What’s Your Favorite ’80s Movie Musical?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=713983697 Gordon S. Jackson

    Sadly missing, VICTOR VICTORIA, my personal #1 choice.

  • arguellogomez

    “Victor/Victoria”, by a mile. Followed by “Pennies from Heaven”.

  • Blair Kramer

    I chose LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, but i also very much enjoy VICTOR/VICTORIA. It certainly should be one of the films on your list. Any musical that features Julie Andrews should not be missed. And VICTOR/VICTORIA offers some of the greatest musical numbers she has ever done. Yes, when it comes to staging and presentation, it’s much more traditional. In that sense, it isn’t modern or hip. But is that a bad thing? Also, beyond its music, it’s a very funny comedy.

  • frankiedc

    What a motley choice! I would rather watch paint dry than ever see one of these movies again. Also, not that it makes any difference, but isnt Hairspray chronologically misplaced?

    • jettybane

      Frankiedc: Hairspray (1988) was a John Waters movie starring Ricki Lake before it was made into a musical for the stage in 2002.

  • Nick Z

    Victor/Victoria is a true gem. But where oh where is The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. “Lots of good will and maybe one small thrill, but there’s nothin’ dirty goin’ on!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/JeffHeise Jeff Heise

    Xanadu….and Annie…ahead of both Little Shop of Horrors and Purple Rain…oh, the humanity….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1562464653 Steve Martin

    All that Jazz

    • WA

      …was released in 1979. And, is BRILLIANT!

  • Joseph23006

    I couldn’t vote because I didn’t care for any of them, let alone call one a favorite. It must have been the worst decade for screen musicals since ‘The Jazz Singer’, which really wasn’t a musical but a movie with Al Jolson singing set pieces within the story!

  • Rufnek43

    A Chorus Line on stage was a jewel. As a movie, it sucked swamp water.

  • fbusch

    Well, so far, the first and second leaders are my choices too. It doesn’t matter which one leads. two entirely different films that both strike home for me.

  • rgordon7

    Yo, where’s “Eddie & the Cruisers”?

  • fbusch

    FYI, another film, rightly classed as a comedy could be a musical, would be, (if only because both Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin sing that is of course, “Paint Your Wagon”).

    • Wayne P.

      Sorry, but gotta say that youre off by over a decade on choosing Paint Your Wagon…as good as it was, it was made in 1969!

      • fbusch

        Well wayne, tnx for reminding me that Paint Your Wagon was made in 1969. My only excuse is age, (74), and a lack of outstanding musicals since busby Berkley died.

  • kp22kc

    I say a musical is where people sing, not just music on the soundtrack. Dirty Dancing doesn’t count in my book as a musical, nor does the original Hairspray and Blues Brothers has musical performances, but I don’t consider it a musical, it is a comedy. Footloose and Flashdance also don’t count. To the person who wrote All That Jazz, that was 1979, not the 80′s.

  • WA

    Another vote for “Victor/Victoria.” It should have been on the list. But since it’s not, I voted for “Fame.” “Pennies from Heaven” and “Yentl” are my runners-up.

  • Gordy

    The greatest musical of this or any decade is Alan Parker’s PINK FLOYD THE WALL (1982). And it’s not even on your selection list?!!!

  • rodahaco

    Maybe it’s not considered a musical, but I liked Victor/Victoria.

  • DollyT

    Most of these are very fine films but I do not classify them as musicals.

  • jumbybird

    Flashdance, only because I saw it 15 times when it came out, along with Return of the Jedi at St Marks Theater.

  • talaktochoba

    what, no “Victor, Victoria”?


  • Cara

    On second thoughts, and after reading the first response, I vote for Victor, Victoria.

  • Jason Christiansen

    how could you forget “Victor/Victoria”?

  • Jane Kelly

    Many good ones – but absolutely nothing beats Dirty Dancing – I hope they NEVER redo this movie because there would just be no actor who could come close to playing Johnny Castle the way Patrick Swayze did.