Happy 4th of July from MovieFanFare

what film or films best depict "the American Dream" to you what film or films best depict "the American Dream" to you what film or films best depict "the American Dream" to you

Well, it’s Independence Day weekend, and we’re taking a three-day break here at MovieFanFare. But there’s more to the Fourth than just fireworks and picnics, of course. It’s the country’s birthday, and it offers a chance to reflect on what it means to be an American. The nation, its people, and its promise have been a focal point of motion pictures from the earliest days (Charlie Chaplin’s The Immigrant) through Hollywood’s Golden Age (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) to the present (Forrest Gump), and from kid’s movies (An American Tail) to serious drama (The Godfather, with the opening line “I believe in America.”).

Now it’s your turn; tell us in the comments below what film or films best depict “the American Dream” to you, and have a safe and happy 4th of July.

  • Alfie

    To me, the American Dream does not involve politics, large, crowded cities, or the patriotic military fervor. “Picnic,” with it’s representation of small-town-friendly neighborhoods, simple charm, true American culture and peaceful beauty, depicts the Dream. It’s a perfect example of the Real America. Second choice would be “A River Runs Through It’ …. again, simple, strong, ethical/family loyalty values, and it’s peaceful, beautiful scenes take the breath away. Another example of the superb fabric of America, the Beautiful – her people, their values, their work and spiritual ethics, and the bountiful beauty in which they live.

  • Linda

    Hi Alfie, I completely agree; I love “Picnic” and always felt the same way about the small town values and the characters; thanks for the comments

  • mike

    Being a flag waver, I tend to go for the patriotic movies but I thoroughly enjoyed “Picnic.” William Holden and Kim Novaks’s dance scene was supberb. The American dream is what you make of it yourself not what the government provides. I grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania but since the late 60’s have lived outside of Washington DC. Around here the American dream is provided by the politicians in power to stay in power. Small town values are out of vogue in the big cities.

  • Sally Stark