Movie Poll: Which Film Has Your Favorite Thanksgiving Scene?

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  • broadwayfan

    They shot the opening scenes of MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET during the actual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Maureen O’Hara recalled it was so bitterly cold, and the wind kept blowing up her dress, totally freezing her.
    I adore that movie. That and WHITE CHRISTMAS are pretty much the only ones I watch each year.

  • LUIGI fr NYC

    Dear Broadwayfan –

    I agree with your choices –
    However — I would also add –
    ( Holiday Inn ) starring Bing Crosby –

    He sings songs composed by Irving Berlin honoring various holidays –

    Film Introduced = White Christmas // Easter Parade //Be Careful It’s My Heart ( Valentine’s Day ) — among others –

    NOTE: White Christmas was a ( Color-Remake ) of Holiday Inn ( Black & White )


    i already have my copy of white xmas ready to play love it and i watch the parade every year THANK YOU MACY,S

  • Tom

    “Scent Of A Woman”.

  • BG

    I wish people would STOP writing Xmas….this is disgusting. The holiday is about the birth Christ. NOT X….people are too lazy to do a lot of things properly anymore….Christ—mas…..the beginning of Christ…do we get it yet?????…Now, everyone….Happy Thanksgiving and Merry CHRISTmas

  • Dennis Loomis

    Christmas has become a big secular Holiday in the United States and not everybody that celebrates it is a Christian. It’s a wonderful time of the year to send greeting cards to friends, to give gifts to friends and family, and to sit down over a nice big meal with those that we love. For those that may not believe in Christ, I see no reason why they can’t use the term Xmas.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy 2012 to all!

  • DIRK

    I like PENNY SERENADE for its holiday scenes of Thanksgiving and (especially) Christmas. Irene Dunn & Cary Grant make for Great Holiday viewing!

  • Hank Zangara

    AVALON!!!!!! “You cut the toikey???”

  • S. R. Orsulak

    Though the movie FRIENDLY PERSUASION doesn’t have any Thanksgiving scenes in it. This movie has been a tradition in our family to sit and watch after the meal. A great family movie during the Civil War and it’s story of love and faith and togetherness no matter how bad times were.

  • ECH

    My favorite is the Thanksgiving scene from Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation.

  • Cookie

    My favorite Thanksgiving scene is from A Christmas Story, when those dogs go in the house and tear up the turkey, and the family winds up at a chinese restaurant. Too funny and I can relate to that.

  • Renee

    Clearly, the Thanksgiving table scene in “Annie Hall” is the best. Classic. I think that neither Christopher Walken, nor Diane Keaton would have been thereafter successful except for that scene. It established Walken as the perfect unstable character forever and ever.

  • Renee

    Why do so many respondents confuse Christmas turkeys with Thanksgiving turkeys? The question being asked here has to do with the November holiday closely related to the Mayflower Pilgims. Answer the Thanksgiving math problem, test-takers. Which THANKSGIVING dinner. Duh.

  • Alex

    One of my favorite cinema Thanksgivings is–oddly enough–in a film noire, “No Man of Her Own” (1950) with Barbara Stanwyck and John Lund. The home in which the celebration occurs reminds me of my great aunt’s place in Louisville. The scene is very nostalgic (for plot purposes) and it takes me back forty years ago.

  • Louis

    I only remember the top two. I liked the scene
    in Giant.
    There was also a good one in a 40s movie where
    the girl ( Barbara Stanwick ) is a writer for a Home mag. about food
    and country living, but she did not live in the country or know how to cook. This was WW11 and a service man ( Navy? ) was the male actor and he
    knew how bto cook and take care of a baby.

  • Ellen Urie

    Some of these comments are hilarious! I have not seen all of the movies listed, so cannot honestly vote. I would like to see the movie mentioned, though, “No Man Of Her Own.” A lot of people are talking about Christmas movies. I don’t like the expression “Xmas” either!

  • r-gordon-7

    “Broadway Danny Rose”!!! There’s the scene in the warehouse with alll the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons, there’s the scene during the Macy’s Thankssgiving Day Parade w/Milton Berle riding on the float – AND there’s the scene at the movie’s denouement, starting at Danny’s apartment during his Thanksgiving dinner and ending w/Tina in front of the Carnegie Deli… My favorite Woody Allen moment in my favorite Woody Allen movie. Sorry, but I can’t vote for any of the other choices – none of ‘em (not even Avalon’s “You cut the toikey???” – which also isn’t on the list) compare to this one!

  • dave castellarin

    most recently, THE BLIND SIDE, recall the scene where michal ohr was sitting all by himself, sandra bullock saw this , turned off the football game and the very next scene they where ALL sitting at the thanksgiving table. BOY, that was so heartwarming. WOW!!! happy thankgiving to ALL my american friends. we celebrated our thanksgiving a few weeks ago[canada] cheers to all you great people.

  • Frank

    34th St. has nice stuff about Thanksgiving. More importantly, it gets 4 stars+ for ingenious plotting. A lawyer proves in court (without special effects or supernatural interventions) that this guy is Santa Claus. And the reasons why people like Macy and Wm Frawley and the Judge go for the idea are not mushy idealism but cynical self-interest.

  • Susan W.

    Yes, the scene in GIANT is classic with the kids crying over “Pedro the Turkey” being served on the table.

    My Mom and I also enjoy the more recent movie HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS directed by Jodie Foster. Love the “flying” turkey scene so much we replay it at least three times! We are just thankful that our family hasn’t gotten that dysfuctional…yet.

  • Helen Bennett

    I agree with Hank. “Avalon” is synonymous with Thanksgiving for me.

  • Susan Day

    For those who worry that “Xmas” is secular and removes the focus from “Christ,” au contraire. The “X” is not an “ex” but the capital of the Greek letter “chi,” which looks like a capital “ex” if it is being written with our print facilities. Chi stands for Christos (i.e. Christ), and has often been used throughout history, including by church officials, for that designation.

  • sugarpussoshea

    Louis – your movie is Christmas in Connecticut – and her Thxgiv’n dinner was sardines or something until Uncle Felix brought her a mushroom omlette. Gr8 movie – one of the best holiday movies – the rest of it takes place during the Xmas holidays. Xtopher being the way many spelled the name of Christopher during much of our history. Get over the little things……………
    Wasn’t one of the all time T’giv’n movies with Patricia Neal on Walton’s Mountain making her special “applesauce cake”? Maybe just a tv movie – duz that count?

  • kikkimac

    The movie Louis was talking about is “Christmas in Connecticut” which is a favorite. I also have to do “Holiday Inn” and “White Christmas” each year. One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies, though, is “The Bishop’s Wife” with Loretta Young, Cary Grant as an angel, and David Niven. It was remade years later as “The Preacher’s Wife” with Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington (I think), but it isn’t anywhere near as good. The skating scene in that is wonderful.

  • Larry Jacox

    Actually “White Christmas” wasn’t really a remake of “Holiday Inn”. And I liked the black and white version of Bing singing White Christmas better in “Holiday Inn” than the technicolor version with Danny Kaye, The “Christmas Story” had the dogs eating their Christmas dinner, not their Thanksgiving meal. Actually, In Jean Shephard’s story it was an Easter Ham.

  • richard finn

    Susan Day is right on. The X in Xmas is actually the Greek letter Chi which is written X. The Greeks had one letter for the English dipthong CH. The initials of Jesus Christ in Greek were IX,i.e. Iota Chi. The word “Christmas” comes from the religious celebration of “Christ’s Mass”, celebrating his birth. It was only sometime during the previous 2 centuries that the giving of gifts begin to take place on Christmas. Dec. 25th was a religious holiday. Gifts were given 12 days later on Jan 6th, also a religious feast day known as The Epiphany. It celebrated the arrival of the Magi to see the Christ Child. It used to be called “Little Christmas” in the US, but in many European countries it remains the day of gift giving.

  • William Arthur Grove

    Uh, BG, Just because you don’t like something, it doesn’t make it wrong. The X Has to do with the Greek version of Christ. I don’t really know all the particulars. I’m sorry for my ignorance of this fact.

  • Kenneth Morgan

    I voted for “Miracle on 34th Street”. But my favorite Thanksgiving scene of all time is from TV: the climax of the “Turkeys Away!” segment of “WKRP in Cincinatti”.

  • Susan

    I loved Avalon, “Why do I have to eat toikey?”. And the four ethnic families who celebrated in 4 ways intertwining their traditions with the American customs (turkey with tamales and egg rolls, and macaroni/cheese, etc. But when April (Pieces of April) tried to make amends with her cancer suffering mother for a lifetime of fighting for her independence, it was a unique and bittersweet look at mother-daughter conflict. Katy Holmes and Patricia Clarkson were fabulous. By the way, how many people write Xmas because they are lazy? And how many people write Xmas because the X is a Greek symbol? Just wondering……Sister Mary Joseph would have beaten our writing hands with a ruler for our lack of energy, Greeks or no Greeks.

  • Frank2

    In complete agreement with r-gordon-7: “Broadway Danny Rose” has the most poignant of Thanksgiving scenes. Remember that the meal, for Danny’s talent lineup, was of instant turkey dinners.

  • Mario Brescio

    Home for the Holidays (1995) has to be my pick. It’s wonderful cast, (Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Holly Hunter, Cynthia Stevenson, Robert Downing Jr, Dylan McDermott, Steve Guttenberg, and David Strathairn), really convey the craziness that can occur when the family gets together during the Holidays. Director Jodi Foster’s interpretation of the family gathering with everyone bringing their own agenda and personalities is wonderful.

    It also introduced me to that beautiful Nat King Cole song, “The Very Thought of You.”

  • John Weld

    One of my favorite Thanksgiving scenes is from the movie “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” (1952) with Doris Day & Gordan MacRae. Wesley, the son, is supposed to take the turkey, Gregory, they have been raising for Thanksgiving to the butcher, but lets him go and steals his father’s boss’ already butchered turkey to take its place. The turkey finds its way back home during the Thanksgiving meal in which the boss and his wife were invited to, since their turkey was stolen. The movie is a sequal to “On Moonlight Bay” with the same actors.

  • Terry Peters

    The movie I would’ve voted for isn’t listed. It’s “A Home of Our Own” with Kathy Bates and Edward Furlong.

  • Bill Dunphy

    It is 10;00am Thanksgiving Morning on Cape Cod, my turkey is in the oven, and it is a beautifil crisp day in Falmouth. I have just logged into my computer to check e-mails, pausing the movie I was watching. The movie is the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street, which is a Thanksgiving tradition with me. I suppose people might think I am anal since I watch certain films at certain times, oh well it works for me. Probably the main reason I watch this movie on Thanksgiving is so I can watch the parade without all the claptrap from the annual guest hosts, the postulating, drivel, and commercials.
    Well now that I’ve vented, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, the only day of the year you don’t mind getting the “bird” !


    Harvest(1953)TV Film.Dorothy Gish,Ed Begley,James Dean,Vaughn Taylor,John Connel,and John Dennis.

  • Bryan K

    I grew up watching Miracle On 34th Street, so I had to vote for that one. I do still enjoy the scene from Holiday Inn, though!

  • Barbara

    Our Thanksgiving favorite is BABETTE’S FEAST, which has a great message: be grateful for your life, past and present, and for all the choices you made. And, of course. there’s that incredible meal!

  • Rita

    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, funny, funny movie. Penny Serenade is a good movie too.

  • Pat

    I’m with John. “By The Light of The Silvery Moon” with Wesley and the turkey switch. Best movie involving Thanksgiving: “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”.

  • Roger Phillips

    Yes, I agree that the Thanksgiving scene in “Blind Side” is really good. Michael sitting alone with the others glued to the TV until Leigh Anne turns the TV off and gets them to the table. This is a heartwarming story and based on real life. Hollywood needs to make more of these instead of the extremely violent, fornicating, and constant swearing stuff that passes for art today. After all, they want to make money and people will go see the ones more family friendly in droves.

  • Bandyman

    one of the funniest scenes in a movie about thanksgiving day was Room service with harpo chasing a live turkey around the room is a great gut buster.

  • Ella

    My favorite is the original Miracle on 34th Street. I think Edmund Gwen is great as Santa.

    Also to the person who said X is not correct for Christmas…it is from old Greek and stood for Christ. But I use Christmas anyway. But “X” is also correct. Trust me!

  • CE Carter

    I’ve got to go with Tom and Susan W. “Scent of a Woman” and Thanksgiving dinner scene from “Giant” are memorable. I will always believe the production staff of “Giant” did something to those kids to make them cry the way they did. But petting the turkey one day and then seeing him on the dinner table the next was quite an experience for those children -only because they were smart enough to know what had happened to ‘Pedro.’

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  • dirkwrestler

    Also try out PENNY SERENADE for a Holiday flavor!! Grab the tissues!!!

  • McCool

    my favorite moment is in Rocky when Paulie says ‘You want the bird, here’s the bird’ as he throws it out the back door. Paulie was careful to break off a leg piece for himself though.