What’s James Garner’s Best 1960s Film Performance?


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  • Wayne P.

    Wanted to vote for Hour of the Gun but The Great Escape is such a superior overall film that had to go with it anyway, even though his was a good role in both movies, as my first choice!

    • Robin

      You’re supposed to be voting on James Garner’s performance, not the quality of the film.

  • Brian

    36 Hours.How did they leave that out?Classic WW2 film.

    • Mark Malak

      I’m with you on 36 Hours.This outstanding picture is often overlooked for some reason,can’ even imagine why.Certainly my favorite Garner picture.

  • mike

    James Garner was one of the few who could handle both comedy and serious acting. He was and is superb.

  • Cara

    I love The Americanization of Emily, and the chemistry between Julie Andrews and Garner was palpable. This was a message movie, and the screen writer went a bit Paddy Chayefsky giving Garner a number of long ‘speeches.’ A lesser actor couldn’t have pulled them off, but Garner did beautifully.

  • Nostromo

    His Wyatt Earp was such a pleasant fellow. It was great seeing him working with Jason Robards.

  • raysson

    THE GREAT ESCAPE….hands down…..Classic James Garner!!! You have Steve McQueen,Charles Bronson and James Coburn in one of the greatest World War II adventure movies ever made!

  • Vann Morrison

    I started to say something about Darby’s Rangers but I’m not sure if it was made in the 50′s or the 60′s