hal Holbrook and Clea DuVall also star in The Event: The Complete Series, the much-ballyhooed 2010 mix of adventure, suspense and sci-fi that aired on NBC. All of the show’s 22 episodes are offered on five discs.

Arrested Redevelopment: The 2010 Fox sitcom Running Wilde reunited some of the principals of the gone-but-hardly forgotten Arrested Development. Will Arnett headlined as a depressed millionaire who attempts to lure environmentalist/high school girlfriend Keri Russell and her daughter away from her South American rain forest and current physician boyfriend David Cross. The answer? Have Russell and her daughter move into a tree house on Arnett’s estate. Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz is behind the offbeat laughs on the show, with 13 episodes on two discs available on Running Wilde: Season One.

Richer Jackal: It’s taken a while for it to come to DVD and Blu-ray, but we have a feeling the release of the 2010 European mini-series Carlos will be worth the wait. That’s because it’s being issued in all of its five-and-a-half hour director-stamped grandeur by the Criterion Collection in a four-disc, totally loaded set. Released in American theaters, Carlos centers on the life of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, aka Carlos the Jackal, who’d been one of the world’s most feared terrorists for decades. Edgar Ramirez gives a tour-de-force performance as the swaggering global mobster involved in kidnapping, bombings and hijackings around the globe. This is riveting stuff with politics, action and indelible characters coming to life courtesy of director Olivier Assayas, and Ramirez bringing the colorful and monstrous real-life character to life in all of his gory.

Femme Again: The Luc Besson-created female assassin known as Nikita just won’t retire. She’s been featured in the French filmmaker’s original 1989 film, the 1993 American remake Point of No Return and the 1997-2001 Canadian TV series. She’s back in lethal business, courtesy of the 2010 CW series Nikita. Stepping into the heels worn by Anne Parillaud, Bridget Fonda and Peta Wilson, respectively, is Hawaiian actress Maggie Q (Rush Hour 2, Mission Impossible III). She’s been trained by a secret government organization called Division to be a lethal assassin, but when the organization kills her fiancé, she goes rogue and disappears. Years later, she resurfaces with the destruction of Division her goal. Shane West is her mentor who trained her, and Melinda Clarke is a psychologist who has manipulated Nikita and others to do the agency’s dirty work for its leader (Xander Berkeley). Nikita: The Complete First Season is a loaded four-disc set loaded with great extras.



  • Martin Stumacher

    When if ever can we expect China Beach?

  • KarenG

    How about Hawaiian Eye?

  • RichardR

    I’m with Martin. China Beach is the one I want to see again.

  • em

    Medical Center–who cares? I want to see Dr. Kildare, Ben Casey, and The Nurses!

  • Garland l. Smith Jr.

    It is great they putting the old shows on DVD but they need to finish the shows they already started. When is Paramount going to wake up and put “The Untouchables” season four out ? They have lot of people waiting for it.

  • Jim

    Will we ever see “Mama” from the early 1950s? (CBS)

  • Al Hooper

    One of the great TV series of all time was “Lou Grant.” So why isn’t it available on DVD?
    – Al Hooper

  • M.L. Deverne

    When are they going to continue more seasons of Diff’rent Strokes or The Jeffersons?

  • Gord Jackson

    I’m with Al Hooper, why (indeed) isn’t “Lou Grant” available on DVD. Also, what is the holdup re the final episodes of “Family”?

    Stuff I would love to see out (but probably never will) include classics like “The Governor and JJ” (with Dan Dailey), “Hennessy” (with Jackie Cooper and Audrey Totter), “Meet Millie” (Florence Halop, Marvin Kaplan and Elena Verdugo), “Our Miss Brooks” (criminal that one has never come out), “Slattery’s People” (Richard Crenna’s great dramatic series), ‘The Senator’ Segments of “The Bold Ones” with Hal Holbrook, “For the People” (pre ‘Star Trek’ William Shatner, co-starring with Jessica Walter), “Trials of O’Brien” (pre ‘Columbo’ Peter Falk), “Starman” with Robert Hays, properly packaged (and cleaned up) 50s episodes of “What’s My Line?”, “I’ve Got a Secret” the much lesser-known panel show “Masquerade Party” and finally, “Navy Log”, the anthology series that debuted the same season as Phil Silvers’ “You’ll Never Get Rich”. That last one is an interesting situation because “Log” debuted Tuesday’s on CBS at 8:00, “Rich” at 8:30, but they were soon switched as the former was not providing a lead-in for the latter. It’s the same thing that happened on Saturday nights when CBS initially started the Dorsey Bandstand Show at 8:00 and Jackie Gleason’s “The Honeymooners” at 8:30, only to make ye olde switcheroo as the former was hurting the latter.

  • Marie Lazzari

    I would like to get “A Guy Named Joe” movie with Van Johnson. Also would like to get The Proud and the Profane with William Holden and Deborah Kerr.


    How about BATMAN SERIES(ADAM WEST version) The GREEN HORNET(Vann Williams & BRUCE LEE) The UFO Series(BBC) Finally The SAint & The Avengers are they coming back into print in USA??!!

  • pappyjoe

    Is Ben Casey ever coming out ??????

  • Jack Jones

    These are not TV but some of the many I’m waiting for are:Arise My Love
    Bahama Passage
    Corvette K-225
    Five Graves to Cairo
    The Fleet’s In
    George Washington Slept Here
    History is Made at Night
    The Hurricane (Hall & Lamour)
    Last of the Mohicans (Randolph Scott)
    The Late George Apley
    The Mask of Demetrius
    My Gal Sal
    Navy Blues (Sheridan)
    Northwest Mounted Police
    Phantom Lady
    The Real Glory
    Shanghai Express (Dietrich)
    And this is just for starters.

  • T. Schmidt

    2 short run series I enjoyed were:
    The Champions (with Stuart Damond)
    Coronet Blue (with Frank Converse)

  • Michael J.

    I would like to get my hands on the series Felony Squad, with Howard Duff, and My World and Welcome to it, with William Windom (1969).

  • JoAndra Van Dowall

    How about “Any Day Now,” starring Annie Potts and Lorraine Toussaint? That and “Strong Medicine,” starring Rosa Blasi.

  • Dawn Delaney

    How about the TV show “In The Heat of the Night” starring Carroll O’Connor and Howard Rollins.

  • SAChip

    I am still, Still, STILL waiting for the wonderful and inventively funny Frank’s Place.

    There was talk of its release about 4 years ago–problems with the music rights and such.
    Nothing yet………………..

  • “Spider”

    I would like to have ADN on video as well.

  • steve cannon

    i have been watching disney to find out if they will ever let the cat “el gato” out of the bag. robert loggia as “el fago bacca” if i spelled that right,will be something i would grab if it were available. as well as thom tryon as “texas john slaughter” plus i was a big fan of “johnny staccto” with john casavettes. try “shotgun slade” if you can get your hands on it i think its available with scot brady and great jazz music by, i think, mundel lowe unusual back ground music for a western. the one show i have never seen on vhs or dvd is the late lamented robert culp in “track down” and like shot gun slade and josh randall he had an unusual hand gun unlike the usual hollywood colt 45. great show great actor.the one detective series i have never seen available is darren macgavin in “the outsider” that was another great,but unheralded program.

  • Bonnie

    I too love Robert Loggia in all incarnations. I loved Elfego Baca and was moved to find a book about the real man, which was very, very interesting.

    I would love to see “Mr Peepers” and “Hiram Holliday”.


  • Bonnie

    PS I might be wrong but I think you can get a dual DVD with Elfego Baca and Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox” (loved Leslie Nielsen in that) together on one disk.


  • Dermot Breen

    Really want to have James Arness in How The West Was Won – sanctioned release and Gibbsville.

  • Dermot Breen

    Swamp Fox & Elfego Baca has been released by Disney Treasures and is readily available.

  • jefferson_thomas

    Here are a few I want to see on DVD:

    1. “Search”, early 1970′s, Hugh O’Brien, Doug McClure, Burgess Merideth. WAY cool; as much fun as “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”!

    2. “Out of Practice”, 2005 – 2006, Henry Winkler, Ty Burrell, Paula Marshall, Jennifer Tilly. Hilarious!

    3. “It’s all Relative”, 2003 – 2004. Lenny Clark (“Rescue Me”), John Benjamin Hickey, Christopher Sieber, Harriet Sansom Harris (Fraiser’s insane agent), Reid Scott, Maggie Lawson, Paige Moss. VERY funny!

    4. “Stark Raving Mad”, 1999 – 2000. Neil Patrick Harris and Tony Shalhoub.

    5. “It’s Like, You Know”, 1999 – 2000. Evan Handler, Jennifer Grey, et al.


    Would love to see or purchase Boston Blackie series
    RE: Chester Morris

  • Rod Sarthou

    Would love to see on DVD or Blu-Ray the mini-series of Arthur Hailey’s The Moneychangers with Kirk Douglas & Christopher Plummer. Also, the Robert Taylor series The Detectives. These two are long overdue, don’t you think?

  • Tim Moran

    For me, my list of TV shows that need to be on DVD would have to include the third season of Rod Serling’s NIGHT GALLERY; the original FANTASY ISLAND with Ricardo Montalban; the first (and only?) comic soap opera FRESNO with Carol Burnett; the original LOVE BOAT; the remaining seasons of Aaron Spelling’s DYNASTY and its sequel THE COLBY’S.

  • Lorraine

    First of all: “It Takes a Thief” available on DVD!! FINALLY!! Yay!

    Now then: I’m totally with SAChip regarding Frank’s Place, a marvelously offbeat sitcom starring WKRP In Cinncinnati’s Tim Reid (didn’t he co-create or co-produce it as well?)–what is taking so long for that one? I also long to see on DVD the adorable Richard Benjamin-Paula Prentiss sitcom He & She (co-starring a very funny Jack Cassidy), The Bold Ones, and–darn it, the title just popped out of my head–a gritty sixties drama that starred George C. Scott and a very young Cicely Tyson… Ah! East Side-West Side.

    Alternately, I’d be willing to step into a time capsule and go back to that television era, if one of you could just give me directions…

  • RupturedDuck1

    Nice to see some classic tv shows available, but
    am disappointed that The Outsider with Darren McGavin is not among them.

  • Sandy Robertson

    I agree about completing series – after the first season of the Hugh O’Brian WYATT EARP the promised later sets have not emerged. And why haven’t we had Sam Peckinpah’s legendary THE WESTERNER??????!!!!!!!!

  • james feeley

    additional series “working” which was much funnier than the office, “strange luck”, human target, agree with china beach, henessey, but how about riptide

  • Edward

    What about Streets of San Francisco?

  • Laurie

    What about Love on a Rooftop and He and She, both from the 60′s.

    And the one I want most of all … The Wonder Years

  • Marvin Plevinsky

    I’d like to obtain the short-lived series “Cop Rock”.

  • Lou Antonicello

    I would add to Gord Jacksons list the following : Jackie Cooper’s other sitcomm – The People’s Choice, , plus The Gray Ghost, The Americans, Yancy Derringer, Sea Hunt, Life Of Riley, December Bride, Pete And Gladys, Love That Bob and Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. I can dream can’t I?

  • roger lynn

    all I can say is it is about time to release Medical Center,,my all time fave medical show,,next when is Ben Casey coming,,and where is the rest of the big valley and perry mason

  • anonymousgal

    Crikey, where are the remaining seasons of Hill Street Blues, one of the highest rated shows ever?

  • Uncle Gibby

    There was a show called “Night Stand” with Dick Dietrich that ran for 2 seasons on the E Channel. It was hilarious. Tim Stack played Dick, who was a cross between Phil Donahue and Jerry Springer (or maybe Morton Downey!!! ). Some of the characters and topics
    that were brought out were incredibly funny. They have to put THAT on DVD

  • Uncle Gibby

    Oh people…

  • jean b

    what about the high chaparral, more The big valley, and more of The untouchables.

  • May

    77 Sunset Strip is one TV show I would so love to be able to obtain. It was always a really great favourite of mine.

  • Michelle M. Perryman

    Spencer for Hire the show was great. It needs to be released. So many people I know want to see this show again. I don’t understand why it can not be released. Any body know why?

  • ursula from sju

    I would like to see in DVD Hawaiian Eye and the Man from U.N.C.L.E. To see Napoleon Solo and Ilya Kuryakin again in action…priceless!

  • Jackie

    What about that great series with Dorothy Provine playing a cop with her two handsome partners….”Hawian Eye”? and “Surfide 6″
    I did so love “Medical Center”,though… I had an uber crush on Chad Everette back then ( I was 16)!

  • dagles

    I agree with many already named. I would like to add “The Monroes” (I think) with Barbara Hershey and “Byrds of Paradise” (I’m sure) with Arlo Guthrie.

  • Tom Dunham

    I agree with james feeley about China Beach, Human Target and Riptide. I would also add New Amsterdam and Journey Man from a couple years back.