What’s George C. Scott’s Best Non-“Patton” Film Performance?

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  • Rufek43

    Scott acted everyone else off the screen in The Hustler. Should have got an Oscar for that performance.

  • Wayne P.

    It would never make this list but he was also a very convincing Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” from 1984. Hes right up there with Jim Carrey and ahead of Reginald Owen, while only being really second in line to Alastair Sim in the film pantheon for wonderful characterizations of ‘ole Ebenezer!

    • tommy

      I totally agree! He was equal to if not better than Alister sim. I also loved him in Islands in the stream.

  • paul

    The hanging tree

  • WldIrishRose

    Also never making this list, but my personal favorites….. Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast.

  • Rufnek43

    I think all of his other performances was better than “Patton.” I never have liked that film, although Karl Malden was believable as Bradley. Scott was right not to show up for the Oscar: He did much better work in The Hustler and Anatomy of a Murder

  • Cara

    My favorite non-Patton George C. Scott role was Scrooge in the television movie version A Christmas Carol. His Scrooge made the character more fresh and human than any other version I’ve seen.

  • FalmouthBill

    I voted “The Flim Flam Man, he was superb, but then he doesn’t do bad !
    He had a wonderful, short lived, T.V. show back in the 60/70’s called East side West side, timely, intelligent, and thought provoking, .. probably why it didn’t last.

  • TA from PA

    Although not his best performance, the 1972 film Rage is well worth watching. Also, for those who enjoy the horror genre, his role as Kinderman in Exorcist III is well done.

  • Nicolas

    My top was Doctor Strangelove, but my second one would have been for Archie Bollen in Petulia. Funny that they were at the top and bottom respectively on this list.

  • AL