Maisie, Crime Does Not Pay And More Coming Your Way

Jenny and Eddy Still Going Steady: The final two films with the MGM songbirds Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy that have yet to hit DVD are about to arrive to us on an exclusive basis.

In The Girl of the Golden West (1938), MacDonald sings in and runs a rowdy saloon in a one-woman mining town. Enter Ramirez (Eddy), a Mexican outlaw impersonating a cavalry officer, who sweeps Mary off her feet. When local lawman Jack Rance (Walter Pidgeon) nabs the bandit, Mary pleads with Rance to set him free.

For the third outing for the MacDonald/Eddy team, Sigmund Roberg and Gus Kahn penned the music for this sagebrush operetta which includes the songs “Shadows on the Moon,” “Who Are We to Say,” and “Senorita,” as well as “Ava Maria” and Liebestraum.”       

New Moon (1940) is set in New Orleans and Paris of 1789 and stars MacDonald as a snooty plantation owner who falls for Eddy, a rebellious French aristocrat posing as a bondsman. Songs in this exciting, tuneful musical—the sixth film with the team–were adapted from a Sigmund Romberg operetta. They include “One Kiss,” and “Stout-Hearted Men.”

Skelton Crew: A little bird (and it wasn’t Gertrude or Heathcliff) told us that a significant slate of Red Skelton’s starring comedies for MGM is coming our way, courtesy of Warner Archives. You’ll be seeing Red in such favorites as A Southern Yankee (1948), The Yellow Cab Man (1950), Watch the Birdie (1950), The Clown (1953), Half a Hero (1953), and The Great Diamond Robbery (1954).

Sothern Belle: Notably absent from home video release—until now—the long-running MGM comedy series that spotlighted Ann Sothern as plucky, adventurous Brooklyn showgirl Maisie Ravier is finally surfacing. The Maisie Collection, Vol. 1 boxes up the first five Maisie vehicles—Maisie (1939), Congo Maisie (1940), Gold Rush Maisie (1940), Maisie Was a Lady (1941), and Ringside Maisie (1941)—for your viewing pleasure. Our intel leads us to believe a second set with the remaining five films will be around before the summer is out.

Pay Day: Crime Does Not Pay: The Complete Shorts Collection (1935-1947) assembles those well-remembered MGM short subjects that offered up cautionary tales about flouting the law of the land. These well-crafted lead-ins, which received many an Oscar nomination in the day, also gave early credits to players like Robert Taylor, Van Johnson and Barry Nelson, as well as directors like Fred Zinnemann, Jacques Tourneur and Joseph Losey. All fifty shorts from the series’ run are collected on six discs. 

  • Dave Ecklein

    Finally, Eddy/MacDonald’s “New Moon” on DVD ! – a favorite here, our VHS tape is wearing out.  Now if we can get Eddy’s “Let Freedom Ring” and “Chocolate Soldier” on a decent DVD release!  While on the subject of old musicals with imagination, we also need a clean DVD of Lilian Harvey and Gene Raymond in “I Am Suzanne!” – in fact, anything with Harvey in it would be welcome.

    • Wayne P.

      Good call on Chocolate Soldier…had to add that to the only other picture that Met Opera soprano great Rise Stevens made, along with Going My Way…it mustve popped up on AMC, TCM or Fox Movie Channel a couple of years ago for my friend to tape it, but sadly, have heard those cable/satellite movie channels have stopped allowing recordings to be made…and we only have antenna TV  🙁

  • Mlwballoon

    Please let us know when the Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald dvd’s are available.   We like the classice older movies and westerns.

  • tom

    One film I’d like to see on DVD is “Sun Valley Seranade”.  It’s just a bit of fluff, but full of nostalgia, including Uncle Miltie as a press agent for the band.  THE BAND ! This, is the picture, particularly the first of the two that the Glenn Miller organization was in.  Th scene introducing The Chatanooga Choo Choo, the first million record reconding, is fantistic, especially  the nifty post script with Dorothy Dandridge and the dancing Nicolas brothers, one of whom was her hubby.  OOh yes, don’t forget the two first trumpets of Ray Anthony and Billy May !!    tom

    • Billcolvin1952

      Love that Sun Valley serenade! I finally found a DVD of it a few years agobut can’t remember where. Love Uncle Miltie saying “get yourself a Hershey bar….wit aaalmonds”

    • Al Hooper

      Absolutely! An outstanding film for the music alone. Worth viewing many times over.
      …Al Hooper

  • Gandrmoreno72

    Is the classic Adventures of Tom Sawyer on DVD?

  • Harold194422

    is the 1931  film penrod and sam starring, leon janney, and frank coghlan jnr  available on dvd or vhs video,?     caramia.

  • Doppleganger51

    the  one  I  would  like  to  see  out  on  DVD  is  40  little  mothers  circa  1940