Giant (1956)

You know the drill. Below is a classic movie photo with Jason’s caption.
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Giant (1956) Starring James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor

Is it hot in here or is it just them?

  • Frankiedc

    Damnit! First Roddy, then Monty, and now Rock and you! Are there any straight men in Hollywood any more?

    • KenR

      …Spot on Frankiedc, tops!

  • Brumbolt

    LIX=Whats the Problem?
    DEAN= Rock keeps trying to get me in bed
    Liz=Why is that a problem?
    DEAN- I’m straight
    LIZ- Yea sure you are and I’m Jack the ripper

  • Movie Fan

    Relax boy…I won’t bite. Just try to remember, the best way to cool off hot tea is to put your lips together and blow…

  • Jblum315

    Can’t find the dern zipper

  • Jimy101

    Mam’, excuse my appearance but would you like a cup of tea?

  • Wayne P.

    Hey Babe!  Coffee, Tea, or me?…

  • Brumbolt

    you know jimmy I wish I was a man,that way I could be gay and get me a hot man.

  • SoonerAlfie

    (Leslie)   “Now, Je-utt – yew KNOW we can’t do tha-ut — just make the tea!”

  • 87McCoy

    “Tea or coffe with your cake?”
    “I uh… want you with my cake.”

  • mike

    Giant , a atmostpheric long movie to watch, which still stinks, and james deans performance is laughable, compared to his other two movies. Rock hudson  and liz taylor are pretty good in it. I really feel they shine compared to dean. the scenery is great, if it was not, no one would watch it. I believe it was a bust at the theaters.

  • Psychoajr

    Nothing to be embarrassed about. Real men drink tea.

  • DollyT

    The movie is “Giant” and also starred Mercedes McCambridge, Chil Wills, Carol Baker, Jane Withers, Dennis Hopper and a young Sal Mineo.  One of my favorite Classics.

  • DollyT

    I had not read down before I made my post.  The comments regarding this movie are stupid and ignorant and indicate the depths of which our society has fallen too. 

    • Brumbolt

      Me thinks Dolly has no sense of humor…Lighten up Doll its only a movie.

    • Bryan Ruffin

      DollyT……this is a game. Not to be taken too seriously, please lighten up.

    • Mac Boy

      You know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and stop drinking the Kool-Aid, 

      your headaches will go away??

    • DollyT

       Mac Boy where in heavens name did you ever get the  idea that my statement
       has any relevance to Obama? 2+2 does not equal 5!

  • Marty

    When you see a George Stevens film, you’re seeing something that made me thoroughly entettained. Mr. Stevens was the best of Hollywood’s filmmakers.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    Liz: I have a dream! I dream of a day when there is magical machine that blows cool, moist air! Where all people are able to breath, able to sit -
    Dean: Ookaay! I have no idea where you hide the stuff, but stop putting it in the tea!

  • Siegt49

    Liz : james I know your gay, and were besties. I will cover for you.
    James: yes, I do love Sal Mineo very much.

  • Bill Wetherholt

    I didn’t sleep worth a shit last night, how ’bout you?


    [Is it hot in here or is it just them?]

    Perhaps it’s just hot in the room.

  • rhill3850

    Neither one. Who would drink hot tea and sweat like a pig?

  • Mac Boy

    “Honey, the buttons you fixed keep poping off my shirt…..”

  • Nick Z.

    Liz: Okay, screw the tea. You know that I know that I want you.
    Dean: Yeah. But I’m anti social in the extreme. You suppose we could just talk dirty for a while and see where it will lead?
    Liz: This ain’t my first time at the rodeo, cowboy. Just as Nicky, or Michael Wilding or Mike Todd or, oh hell, the list’s too long. Get naked!

  • banjojane66

    “No, ………you can’t wear my hat!”

  • puppy pink

    miss liz, would you like some sweet cream with your tea???????